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Chapter 1116: How Confident Was He?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu had thought of every possible way she could think of, but none of her ideas would work!

Even though the distance between Di Fuyi and her was only about 20 meters, it felt as though they were a thousand miles apart! As the saying goes, 'So close yet so far'. Sigh.

Of course, she could see that Di Fuyi was treating "Gu Xijiu" nicely, though she was unsure of what 'Gu Xijiu' was thinking. Di Fuyi was taking good care of her from what the real Gu Xijiu could see. Though she knew that the body belonged to her, she still felt slightly uneasy as she observed the scene.

She knew that she was jealous and could not believe that she would be facing this situation either. The strange thing was that she was jealous of herself! It was indeed a unique kind of jealousy!

Meanwhile, her mind was spinning like a windmill trying to digest all this information and think of a way to solve the problem. She occasionally looked at the two of them, and she knew deep in her heart that Di Fuyi would have received a basket of notes by now if she could send a message every time she looked at them. Just as she was about to look away, she noticed that there was something abnormal about the two of them.

Even though Di Fuyi occasionally took some dishes for "Gu Xijiu", none of the dishes were her favorites. In fact, some were even dishes that she hated. Her heart skipped a beat as she fathomed that Di Fuyi must know that something is different. Had Di Fuyi discovered that someone else was living in her body?! Otherwise, he would not have done that.

Gu Xijiu was nervous. She was initially worried that Di Fuyi would fall into his opponent's trap. However, she now felt that it was possible that he knew what was going on.

Gu Xijiu was a smart person, and she was good at speculating. She immediately recalled Di Fuyi's personalities and knew that he would find her if he noticed that she had been swapped. Of course, he would do it secretly. However, Long Fan was so good at hiding her that he could not find her. Therefore, he decided to lure the snake out of its hole by making himself the bait to attract Mo Zhao.

Gu Xijiu took another glimpse of Di Fuyi and wondered if he had fully recovered. It was likely that he was still injured as it had only been four to five days since she was wounded and swapped. How confident was he of defeating Mo Zhao even if he brought his entire troop along?

Had he hidden some of his troops nearby? Who was going to join the operation?

Mu Feng and the other three messengers must be here. Perhaps the other heaven's gift disciples were here as well? Maybe Gu Canmo was here too?

It would have been great if Gu Xijiu had a pair of eyes which could see through everything like an MRI scanner in the lab so that she could see who Di Fuyi had brought along for his operation. Mo Zhao wanted to ambush him, and so Di Fuyi would probably try to counter-attack.

Besides that, Mo Zhao had brought more than a hundred experts who have had their genes modified by Long Fan. Coupled with the unique and evil Kung Fu they practiced, there would undoubtedly be a fierce battle later!

Would they be able to defeat Mo Zhao? Sigh. To be honest, Mo Zhao was too strong as his spiritual power was above level ten. It was not easy to beat him alone, not to mention the rest of his crew. However, Gu Xijiu believed that there must be a significant number of helpers who were joining Di Fuyi's operation, and most of them would be better than what she would expect based on Di Fuyi's network. Perhaps, the number of people on Di Fuyi's team would exceed Mo Zhao's, but regardless of the numbers, an intense war was unavoidable. It was unfortunate that many of them along with innocent people would die if they were to fight on such a busy street.

Gu Xijiu looked at the crowd on the street and also the customers that were in the restaurants nearby as she wanted to distinguish between the hidden fighters and the ordinary citizens.

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