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Chapter 1115: Where Is It?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Though Di Fuyi had provided Wu Wuyan with good quality medicine, it was evident from her movements and pale face that she had yet to recover fully. She did not have much appet.i.te and hardly touched her chopsticks ever since she sat down. However, Di Fuyi was very caring towards her. He took some of the dishes for her and also tried to convince her to eat.

The scene was very annoying to watch for the real Gu Xijiu. Long Fan could not help but glance at her now and then to check if she had any response to this sight. He realized that she was observing the couple inside the opposite building as well.

"What are you looking at?" Long Fan asked in suspicion. Gu Xijiu looked at him but remained silent. It took Long Fan some time to realize that her voice acupoint was sealed, and so she could not speak.

He flicked his finger to unseal her voice acupoint before quickly pressing on her wrist as he spoke, "You'd better behave yourself." He would immediately kill her and would even hurt her soul if she dared to scream. Gu Xijiu had no intention of screaming. Instead, she curiously asked as she looked at Long Fan, "Do I know the two of them?"

"Long Fan's heart skipped a beat. "Come again?"

"Otherwise, why are you so nervous? Are you worried that I'll seek their help?"

Long Fan was speechless.

Gu Xijiu guessed as she looked at him again. "Have I traveled here from a different dimension just like what Overlord Long had told me? And did you remove my memory of this world…?"

Long Fan was shocked. He felt like she had just dropped a giant rock on his foot!

"Nonsense! You were resurrected from the clone body in the crystal coffin, don't you remember?" Long Fan wanted to distract her.

d.a.m.n it! She was way too smart!

Initially, he had wanted to test her to see if she had any tricks up her sleeve. However, she had none, and instead, he was the one who almost got his plan exposed! Sigh, he could only try his best to cover up his lies.

Luckily, Gu Xijiu did not ask any further. Her gaze returned to the couple who were inside the opposite building, and she stared at them. "The girl looks very similar to me! Is she my sister?"

Long Fan choked. "Nonsense! How could you possibly have a family member? I made you! There are many people with similar faces in the world. It's very common to spot someone who looks the same. Dig in, dig in." He tried to switch the topic.

Gu Xijiu looked at him doubtfully. "I thought you said that there would be a show? Where is it?"

Long Fan smiled evilly. "Be patient, it's going to start very soon!"

"Tsk, stop fooling with me!" Gu Xijiu was getting fed up talking to him.

In fact, Long Fan could not find any flaws in her actions. Hence, he was a little happy. Gu Xijiu was still looking around with a chilled expression, but her heart was enraged!

Though she had just been away from Di Fuyi for about four to five days, she felt like it had been four to five years! Over the last few days, she had been trying so hard to pretend in front of Long Fan and Mo Zhao, but honestly, she missed Di Fuyi very much. She could not wait to rush to him and tell him that there was a trap waiting for him. However, she had been immobilized and could not even speak loudly. Even if she tried her best to scream, only the people in her restaurant would hear her. Her spiritual power had been sealed, and she could not use her directed audio ability either.

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