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Chapter 10 Real Vitality Released

“The descendants of the Sword Villa were extraordinary indeed!”

At the Riluo Village inn, the obese old man pushed the door open and walked downstairs slowly, fixing his eyes on Di Hongtian.

Behind the counter, the servant reached out for the long sword and outflanked gradually.

“I just want less trouble. Since you are not cooperative, you are doomed to suffer for it.” The obese old man narrowed his eyes; his eyesight seemed to be compressed into sharp blades.

Di Hongtian glanced at the obese old man, feeling slightly shocked, for he seemed to be one level more powerful than Doukong, according to his inner temperament.

“Aren’t you from the world of martial arts in the Central Plain?” he asked with his palm slightly resting on the sword handle.

The first-cla.s.s masters from the world of martial arts in the Central Plain were so famous that he had already known them very well, but he was sure the rotund old man before him was not included.

“You needn’t know too much!” said the fat old man while slightly raising his chubby palms, which turned blood red immediately.

A strong b.l.o.o.d.y breath emerged out of his palms, making people disgusted and dizzy.

“b.l.o.o.d.y Palm!” Di Hongtian furrowed his eyebrows. “Are you from the Cult of the Devil?”

“You seem to be quite knowledgeable!” said the obese old man, rubbing his palms to launch a strike several meters away.

Whir! Whir!

The air was shaken by the force of his two palms, which let out the sound of dull whistles.

On both palms of the obese old man, two b.l.o.o.d.y prints were protruding as they expanded and turned as large as meters long. Each finger looked as thick as a stalagmite.

“Real vitality released!” Di Hongtian was shocked all of a sudden.

The martial arts pract.i.tioners always cultivated their essence and vitality to link up all the pa.s.sages of energy to make the vitality circulating all over the body so that they could burst out extraordinary power. However, it could only boost the physical strength and speed. For those who had never practiced martial arts, they were no different from other common people. However, when the inner vitality was repeatedly refined and acc.u.mulated to a certain degree, it would be released suddenly to achieve a completely different result.

The pract.i.tioners with such a capability could destroy the enemies even hundreds of steps away, take things from long distances, and boost the force of swords. . . To strike the enemies, they needn’t close-in fight, as just one palm far away could be strong enough to be lethal.

Once the one had reached the level of releasing the real vitality, he would be ranked as one of the top masters in the world. 

“So what?” He waved his arm to pull out the Sword Zhongfeng and split down forcefully with his teeth clenched.

All the sword skills in the world always focused on agility and fierceness, while his sword skills were full of a sense of heaviness.

Although it was hard to make real vitality release, it didn’t mean it was irresistible.

It would inevitably make palm forces weakened. Unless there was huge strength disparity, the pract.i.tioners could not defeat the enemy only depending on the released real vitality. They had to get involved in close combat with concentrated attention to exert the strength as much as possible.

He slashed with his sword like a flash of lightning.

The dazzling sword instantly split on the b.l.o.o.d.y giant palm.

Although the Wu Family of Jianzhonglin Clan was a small branch, its ancestors had created the Tianxiang Sword Art based on the breath of thousands of remnants of swords as well as of the heaven and earth, which was exquisite and incomprehensible, comparable to the secret martial arts of the Nine National Clans.

The only disadvantage was the high level of difficulty to practice such a sword art. Moreover, without specific sword moves, the pract.i.tioner needed to refer to the heaven and earth. Different apperceptions would result in completely different actual performances. 

Di Hongtian had already reached the seventh level of the Tianxiang Sword Art, which enabled his every move of the sword art with his apperceptions of heaven and earth, which could also be felt by his opponents.

It was like a landslide, or a raging wave, or thunder or a storm. . .

The Sword Zhongfeng was too heavy and fierce, so it was the same with his movement of the sword.

Once the Sword Zhongfeng split into the b.l.o.o.d.y giant palm, the real vitality of the sword was suddenly spread like thunder and with amazing power.

Bang! Bang!  

The powerful forces surged and collided with each other between the giant palm and the sword. The remaining forces swept through the whole lobby, scattering all the tables and chairs away at once. 

The area around them became a place of emptiness.

“No need to worry; just do it together as quickly as possible!” the obese man shouted.

The guy quickly moved his figure and immediately rushed out with a long sword in his hand, fiercely aiming at Di Hongtian’s back.

It was at this crucial moment that sharp whistles were suddenly heard above. 


Lots of feathered arrows. .h.i.t the roof and outer wall with such great strength that several had even penetrated the wooden board, revealing half of the arrow tip.

Clang! Clang!

In the yard outside, the guards were defending against the rain of arrows that made loud sounds as the metal impacted.

“Ah. . . !”

The shower of arrows endlessly flew down from above with great force. There was no room for the guards in the yard to hide, so somebody was doomed to be injured after some time of defense.

Being hit by the Langya arrowhead, the flesh around the wound would be smashed with a greater pain.


Although more and more guards in the yard were injured, the crossbowmen on the top of the cliff didn’t stop shooting, and even their roars leapt downward to cascade along the layers of eaves.

In the lobby of the inn, the obese old man noticed the noise outside; his face suddenly became very solemn.

“d.a.m.n it!”

His b.l.o.o.d.y palms turned so swiftly that the shadow could be seen everywhere and he seemed to grow more and more manic.

 Di Hongtian felt as if the palm shadows were hitting him from all directions. He was trapped as if he were fighting against multiple masters simultaneously.

Although the old man was obese, he seemed to be extremely flexible as he continuously moved around him.

“Why is it so hard to deal with this guy?” After long time of fruitless attacks, the obese old man seemed to be more and more nervous.

He had worried that fighting in public would attract the attention of more people, and now his concerns had become reality. Moreover, Di Hongtian’s strength was far beyond his expectation.

A young man aged only sixteen could have such a profound skill as well as mystical sword art? Although he was slightly weaker than him, it was almost impossible to defeat him within a short time.

Outside, the followers of the Cult of the Devil were being encircled and suppressed. He intended to rescue them, but he was reluctant to leave Di Hongtian behind. He felt so uncertain, just like riding a tiger, that he became more irritable.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

He cursed with his two palms closed and violently pushed outward to emit the real vitality with a b.l.o.o.d.y light that spurt out.

Di Hongtian swept the guy dressed as the servant with his sword and avoided the b.l.o.o.d.y light at the same time.


A pillar as thick as a person’s waist was directly blasted into half, leaving a large hole on the wall.


On the edge of the cliff, the floors of the wooden building were slowly swaying and tilting.

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