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Chapter 9 Surprised?

After hurrying along all night, Di Hongtian felt incredibly exhausted.

The Riluo Village. . . Looking up at the village from afar, he gradually slowed down. Just rest for an hour before moving on and then I should be able to return to the Jianzonglin Clan tomorrow afternoon, he thought to himself.

Feeling thirsty and hungry, he still needed rest and food, although he was the top master with superb martial arts.

“Staying for the night or just pa.s.sing by?”

He was stopped by two guards before the village gate.

“Pa.s.sing by!” he replied, throwing some silver pieces to one of them.

The Riluo Village was located at the side of the road. Unlike the bandits, they never robbed the merchants pa.s.sing by; however, they were essentially the same, but with more sophisticated means.

No matter who they were, caravans or pa.s.sengers, they had to pay a certain amount of money to pa.s.s, otherwise they could only take a detour far away. They might as well just pay for it.

However, the reason why the Riluo Village could survive until now naturally depended on its background and strength, since it was established based on the Yingzuiya Clan and the Qingfeng Village, two members of the Three Mountains and Seven Villages of the Greenwood Society.

“Get in!” Two guards stood aside.

Di Hongtian glanced at them with his eyebrows furrowed, feeling something unusual.

He had dealt with those from the Greenwood Society many times. Despite their vicious appearance, most of them looked treacherous indeed. However, the two standing in front carried cold and solemn expressions, seemingly a little different.

In the Riluo Village, houses as tall as over ten floors or even more than thirty meters, were built on both sides of the cliff along the road. On the foot of the mountain there were two crescent moon-shaped yards, parked with carts and horses.

The horses were enjoying the forage leisurely while more than ten guards were scattered in the yard for vigilance.

He paused for a short while and couldn’t help holding his sword hilt more tightly, his eyes full of chill. 

The day has broken while so many caravans haven’t got up yet. . .  he sneered inwardly.

The caravans usually raced against time between various cities. One day of delay would mean wasting lots of money, which they always spared no effort to avoid.

He had witnessed the haste of caravans over and over again. They often got up for preparation before daybreak and set out at first hint of dawn.

“It’s troublesome to take such great pains. . . ” He continued to head for the inn while stealthily observed the surroundings.

“Dear guest, welcome!”

No sooner had he arrived at the gate than the servant welcomed him with a smile. However, the smile seemed to be somehow rigid.


Putting down the heavy Sword Zhongfeng, he sat at the table.

“One kilo of beef, five steamed buns, and one pot of tea!” Di Hongtian ordered.

“Understood!” The servant calmly glanced at the Sword Zhongfeng on the table and headed for the back of the kitchen

 Soon, the beef and steamed buns were served.

The servant returned to the counter, busy with some cleaning. On the second floor, the window of a room was pushed slightly open and a pair of cold eyes were overlooking the lobby below.

Di Hongtian took a slice of beef and sent it to his mouth, chewed for a while, and swallowed. Then, he grabbed a steamed bun with his left hand and took a big bite.

Having expended so much energy hurrying overnight, he was so starving that he gobbled up all the beef and buns.

Behind the counter, the servant sneaked a glimpse at him, pretending to be busy with some cleaning. Seeing Di Hongtian had finished all the beef and buns, he sneered out of the corner of his mouth.

Behind the window on the second floor, the pair of cold eyes seemed to be relieved also.


Half of the beef was gulped down soon and there were only two buns left. With a big mouthful of tea, Di Hongtian felt completely refreshed with a better appet.i.te. The servant seemed to almost lose his patience.

“What’s going on?” In the compartment on the second floor, an obese old man scolded.

“It shouldn’t be gone, since I put in the drug personally. Even if he has profound strength, he should have been poisoned by now.” Next to the obese old man was standing a middle-aged man in black.

“Let’s wait and see!” The old man murmured, “Try not to get into conflict. This guy with great internal strength was unpredictable once in fight. Moreover, the conflict will draw attention and it’ll be hard for us to get away.”

In the lobby, Di Hongtian was enjoying his meal in high spirits and soon the beef and buns, as well as the pot of tea, had been finished. Fondling his round stomach, he felt quite satisfied. 

“Heart-rotten gra.s.s and bone-burning powder, wonderful ingredients, ah?” he said with contempt to the servant who was staring at him.

“You. . . ” The servant was dumbfounded as if he’d just seen a ghost.

The poison, with double dosage, could kill even a wild bull.

“Surprised?” Di Hongtian’s lips turned in an ironic smile. “As a descendant of the Sword Villa, I’m immune to hundreds of poisons. How foolish of you to try to poison me without even knowing that!”


The descendant of the Sword Villa were immune to poisons?

Not only the servant, but also the obese old man on the second floor was shocked.

The Sword Villa used to be one of the nine national clans before its demise. Due to its strong strength, n.o.body dared to confront them, so the situation of the Sword Villa was almost unknown by the outside world.

In fact, it was easy to be known by simple inquiry and quite a few people in the world of martial arts knew that. However, since Di Hongtian, only aged fifteen or sixteen, was alone with one sword, they were reluctant to spend a great effort to focus on him.

Di Hongtian slightly raised his head. Although the obese old man was hiding in the room upstairs, the eyesight of the two still collided with each other through the narrow gap of the window. The atmosphere in the inn seemed to be solidified all of a sudden.

At the same time, on the cliff over the inn, various figures stealthily appeared.

Among them was the senior master of Sheya Cave. 

“Why are there so few people here?” He looked down at the village below, his boorish face full of doubts.

“Senior Master, Riluo Village is the sphere of the Yingzuiya Clan and Qingfeng Village. I’m afraid they are hard to deal with if we offend them.” Beside him stood a thin old man with disheveled hair who was full of anxiety.   

“If I can get the Sword Zhongfeng, it’s worthwhile to destroy the Yingzuiya Clan and Qingfeng Village, let alone this small village.” His eyes looked to be filled with rapacity which could not be restrained even by his own spiritual cultivations. 

“That guy was trekking through the wind and rain. It’s the only way for him to pa.s.s; perhaps he was just around the corner. Regardless of the consequences, let's terminate Riluo Village first, lest they get in the way later.” 


Whoosh . . . whoosh. . .

There were hundreds of bandits with dozens of bows. At his order, all the arrows were sent out like a rainstorm against the guards in the village.

“Watch out!”

The guards in the yard were startled. With panicked shouts, all of them swiftly pulled out their swords and kept waving against the onslaught of arrows that fell on them like rain.

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