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Chapter 11 Tangled Fight

“Bang! Bang!...”

The pillars collapsed with wooden thorns flying in all directions. The wooden building of over ten floors in Riluo Village slowly tilted down at accelerating speed.

“Yu! Yu!...”

The followers of the Cult of Devil slaughtered all the people in Riluo Village while never frightened the horses as many as hundreds in the yard. When the wooden building collapsed, the horses were so terrified that they got rid of the reins to escape.

The bandit of Sheya Cave and the followers of the Cult of Devil were busy with fighting in the yard. Hearing the clatters of the horses, they were also shocked and tried to escape one after another. 

The man from Sheya Cave turned back to look at the wooden building which was slowly tilting, with a hint of doubt on his face.

Someone was still fighting inside the building?

Moreover, those who could fight to collapse the whole wooden building were certainly not the weak ones.

“Has anyone already come in advance?” the master of Sheya Cave tried to avoid the collapsing woods while staring at the inside attentively.


The wooden building was collapsing faster and faster, the bottom floors had been twisted to the limit. Suddenly, a flash of b.l.o.o.d.y light exposed from the ground floor and all the wooden chips were exploded away in the blink of an eye, leaving a big hole on the building wall which was soon turned into ruins.

An obese figure skipped out, and the blood-red color on his palms was gradually fainted, like a hot iron getting cooled down slowly.

The master of Sheya Cave always focused on the situation in the wooden building. The obese old man had no sooner appeared than he was immediately recognized with a sudden startle.

“The Blood Killer!” His pupils started to shrink.

Everyone of the Eight killers in the Cult of Devil was a master of martial arts with great vicious moves.

“Since the Blood Killer is here, I’m afraid the Riluo Village …” He turned around and looked at the guards of the Riluo Village.

The guards were not in panic at all even they were suddenly attacked. Moreover, even if they were badly injured, they remained so calm and peaceful. The Riluo Village was jointly constructed by the bandits of Yingzuiya Clan and the Qingfeng Village. Since all the guards in the village were bandits, they couldn’t have such a kind of mentality. 

“It seems that I come here too late!”

Since all the guards in the village had been replaced by the followers of the Cult of Devil and they behaved in a vicious way, all the people in the Riluo Village had been slaughtered undoubtedly. 

“Not sure how many of the Eight Killers have come here…” the master of Sheya Cave looked very concerned.

With his strength, it’s a little difficult to deal with just one killer. If more than two, he himself even had to give up and flee, let alone the other bandits under his leadership. He had spent great efforts to recruit so many people, if all of them were destroyed here, it would also be the doomsday of Sheya Cave.  

“Who is his opponent? Very few masters can challenge the Blood Killer.” He was wondering.

Maybe he could seize the opportunity to save the effective strength of Sheya Cave as much as possible.


Just after the Blood Killer, a flash of sword light broke out from the wooden building and torn a big hole on the planks just like a big explosion had just occurred.

A figure strolled out.  

“It’s him?” the bandits of Sheya Cave cried out with a startle.

Many of them had ever encountered Di Hongtian at the foot of Baima mountain.

Glancing at the young man, the master of Sheya Cave saw the boyish face as well as the big sword in his hands and immediately confirmed his ident.i.ty although they had never met before.

“Di Hongtian!”

In the yard of Riluo Village, since the wooden building had collapsed, the bandits of Sheya Cave and the followers of the Cult of Evil had also stopped fighting. When the Blood Killer and Di Hongtian showed up together, all the people were looking at them. Standing in front of the ruins, they stared at one another in a short moment of silence.

The master of Sheya Cave glanced at Di Hongtian and the Blood Killer with shocking expression on his face.

“He can even challenge the Blood Killer?!”

Finding there was n.o.body around expect for Di Hongtian and the Blood Killer, he started to change his idea again.

“My people are twice as many as the followers of the Cult of Devil. Moreover, only one of the Eight Killers has shown up, it doesn’t necessarily mean we cannot challenge him…” he thought to himself.

Di Hongtian, the Blood Killer and the master of Sheya Cave were starting at one another in the yard in sharp conformation.

“How dare the crowd of bandits like you dream of seizing the Sword Zhongfeng?” sneered the Blood Killer, who recognized the master of Sheya Cave at the first sight.

“Why not!” the look in the eyes of the master of Sheya Cave flashed quickly, then he waved his hands and shouted, “Kill! Kill them all!”

In the world of martial arts, the ordinary force would usually be frightened at the name of the Cult of Devil. However, the bandits of the Sheya Cave were all fugitives and they outnumbered the followers of the Cult of Devil by times. Once hearing the order, they rushed out to fight instantly. 

The master of Sheya Cave turned around and stared at Di Hongtian.

“Knowing the reappearance of the Sword Zhongfeng, all the clans of martial arts have sent their people to scramble for it. Since you are not powerful enough to protect it, you just hand it over so as to save your own life!” he persuaded.

Di Hongtian laughed scornfully, “I don’t mean to look down upon you. If I can’t protect the sword, you cannot, either. What can you do even if you’ve got it?”

“You…” the master of Sheya Cave was so irritable that his face turned red suddenly, “since you don’t appreciate my kindness, I will kill you without any extra efforts.”


His figure jumped over to launch attack with both hands covered with sharp iron scales till the elbows like a pair of black dragon claws.

That’s a pair of iron glove in very uncommon styles.

“Give it to me!”

Reaching out his hands, he directly punched toward the Sword Zhongfeng held in Di Hongtian’s hand.

Di Hongtian sneered and waved the Sword Zhongfeng against the pair of iron-scale claws.


The Sword Zhongfeng slashed on the iron scales in flying sparks.

The master of Sheya Cave shook his shoulders slights and turned over his arms, the sharp claws directly thrusted against Di Hongtian’s chest like a flash of light.

As the master of Sheya Cave, he was very treacherous. He knew that it’s hard to seize the Sword Zhongfeng wihtout killing Di Hongtian first. The arrogant threats just now were only the tricks. Once exerting the moves, he had already intended to expose him to mortal danger.

Di Hongtian raised the sword before his chest, the wide blade was like a shield to help him defend the iron-scale claws.

“Ding! Dang!”

Two claws stroke against the sword, the strong real vitality direclty penetrating along into his body.

He couldn’t help backing a few steps. It was simultaneously that the obese figure of the Blood Killer flashed out to stand beside him, a blood-red palm secretly stretching out to lock the elbow of his right hand which was holding the sword just now.

“Release!” the five fingers of the Blood Killer, which were like sharp hooks, suddenly tightened up.

With a sudden of numb in his right hand, Di Hongtian felt his fingers were forced to release a little and the Sword Zhongfeng was almost dropped. His expression seemed to be more solemn.

“Dream of profit?”

Hardly had he started to fight when the master of Sheya Cave had launched strike at the Blood Killer.

Three of them were instantly tangled with fight for the Sword Zhongfeng.

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