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Translator: StormFrost
Editors: Misogi, TempestDemon

Doomsday Child Rearing Handbook [12]

Chen Xi's condition improved day by day.

He began to develop his own way of thinking, though, his mentality was pretty much like that of a two to three year old child.

However, this was still enough to let Chen Liguo heave a sigh of relief—After all, Chen Xi was actually only two years old.

Chen Xi sat beside Chen Liguo, calling out 'Daddy'. Hearing this, Chen Liguo brought ripe fruits to his mouth and he ate them very contentiously, not wasting a single bit.

Chen Liguo speculated that Chen Xi got infected by a high-level zombie for him to have his present characteristics. It was obvious that Chen Xi was very different from zombies and this situation confused Chen Liguo somewhat.

He also asked the system, who thought for a moment and then said, "Have you never thought about it before that Chen Xi originally had connections with zombies?"

Chen Liguo asked cautiously, "What do you mean?"

The system said, "Didn't he like to eat raw meat since he was young?"

Indeed, from small to big, Chen Xi had a stubborn obsession with raw meat. Later Chen Liguo forcefully broke it down and with his fast learning, he gradually understood what should be done and what shouldn't be done.

However, now that the system was mentioning it again, Chen Liguo couldn't help but a.s.sociate it. He asked, "You mean that Chen Mowei had already been infected when she was pregnant with Chen Xi in the hospital?"

The System said, "It's quite possible."

Chen Liguo heaved a sigh, "Then what should be done?"

The current Chen Xi definitely couldn't be brought back to the base.

The system deliberated on it and said, "Tell Chen Mowei first and see if her completion degree will have any changes after she finds out about this."

Chen Liguo also thought that this was reasonable and was really moved at how the system didn't mock or ridicule him, but gave him guidance through rational a.n.a.lysis instead, "Tong-er, as expected you still love me."

The system thought coldly, 'I just don't want my world to remain as a monotonous mosaic."

Chen Liguo took Chen Xi and sluggishly headed back towards the base.

Chen Xi was very well-behaved in front of Chen Liguo——He was told to obediently stay in the s.p.a.ce and he actually didn't randomly run around.

Chen Liguo traveled for more than a month and finally arrived back at the base.

The return journey was even easier than his search for Chen Xi. It was probably because of Chen Xi's unique smell, for Chen Liguo didn't see any zombies or even a single mutated animal on the way. The whole journey was so safe it was simply like an outing.

Chen Mowei hadn't expected that she would connect with Chen Liguo's radio ever again. Even though Chen Liguo was very confident when he left, she was still doubtful about whether he could return or not.

She also didn't expect that in merely half a year's time, Chen Liguo would send over news, saying that he had brought Chen Xi back.

Chen Mowei rushed over without stopping and not long after she got to the forest she saw an off-road vehicle by the roadside.

Chen Liguo was sitting in the driver's seat with Chen Xi beside him in the pa.s.senger seat.

Compared to half a year ago, Chen Liguo's hair was longer, but it didn't look messy and his face was even round, apparently not having suffered at all.

Compared to him, Chen Xi's appearance had changed completely. His skin had become extremely pale, his eyes a beautiful orange. With just a glance one could see that he wasn't a normal human.

Chen Mowei saw Chen Xi's transformation and asked in astonishment, "How did this happen?"

Chen Liguo said, "He's turned into a zombie, but he seems to still have some consciousness."

Chen Xi didn't recognize Chen Mowei, the light in his eye revealed his vigilance.

Chen Liguo patted his head and told him to relax.

Chen Xi vaguely called out 'Daddy'.

Disbelief was spread across Chen Mowei's face, "How is this possible……." She had never seen someone who had turned into a zombie be like this.

Chen Liguo sighed, "Chen Xi's situation seems a bit strange." On the way back, he experimented with other animals and discovered that Chen Xi's saliva and blood were infectious like normal zombies. On top of that, his blood had stopped flowing, his heart had stopped beating, and his body was ice-cold. If he wasn't a zombie, then what was he?

Chen Mowei said, "……Can I take a vial of his blood?"

Chen Liguo agreed.

Chen Mowei and Chen Liguo both vaguely felt that perhaps the key to solving the apocalypse rested in Chen Xi's body.

Chen Liguo picked up a syringe and drew out a vial of blood which he gave to Chen Mowei.

She carefully took the syringe and after carefully putting it away, she raised her head and asked Chen Liguo what he planned to do next.

Chen Liguo said, "Xixi and I will settle down near base……. I will do my best to protect him."

Chen Mowei was a little hesitant but obviously there was no better option at this time. She said, "Contact me if you need anything."

Chen Liguo promised.

And so this matter was settled.

Chen Liguo realized only after he returned that the world's current trajectory was very bad. Even though the serum had been developed, it couldn't be ma.s.s produced and in the same way that ability users were evolving at flying speeds, the zombies were also frantically evolving——just like two natural enemies racing.

If humanity was only a single step slower, they would be left behind by nature and become a small insect crushed to death by the wheel of history.

If this was the original world, it wouldn't be far from the time where Chen Mowei would destroy the world. However, her situation now was completely different and it wouldn't be too farfetched to say that she was walking the opposite direction in life.

Slagman still didn't know that Chen Mowei had given birth to his child to this day. After he wore a double green hat, he suffered a severe mental blow. It took a very long time for him to accept this cruel reality.

White Lotus and Chen Mowei were very sweet every day. There was no doubt that Chen Mowei understood her and was more suited for her than Slagman.

After these two got together they hardly ever quarreled and could tactically understand each other just by looking at the expression in their eyes.

It seemed like the only fly in the ointment left in Chen Mowei's life was just Chen Xi.

What's more, after Chen Mowei learned that Chen Xi and Chen Liguo were safe, her destiny completion degree began to bounce back. The more Chen Xi recovered, the higher it would be. Chen Liguo finally had a goal to strive for.

Over the next period of time, Chen Liguo and Chen Xi began their life of two people living alone.

He pa.s.sed his days happily. Every day he would eat and sleep, sleep and eat, then teach Chen Xi a bit of common sense. He could even f*ck twice if there was free time.

The system prayed to Buddha every day. Compared to its life before where every day was centered around mosaics, these days could be regarded as pretty good. It expressed that it was already very satisfied.

The world's trajectory continued to move forward, and soon something that Chen Liguo had not seen from the original world happened——the zombies began large-scale planned attacks on the human bases.

Although this problem hadn't happened to Chen Liguo's base yet, he had read that a medium-sized base in the south had fallen. It was said that there were more than a thousand ability users in that base. In order to protect the people, they didn't evacuate. None of them survived.

This wasn't the worst, as the most terrible thing was that when these ability users were infected, they directly evolved into high-level zombies. Even if they didn't have self-awareness, they were still troublesome.

As this thing happened more and more often, something became particularly noticeable——Chen Liguo's base hadn't been attacked even once.

At first, Chen Liguo hadn't noticed anything, but after gradually concluding the pattern, he gave Chen Xi the credit for this unusual situation.

Chen Xi absolutely had to circle around the base once every day, just like a lion patrolling around it's territory, leaving its own scent to prevent other wild animals from trespa.s.sing.

Once, Chen Liguo saw Chen Xi pee-pee in the direction of the base.

Chen Liguo: "……" When he saw Chen Xi's actions, he asked the system with a complicated mood, "Do zombies still need to pee-pee?"

The system said indifferently, "The zombie's already hard, why can't it pee-pee."

Chen Liguo: "……" Very reasonable.

Then he said to Chen Xi, "Son, can you find a not so empty s.p.a.ce when you go pee-pee."

Chen Xi couldn't fully understand, but he finally learned to dig a hole the next time. Chen Liguo was very relieved at this.

The vial of Chen Xi's blood that Chen Mowei had taken was very useful. It was said that the people in the base found a type of active mold. That mold could actually make zombies lose their ability to move——this discovery was simply a wonderful achievement, no, it wouldn't be too much to say that it was a miracle.

Chen Xi was practically a G.o.d that could save all of mankind now.

However, when Chen Mowei learned of this, she contacted Chen Liguo that very night and said, "Take Chen Xi away."

Chen Liguo asked what had happened.

Chen Mowei said, "They asked me where I had gotten the blood from and I made an excuse. They definitely won't let the matter drop."

Chen Liguo said, "That mold can't be ma.s.s produced?"

Chen Mowei sighed, "There's not that much time left anymore."

Chen Liguo's heart was clear. He said, "If Chen Xi leaves, your base will be attacked by the zombies."

Chen Mowei laughed bitterly and said, "I can't care that much, he's my son." Even more, a son whom I owe so much.

Chen Liguo thought for a moment and in the end still didn't go too far. He pulled Chen Xi into his s.p.a.ce and told him that he absolutely couldn't run around.

Chen Xi had ignorance across his whole face, like a naive child. He said, "I'll listen to Daddy."

Chen Liguo saw him like this and went over and kissed Chen Xi on the forehead. He said, "Good, Daddy loves you."

In this moment, the pure father and son relationship baptized Chen Liguo's soul. He said, "I want to forget filthy desires."

The system's faint voice sounded out, "The next world will satisfy you."

Chen Liguo's expression froze, "Am I not cracking a joke?"

System: "Hehe"

Chen Liguo felt terrible, but as to how the next world would be, he would only know when he gets there……

After Chen Xi entered the s.p.a.ce, his control over the surrounding land gradually weakened and some of the zombies began to attack the base tentatively.

Chen Liguo wasn't polite either. He told Chen Xi to immediately go and kill the zombie leader.

Chen Xi's current strength was astonishing. What had stunned Chen Liguo the most was seeing for the first time how more than ten thousand zombies directly knelt down towards Chen Xi.

That grand spectacle, Chen Liguo felt that it was infinitely more enjoyable to watch than 3D movies.

However, avoidance wasn't always the best method. Humanity began to ma.s.sively clash with zombies.

In early spring, humankind used nuclear weapons for the first time.

Chen Mowei said, "I don't know how much longer we can last."

Chen Liguo said, "Last as long as you can." The situation was worsening but the completion degree on top of Chen Mowei's head was increasing. Even though it was very slow, her firm heart could be seen.

Chen Liguo said, "And if by chance you can see spring next year?"

Chen Mowei laughed gently, "You must live well. Perhaps you might be the last human being on earth."

Chen Liguo said, "It's not like I can give birth to children. Is that not extinction?"

Chen Mowei said, "Oh, yeah."

As the two chatted, Chen Xi slowly approached Chen Liguo with a flower in his hand which he carefully put on Chen Liguo's head.

Chen Liguo laughed, "Does it look good?"

Chen Xi said vaguely, "Looks good."

Chen Mowei watched the two interact, her eyes filled with warmth. She said, "Meeting you was Chen Xi's greatest blessing."

Chen Liguo had a smile on his face, his heart a little timid. He didn't know if Chen Mowei would directly take out a gun and shoot him dead, if she found out that her child was stolen by him.

Chen Mowei said, "I'm leaving, let's chat latter."

Chen Liguo watched her leave and sighed. He began to wonder if Chen Mowei's completion degree would be filled first or if the world would be destroyed before then.

And so their life continued day by day like this and Chen Xi's IQ gradually began to increase. However, it seemed like before he could reinstate his original state, the final battle arrived.

It did not take place at Chen Liguo's base, but their base was sending almost all of their personnel over. Chen Mowei was among them.

Chen Liguo didn't try to console her either and said, "Take care."

Chen Mowei laughed, "En, I will."

Chen Xi hugged Chen Liguo. It was like he was afraid that he would leave along with Chen Mowei.

Chen Liguo felt that everything about Chen Mowei's trip this time bode ill. If the daughter of fate died, Chen Liguo would also simultaneously leave. This world's final direction, he couldn't see it.

Chen Liguo could only pray that Chen Mowei's luck was a bit better.

This final battle lasted three years.

The speed of Chen Xi's recovery was very slow and even though he had consciousness, it was very fuzzy and he could only recognize Chen Liguo.

Chen Liguo wasn't in a rush either, so he slowly nurtured him. In truth, he didn't actually hate this kind of life, instead, he felt that it was pretty interesting.

During the winter of the third year, news came from the front line saying that humankind had won. A miserable win, only a dozen ability users were still alive.

Chen Mowei was one of them——she could finally come back and see her beloved White Lotus and see her worrisome son.

The strongest zombie king on earth had been eliminated and Chen Mowei's desire for world peace had been achieved. But even so, her completion bar wasn't full yet.

At first, Chen Liguo had thought that she still had something that she couldn't let go of. However, he absolutely didn't expect that when Chen Mowei saw the three people welcoming her return, the completion degree on top of Chen Mowei's head would instantly hit 100.

Only then did Chen Liguo realize that her last wish was to see all three people at the base safe and sound.

Chen Liguo turned his head and looked at Chen Xi, who was staring at him with his orange eyes, a child's innocence in them. Chen Liguo couldn't resist and kissed his eyes. He said, "Chen Xi, you must be well-behaved in the future."

Chen Xi said, "Okay, I'll listen to Daddy's words."

Chen Liguo looked at Chen Xi's beautiful face and unexpectedly felt a bit sad——He felt a 'his own painstakingly raised white cabbage will be dug up by a pig in the future' sort of feeling.

But in the end, he was going to leave, so Chen Liguo said, "Chen Xi, forget about me."

Chen Xi was confused and watched Chen Liguo's body soften in his arms.

Chen Liguo's death had always been sudden, so long as the mission was finished, no one could stop him.

Chen Liguo was a little depressed and talked it over with the system, "Can't I just take a break for a few days?"

The system said, "What can you do in a few days?"

Chen Liguo wiped his tears, "A few day's break will let me dig up my family's tender white cabbage a few more times ah."

System: "….."

Chen Liguo wept sadly and said, "We won't have a son in the next world anymore."

System: "……"

Chen Liguo said, "Won't have vines anymore either, or two extremes of fire and ice, or the crisp and numbing electricity, or……" Before he could finish, his vision went dark and he was pulled into a new world by the system.

No one had antic.i.p.ated Chen Liguo's death. In one second, Chen Mowei had been watching him smile and laugh then in the next second, she saw him limply fall into Chen Xi's arms.

Chen Xi was still calling 'Daddy' in confusion.

Chen Mowei's complexion changed greatly. She took Chen Liguo and used her hand to see if he was breathing, only to find that the person before her was actually already gone.

Chen Mowei exclaimed, "What's going on?!"

Chen Xi looked at Chen Mowei resentfully and said, "Give Daddy back to me!"

Chen Mowei said urgently, "Xixi, don't worry. It seemed like your Daddy got sick, Mom will go find a doctor to take a look at him." She turned and hurried back to the base to find someone, but when she returned, she only found a panic-stricken White Lotus.

"Where're they??" Chen Mowei's chest rose and fell violently.

White Lotus' voice trembled fiercely. She said, "L-left…… I couldn't stop him. I almost got killed by him."

Chen Mowei knew that if Chen Xi wanted to leave, no one could stop him. There was a bit of blankness and a bit of despair on her face. She said, "Left? Where can Xixi go……." Ji Yang…… wasn't here anymore.

Chen Xi didn't know what death was. He didn't know why his father stopped moving, like a broken doll.

He talked to his father, but he didn't respond. He wanted to play with his father, but he ignored him.

Chen Xi asked Ji Yang, "Daddy, are you angry with me?"

Ji Yang lay in Chen Xi's arms, unable to give him any response.

Chen Xi burried his head in Ji Yang's arms, a little sad. He said, "Daddy, I was wrong. I won't be naughty again, pay attention to me okay?"

If Chen Liguo was still around, then he would probably pat Chen Xi's head and comfort him. However, he was already gone and all that was left was just a sh.e.l.l. So it just lay in Chen Xi's arms, with its eyes closed, soundless and stirless.

Carrying Ji Yang's corpse, Chen Xi began to drift around.

Strange enough, Ji Yang's body showed no signs of decay. Except for not breathing, he simply seemed like he would wake up at any moment.

Even though Chen Xi was still unintelligent, he was strong enough to be able to find food randomly so he didn't starve to death.

Chen Xi wandered everywhere. He wanted to go to that s.p.a.ce with the spring water, with the small house, but he couldn't find the entrance no matter what. So he walked and walked, walked and walked, and lost his way.

If he could, Chen Xi would choose to be stupid for a lifetime.

He didn't want to understand the meaning of death. He wanted to be a fool even more and just think that his father had fallen asleep.

Yet after a few years pa.s.sed, Chen Xi's brain became more and more sober. He recalled his past with Ji Yang, their days in the tall building, cut off from the rest of their world. The time when they traveled with the team. Everything about when they had been in the base.

These memories were just fragments and Chen Xi could only pick up one piece occasionally. However, every time he picked it up, his head would hurt, so overwhelmed with grief he wished he were dead. The living Ji Yang in his mind was a sharp contrast to the person who had lost his life in his arms.

Chen Xi said, "Daddy, wake up okay, I beg you. I won't ever force you again, wake up okay?"

Ji Yang didn't speak, or move, and continued his endless silence.

Chen Xi's tears fell on Ji Yang's ears, nose, and lips. He lowered his head and once again licked all the water stains clean.

Chen Xi said, "Daddy, I was wrong."

Ji Yang was unable to give him an answer. There was no way for him to say "Good boy, it's fine as long as you know that it was wrong." anymore.

The environment on earth began to improve day by day.

Not long after the zombie king was dealt with, the base that had cultivated the antibodies in Chen Xi's blood began to scatter large quant.i.ties on the zombies.

After the corpse was exposed to this mold, it lost its aggressiveness and became an ordinary dead body.

Humanity's living environment finally improved.

After Chen Xi left, Chen Mowei searched for him for a long time.

However, looking for someone during the apocalypse was like looking for a needle in a haystack. She had found people who had seen an orange-eyed zombie, but when she inquired carefully, most of them were unfounded rumors.

So even after a few years, she still didn't get any substantial information.

White Lotus accompanied Chen Mowei on her search. At first, shewas somewhat discontent with Chen Mowei caring so much for a man, but later Chen Mowei told her the truth.

Chen Mowei said, "He's my son."

White Lotus asked in astonishment, "How old are you?" She had thought that Chen Mowei was only thirty.

Chen Mowei said, "About thirty."

White Lotus asked, "Then how old is Chen Xi?"

Chen Mowei thought for a moment and said, "……Do you remember when we celebrated his second birthday with him?"

White Lotus was speechless, but she didn't doubt it. This world was almost destroyed, what else was there that couldn't be believed?

Humanity was indeed a very resilient species. In but a few years, they came out from that catastrophe and began to multiply.

Chen Mowei had no intention to separate from White Lotus. They adopted a few orphans from the apocalypse, planning on living the rest of their lives like this.

In the eighth year after Chen Liguo's death, Chen Xi recovered all of his memories.

He remembered everything about Ji Yang.

This might have been a good thing for the old Chen Xi, but for the current Chen Xi it was no doubt torture—the most agonizing kind.

Ji Yang's death was so sudden, so sudden that people might even find it absurdly funny.

Yet Chen Xi couldn't laugh at all. He felt that Ji Yang's death was closely related to him. It might be that he had lived with him for too long, that he was invaded by the strange mold in him that Ji Yang would die so suddenly.

Chen Xi cried, and shouted, but those who should leave would never come back.

In winter, Chen Xi took Ji Yang's body and went back to the place they first lived in——that already completely abandoned apartment building.

Chen Xi opened the door and saw the dilapidated but familiar scenery inside.

He put Ji Yang on the bed and began to clean the house.

It had already been more than a decade since they had left, but Chen Xi remembered the placement of every item in it, and even the angle of which the sunlight hit the window.

Chen Xi said to Ji Yang, "Daddy, we've come back home."

Ji Yang lay there quietly, with his eyes closed. If he could open them at this moment, he would probably give a smile.

Chen Xi cleaned the entire room and sat by Ji Yang in a daze.The summer sunshine on his body didn't make him feel any sense of warmth——although his memories were restored, he was no longer human.

Chen Xi yawned and said, "Dad…… What do you want to eat for dinner?"

No one replied.

Chen Xi asked, "How about dumplings?" He recalled the taste of the dumplings that Ji Yang had made for him.

Chen Xi said, "If you don't say anything then I'll just take it as you agree."

After he said this, he kissed Chen Liguo's lips and went into the s.p.a.ce——After Chen Liguo died, that s.p.a.ce became Chen Xi's.

He had been foolish in the past and didn't know how to use it. It wasn't until he had regained his senses recently that he became aware of it.

Traces of Chen Liguo were everywhere in the s.p.a.ce.

The vegetable garden was still looked after with utmost care. Chen Liguo's favorite tomatoes were already as big as an adult's fist.

Chen Xi's eyes narrowed as he smiled gently. He gathered the materials and came out of the s.p.a.ce before he started a fire in the kitchen.

After a moment, a rich smell hovered in the house.

Chen Xi ladled up the dumplings and put them in front of Chen Liguo, then ate them one by one.

Two catties of dumplings. Chen Xi could easily finish them off usually, but as he ate today, he felt a little nauseated. Halfway through he really couldn't continue eating. He forced out a laugh, "Dad, this dumpling is so disgusting."

There was a moment of silence.

Chen Xi added, "Hurry and get up and make something for me. This dumpling tastes too bad."

He put down his chopsticks and held Ji Yang in his arms, choking with sobs.

Ji Yang looked the same as he did a few years back, his body's time already frozen. This also gave Chen Xi a very cruel fantasy——Look, his body is still a body, maybe he's not dead and is just asleep. Wait a bit more, wait a bit more, maybe he will wake up.

Chen Xi stopped travelling and stayed here.

The room upstairs where Zhang Mingfan had lived was already empty and Chen Xi randomly planted some plants in it.

Zhang Mingfan's small team did not survive the apocalypse, but his daughter and wife were well cared for in the base.

Looking at it now, it really seemed like everything had remained the same but the people had changed.

Chen Mowei thought that she would never find Chen Xi in her life. However, to her great surprise, she got news about Chen Xi and found his whereabouts.

But when she left the base and found Chen Xi in her small hometown, the mother and son had already been separated for more than ten years.

Chen Mowei wasn't sure whether or not it was Chen Xi at first, but when she saw his orange-yellow eyes, she called out his name in pleasant surprise.

Chen Xi had practically forgotten that he was called Chen Xi. He turned his head and saw Chen Mowei. After a long time, he recognized the person in front of him. He didn't call her mother, but instead said, "Chen Mowei."

Chen Mowei's heart beat like a drum. She said, "Chen Xi, I finally found you. Where did you go?"

Chen Xi said, "Went to a lot of places." Ten years had pa.s.sed but he was still young, not a single trace of aging on his face.

Chen Mowei began to speak but then hesitated. She obviously wanted to ask about Ji Yang but was afraid to run into Chen Xi's taboo.

Chen Xi glanced at her and said lightly, "Come in." Then he turned and went upstairs.

Chen Mowei followed him into the dilapidated building before her.

Chen Xi walked very slowly and said lightly, "Daddy raised me up here."

Chen Mowei's palms sweated a little. She vaguely sensed something and responded, "Mm."

Chen Xi said half to himself, "He is a good man."

Chen Mowei grinned bitterly. She also knew that Ji Yang was a good person, but in this world, being a good person……was too hard.

Chen Xi went to the door. He took out a key and opened it, saying, "Daddy, I've come back."

Chen Mowei followed Chen Xi into the house and was shocked to find that Ji Yang was lying on the sofa, as if he were asleep.

Chen Xi said, "Don't sleep anymore. The weather is so good today, hurry and get up and bask in the sun."

Chen Mowei heard this and even thought that Ji Yang really was asleep——But she quickly reacted, Ji Yang wasn't asleep, but dead.

Because it was Chen Xi who moved him to the bed where he could get sunshine.

Chen Mowei said harshly, "Chen Xi, you shouldn't be like this."

Chen Xi asked, "Shouldn't be like what?"

Chen Mowei said, "Buried and at rest….." She had a difficult time saying this, but she knew that if she didn't, there would be no one in the world who would be able to tell Chen Xi.

Chen Xi said coldly, "It's not as if Daddy has died, why must he be buried?"

Chen Mowei asked, "You've been staying here, waiting for ten years?"

Chen Xi did not reply but his expression already told Chen Mowei the answer.

Unable to control her inner sorrow, Chen Mowei fell to the floor and let out weeps, falling apart. She said, "Xixi, please don't be like this…… Ji Yang wouldn't want to see you like this. Xixi, Ji Yang also wanted you to be well."

Chen Xi said, "You're not Ji Yang, how do you know that he wants me to be well."

Chen Mowei choked with sobs.

Chen Xi said, "You don't even know what outrageous things I've done to him."

Chen Mowei shook her head and said, "While you were unconscious, it was always Ji Yang who took care of you….. He, he never said a word of complain. He always regarded you as his real son."

Chen Xi responded coldly, "But I have never wanted to be his son."He felt a little disheartened and said, "It must be that Daddy is angry at me, so he won't wake up."

Chen Mowei looked at Chen Xi who was like this and a chill came creeping over her. She said, "Xixi, go back with me okay? Bringing Ji Yang with us is fine too…… How about we live together? Mom wants to take care of you."

Chen Xi refused Chen Mowei's invitation and said, "I'm scared that Daddy will come back and not be able to find me."

Chen Mowei knelt on the ground and cried. She said, "Chen Xi, let go. He's gone, let him go in peace."

Chen Xi said, "Leave."

Chen Mowei had antic.i.p.ated Chen Xi's rejection, but she hadn't thought that his refusal would be so rigid. Chen Xi cut off all his paths. He only had one path now, and that was to wait for Ji Yang to come back.

However, could Ji Yang come back? He couldn't come back anymore.

Chen Mowei raised her head and saw Ji Yang's face that was illuminated by the sun. He looked as young as Chen Xi. It seemed just like what Chen Xi had said, he was not dead, but asleep.

However, even if you tell a lie a thousand times, it was still a lie.

Chen Mowei said, "Chen Xi, Ji Yang won't want to see you live like this. He took care of you for so many years, was it not because he wanted you to live well?"

Chen Xi was indifferent.

Chen Mowei said, "Be well-behaved, listen to Mom's words okay?"

Chen Xi said apathetically, "You're not my mother."

The red on Chen Mowei's face disappeared.

Chen Xi said, "I only have Ji Yang as a relative."

Chen Mowei had no way to refute. She had originally been an unqualified mother. When Chen Xi needed people's care the most, she had not contributed her own power.

Only Ji Yang.

Ji Yang had raised the young Chen Xi up and went to look for him when he became a zombie. When Chen Xi became a child again, he never gave up and accompanied him.

Chen Mowei suddenly understood Chen Xi's persistence. She no longer advised him and slowly got up from the ground. She said, "Since you don't want to come back, then I'll come over."

Chen Xi didn't agree nor disagree. All his attention was on Ji Yang, what did other people's actions have to do with him?

Chen Mowei brought White Lotus and moved into the room downstairs.

She believed that one day Chen Xi would understand.

However, Chen Mowei had not expected that that day would not come.

Chen Xi disappeared with Ji Yang. Everything was in the room, only the two people were missing.

Chen Mowei lived downstairs and knew clearly if there was any movement upstairs. Chen Xi had disappeared noiselessly this time, it was as if he had been directly erased from this world.

White Lotus comforted her, saying that Chen Xi and Ji Yang had gone together, it was liberation.

Chen Mowei smiled bitterly when she heard this, "Is it liberation?"

White Lotus rubbed Chen Mowei's long black hair. Her voice soft and warm. She said, "Yes, if you aren't around anymore and I am still alive, then it would be better to die." She was more unconstrained than Chen Mowei.

Chen Mowei kissed her chin, thousands of words in her mind, but they all turned into a long, long sigh.

White Lotus blinked her eyes and said, "Don't worry anymore, isn't there still me?"

Chen Mowei looked out of the window at the endless night and hugged the person beside her. She said, "Yeah, I still have you."

When Chen Xi left, he must have been holding Ji Yang in his arms. If so then he must have not been too lonely when he left.

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Thanking you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets. Love you all, lalalala.

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Speaking of breaks, we're at the end of this arc…. And I'm finishing this chapter 4am on Friday. Like usual at the end of the arc, I'll be cancelling Tuesday's post (Next chapter Sat.u.r.day, Juny 7)… \(^▽^@)ノ

The next arc has 8 chapters, t.i.tle: Mysophobic Doctor's Detective Drama

Now let me get back to those tissues ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

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