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Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi, TempestDemon

Doomsday Child Rearing Handbook [11]

Chen Liguo got a bad cold as soon as Chen Xi's birthday was over.

He had a stuffy nose and a sore throat, even the spiritual water wasn't useful. He lay in bed at his last gasp and confessed to the system, "I was wrong."

The system was cold and detached like a priest in a church and said, "Where were you wrong?"

Chen Liguo said, "I shouldn't have played in so many fancy ways with Xixi."

The system maintained its cold expression. "Oh."

Chen Liguo said plaintively, "Hot then cold, it's easy to catch a cold. When doing it, it feels pretty good, the problem comes after it's done."

Each and every day the system had to suffer Chen Liguo's baptism of yellow narrating. There were already no fluctuations in its heart anymore, it even felt that it could continue listening to Chen Liguo's yellow narration.

This was probably due to natural selection, the survival of the fittest.

Chen Xi also felt a little distressed for Chen Liguo. After the deed, he took good care of Chen Liguo for a period of time.

His pity for him manifested in the form of no longer forcing Chen Liguo, but rather staring at him tenderly each and every day, making Chen Liguo feel like he had some terminal illness or something and would soon directly stop breathing while lying in bed.

However, no matter how one said it, under Chen Xi's 'love', Chen Liguo's condition improved greatly and finally, his fever reduced to a low fever and he could even get out of bed and walk around.

Chen Mowei visited Chen Liguo several times during this period and would always gift him many tonics. Among these, was actually a tiger p*nis as well, who knows where she had gotten it from.

This was Chen Liguo's first time drinking this sort of boiled soup. After finishing it, he vowed to never touch it ever again during this lifetime and would definitely take care of his body properly….. He felt like eating this stuff was admitting that he was incapable.

Chen Liguo lay in bed for a month. No matter how much Chen Mowei and her family's White Lotus publicly displayed their affection during this time, the completion degree on top of her head didn't budge a single point and was stuck on 85.

Chen Liguo indirectly asked Chen Mowei if she still had any wishes she wanted to realize.

However, Chen Mowei laughed and said that she didn't have any, she thought that things were pretty good now.

If Chen Liguo couldn't see the progress bar on top of Chen Mowei's head he would have believed her, but since he couldn't get an answer from her he could only wait patiently. In any case, he was used to wasting time in every world without any guilt for a long time already.

The zombie research at the base had been progressing very well and two pieces of news came in the first month following Chen Liguo's recovery. One was good and the other bad.

The good news was that the base's first zombie vaccine was developed. After injecting the serum, people would develop antibodies towards the virus from low-rank zombies. Only two years had pa.s.sed since the start of the apocalypse but all of humanity's resources had already been exhausted to develop this vaccine. However, the bad news also came out, this vaccine couldn't prevent an infection from high-rank zombies——and the amount of high-rank zombies had already increased rapidly over time.

In the beginning of the apocalypse, there would be at most one high-rank zombie among ten thousand. However, the proportion was starting to rise rapidly. It was as if the zombies were evolving themselves in response to humanity's upgrades.

They were beginning to show a bit of simple intellectual behavior and had even besieged the base several times. Even though they were repelled, this sort of situation still made people feel somewhat down and they started to wonder, if the decisive battle between humans and zombies would come sooner because of the zombies' accelerated evolution. However, the humans hadn't yet gained a bargaining chip against the zombies.

Chen Liguo also understood the general situation of these things, but there weren't many ways that he could help out. Not only that, but according to the original world's trajectory——The zombies hadn't been able to evolve into zombie kings before the entire world was destroyed by Chen Mowei.

But obviously, Chen Mowei  didn't have any inclination to destroy the world now. She was mixing oil in honey every day with White Lotus, and emitting the sour fumes of love. Chen Liguo couldn't even muster up the energy to be jealous.

Because the zombies were evolving faster Chen Xi had to leave for outside more often. Also, their base had gotten into a conflict with another group of ability users and the mercenaries of the base got sniped secretly by those ability users several times while out on duty, making them suffer a shortage of staff.

This sort of matter was a bad thing for others, but for Chen Xi, it couldn't be better.

He took advantage of this opportunity and once again devoured a number of different abilities, easily upgrading his powers to S-rank, becoming the fourth S-rank ability user in base, and certainly the youngest one——He was only two.

Chen Liguo felt a little sad when he thought about it. The son of other families were drinking milk when they were two, his son instead started fighting zombies and saving the world at that age.

After Chen Xi laid down his cards, the relationship between the father and son became somewhat strange.

Chen Liguo began to deliberately avoid Chen Xi. However, how could Chen Xi allow him to escape? He would frequently return to the base and catch Chen Liguo with the vines for some very serious education.

Chen Liguo pretty much knew everytime Chen Xi got a new ability——Because Chen Xi, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, would use it on him every time. What thunder types, water type, wind type ah! Sometimes even Chen Liguo, this old driver, couldn't stand it.

Chen Liguo searched his heart on why Chen Xi would know such tricks. After thinking about it for a long time he still couldn't reach a conclusion, and could only pin the blame on that pile of second-hand books that hadn't been selected properly. There must have been some strange things mixed in it.

Chen Xi wasn't home today and Chen Liguo was in the middle of watering the field, his b.u.t.t sticking out.

Chen Mowei hurried in, her first sentence was, "Jiyang, Chen Xi got into an accident."

Chen Liguo became worried as soon as he heard this and asked, "What's wrong with Chen Xi?"

Chen Mowei said, "He——They met with a high-rank zombie." Chen Mowei's complexion was very ugly when she said this, it seemed like this matter wasn't trivial.

Chen Liguo asked anxiously, "And then?"

The rims of Chen Mowei's eyes turned a bit red, "Only one ability user from the team managed to return at this moment."

Chen Liguo's heart sank at Chen Mowei's words. He knew that this person definitely wasn't Chen Xi.

Sure enough, Chen Mowei whispered, "Not Chen Xi."

Chen Liguo struggled to smile, "Then what about Chen Xi? Hurry and tell me."

Chen Mowei made things clear with a few words. It turned out that when the team left, they got spotted by a high-rank zombie. Just how high was that zombie's rank? The person who came back couldn't explain it and only said that the zombie was very smart——very intelligent, so much that it made a plan to lead them into a trap.

Unprepared, they were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of zombies.

Even though everyone in Chen Xi's mercenary group were high-rank ability users, they were still powerless before the hundreds of thousands of zombies and soon, the people were scattered and lost contact with each other.

The man who had come back had better luck. The zombie's main target wasn't him, so he ran back with serious injuries. However, the rest of the people, including Chen Xi, were fraught with grim possibilities.

When Chen Liguo heard this, he immediately inquired the system, "Hurry and check Chen Xi's situation."

After the system checked, there was a sigh in its tone, "Dead."

Chen Liguo's mind was in disarray, "Dead?"

System: "En, he doesn't have any signs of life anymore——" It seemed to have some doubts after saying this, "But his body is still moving, probably turned into a zombie?"

When Chen Mowei saw that Chen Liguo was staying silent she thought that he was grieving. She patted him on the shoulder and forced a laugh, "Don't worry Jiyang, Chen Xi's fortune is great and life is big, he's definitely okay." Actually, her heart was clear, even if Chen Xi's ability was S-rank, the probability of escape was but a pitiable small chance.

Chen Liguo looked up at the progress bar on top of Chen Mowei's head and found that is was slowly moving back, and fell directly from 85 to 50.

Obviously Chen Mowei wasn't as unworried as she had claimed. After all, Chen Xi was her child, and very likely her only child.

Chen Liguo said, "I understand."

Chen Mowei's eyes reddened. She thought that Jiyang would cry, but didn't expect that Jiyang's eyes would turn cold after listening, without much sadness.

Chen Mowei sighed in her heart, perhaps Chen Xi had forced Chen Liguo too hard, making him indifferent to his death? However, just as she thought this, she heard him say, "I want to go find Chen Xi."

"You're crazy!" Chen Mowei blurted out. "You're just an ordinary person, are you going out to look for death?!"

Chen Liguo said, "I'm not an ordinary person."

Chen Mowei knitted her brows.

Chen Liguo said, "I have a s.p.a.ce related ability."

Astonishment filled her eyes when she heard this. s.p.a.ce abilities were the rarest and the slowest ones to upgrade. Other abilities were related to natural elements but only the studies relating to s.p.a.ce abilities had yet to bear any result.

Chen Liguo said, "Don't worry, I will bring Chen Xi back." He had the s.p.a.ce ability to avoid zombies and beasts, and he had the system to help him navigate, so there was no one more suitable than him to find Chen Xi.

Chen Mowei said, "No….. I'm still not a.s.sured about letting you go alone…… What if Chen Xi comes back, he will then blame me."

Chen Liguo said slowly, "Chen Xi will not come back."

Chen Mowei couldn't manage to utter a single reb.u.t.tal, like there was something blocking her throat.

Chen Liguo said, "You and I know clearly, if I don't look for him, Chen Xi won't come back."

Chen Mowei was a mother when all was said and done. Her tears fell right away when she heard Chen Liguo's words, but she forgot herself for only a moment and quickly recovered her usual firmness. She said, "How sure are you?"

Chen Liguo thought for a moment then said, "About eighty percent."

Chen Mowei asked, "That much?"

Chen Liguo laughed, "I know where he is."

Chen Liguo's words were so bold that he was probably telling lies, but judging from his expression and words, Chen Mowei felt that he was telling the truth.

Chen Mowei ran her hand down her face and asked, "Do you need me to prepare anything for you?"

Chen Liguo said, "Just get me a modified off-road vehicle, the sooner the better.

Chen Mowei nodded and left. She appeared before Chen Liguo again in but two hours, driving said vehicle.

Chen Mowei said, "I'm going with you."

Chen Liguo shook his head and refused, "It's fine, you can't help me with anything even if you come."

Chen Mowei said, "I can bring Chen Xi back……"

Chen Liguo laughed bitterly, "You're no fighting match for Chen Xi."

Chen Mowei pursed her lips.

Chen Liguo said, "I'll just throw him into my s.p.a.ce, don't worry." He got into the driver's seat and got familiar with the vehicle's operations.

Suddenly, Chen Mowei called him, "Jiyang."

Chen Liguo sounded a hum.

Chen Mowei asked, "Do you hate Chen Xi?" Hate him for doing those things to you.

Chen Liguo thought, 'There's already no time to like him, what the heck would I hate him for?' However, he put on a Virgin Mary smile and said, "In my dictionary, there is no word called 'hate'." Then he gave himself full marks for the force behind his act.

Chen Mowei's eyes were evidently stabbed by the brilliant rays of light coming from Chen Liguo's acting. She moved her mouth, but didn't say anything.

Chen Liguo said, "I'll head out right away, tell someone to open the city gate for me."

Chen Mowei said, "You're going now? Not going to prepare anything?"

Chen Liguo said, "What is there to prepare, I have everything in the s.p.a.ce."

Chen Mowei said, "Then at least prove you have a s.p.a.ce before you leave."

Chen Liguo took out a tomato in front of Chen Mowei. After wiping it on his clothes he gave it her , "Eat!"

Chen Mowei accepted it, took a bite and then said, "What're you working at your fields so seriously for when you have a s.p.a.ce."

Chen Liguo innocently said, "I'm bored."

Chen Mowei: "….."

Chen Liguo heard the system announce that Chen Xi's coordinates were getting further and further away and didn't plan to continue talking nonsense with Chen Mowei. He said, "Hurry and tell someone to open the door for me, it'll be even harder to manage later."

Chen Mowei nodded, sat down in the pa.s.senger seat and left the base with Chen Liguo.

When they were outside of the base and bidding their farewells, Chen Mowei had a thousand words to say, but only told him one thing, "Take care."

Chen Liguo said, "En, you too."

Chen Mowei's heart was heavy. She said, "Jiyang, you are a good person."

Chen Liguo: "……" Somehow, he was given the good person card. He responded politely, "Chen Mowei, you're a good person too."

He drove away once he said this. The tires sent up a swirl of dust, obscuring his departing figure.

Chen Mowei watched him leave and wiped her eyes strongly.

The target that the system gave Chen Liguo was actually already very far away.

However, Chen Liguo was worried that Chen Xi would get even further away from him, so he could only push forward without stopping.

This was Chen Liguo's first time being alone in the apocalypse. It was almost winter and the vegetation wasn't as lush as it was during the summer, but it wasn't as bleak as it had been before the apocalypse.

Chen Liguo drove his car and hummed a song, thinking that he seemed like the knight who was going to save the princess in the black dragon's hold. His heart was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the feeling of having a grand mission.

With the help of the spiritual water, Chen Liguo didn't need much rest either. Sleeping two or three hours was enough to alleviate the mental fatigue of driving five or six days in a row.

Obviously, Chen Liguo didn't forget to keep watch over Chen Xi's status on his journey.

The system explained that Chen Xi's situation probably wasn't so good. He showed the characteristics of a zombie and was surrounded by a great amount of zombies. He was probably a member of the undead already.

Chen Liguo said, "Alas, I suppose that this world will fall through." The daughter of fate's progress bar had been drastically reduced to fifty. Even if he brought back Chen Xi, it didn't seem like it would make up for much.

The system weighed it in its mind, "Probably."

Chen Liguo said, "But still saved the world."

The system said, "Mm."

Chen Liguo said, "So can I take something away with me?"

The system distinctly remembered the last time Chen Liguo had said he wanted to take something away. What is the thing going to be this time? It asked vigilantly, "What do you want to bring?"

Chen Liguo said, "You see how convenient my s.p.a.ce is……"

System: "Not allowed!"

Chen Liguo burst into tears, "Tong-er….. just go my way okay."

The system, with a callous expression, turned a blind eye to Chen Liguo acting like a spoiled child, "Out of the question."

Chen Liguo spat, "Devil, our son has had an accident, yet you're still so heartless!"

System: "……"

Perhaps Chen Liguo's luck was good, as he didn't encounter any large groups of zombies even after driving for more than ten days. Only some animals that had no eyes came knocking on his door and were shot by him.

Whether for better or worse, Chen Liguo had also been a soldier in other worlds. Even though he had turned weak and soft from being protected by Chen Xi, he could still rise to the occasion. Actually, it wasn't much——There was only a sheet of mosaic before him anyway.

When Chen Liguo killed an animal for the first time, he held that rabbit that was bigger than other people in his hands and cried, "These hands of mine have also been stained with blood and in the end, aren't clean anymore……."

The system watched Chen Liguo put on a play with the expression of a dead person.

There was no other way, Chen Xi wasn't around and Chen Liguo hadn't acted for a long time. It was normal for an acting addict to relapse.

Then Chen Liguo roasted the rabbit as he cried. He belched after eating and said that he would bring some for Chen Xi, this rabbit tasted pretty good.

System: "……"

The closer he got to Chen Xi, the more zombies there were. However, Chen Liguo discovered a very magical phenomenon. Those zombies unexpectedly didn't have the least bit of interest in him, even to the point that it could be said that those that caught a whiff of him would start to gradually disperse.

It was beyond logic, Chen Liguo wondered, "Tong-er, did you give me a golden finger?"

The system said, "Am I the kind of system that would randomly give you a golden finger?"

Chen Liguo: "……Right, you aren't." You're a system that wants me to commit suicide every day.

Just as Chen Liguo and the system mutually harmed each other, he finally drew near Chen Xi.

It had already been a month since Chen Liguo left the base. During that time, he had used the radio to communicate with Chen Mowei once, but after that, he had exceeded the radio's range and broke of contact with the base.

Chen Xi was located in a dense forest. Because the plants had grown crazily and the trees had grown taller, Chen Liguo was like a small ant when he walked in. A single careless mistake and he wouldn't be able to get out anymore.

Fortunately Chen Liguo had a good travelling partner, Mr. System.

The system said, "Chen Xi is nearby."

It had already been three days since Chen Liguo arrived in this area. He kept having a bad feeling, as if he was being watched by something strange, which made Chen Liguo feel uncomfortable all over. However, the system couldn't find what strange thing was observing him.

Chen Liguo rubbed the goose b.u.mps on his skin and asked, "Do you think that Xixi still remembers me?"

The system said, "Definitely doesn't remember."

Chen Liguo lamented sadly, "Alas, what a wonderful time we had spent together……"

System: "……." Why did it suddenly feel pity for Chen Xi? It must be an illusion.

Chen Liguo walked and walked, then couldn't really walk anymore. He felt panic-stricken, his entire body and even his voice began to tremble,, "Tong-er, I feel like I'm the protagonist of a horror film right now. It's over, I'm going to pee." This sort of fear from feeling like a prey being hunted made it hard for him to even breath, so much that he couldn't even move a single step and was paralyzed in place.

The sound of rustling could be heard, seeming like the wind but also like the sound of footsteps. Chen Liguo was actually pretty scared of those spirit-things and demonic-things, so when he heard the slight sound of someone breathing behind him, he couldn't endure it and burst into wails.

The thing that stood behind him seemed to be frightened by Chen Liguo and even took a few steps back.

Chen Liguo struggled to turn around, his eyes half closed, scared that he might see some dirty thing.

However, when he saw clearly what was behind him, he immediately relaxed, "Xixi!"

Correct, the person standing there was Chen Xi, who had changed a lot compared to when he had left the base. His skin had become very pallid, his eyes had turned into a dazzling orange yellow from their original black color. He was a little messy, but it didn't hide his astonishing beauty.

It could be said, Chen Xi didn't look like a zombie at all, but like a fairy that had gotten lost in the forest.

Chen Liguo's saliva from looking at Chen Xi hadn't even dripped to the ground yet when Chen Xi's action destroyed his mood.

Chen Xi, this little devil, readily bit Chen Liguo's throat——Not that lover kind of of bite, but the genuine hunting sort. If it weren't for Chen Liguo immediately hiding in his s.p.a.ce he would have been killed while still alive with that one bite.

Chen Liguo cried bitterly in his s.p.a.ce, "This is different from what was written in the novel!"

The system asked, "What was written in the novel?"

Chen Liguo said, "Shouldn't it be that when he saw his beloved old father, he recovered his memories from when he was a human, and then finally Lightning strikes and volcanoes erupt and then they bang right?"

The system asked, "What's the key point?"

Chen Liguo thought for a moment and said, "Lightning strikes and volcanoes erupt?"

System: "……" Which novel had written such a thing???

Chen Liguo lay in the s.p.a.ce pretending to be dead, "I don't want to go out. Chen Xi, that little devil will continue to bite me when I go out."

System: "Whatever, get bitten to death."

Chen Liguo cried 'yingyingyingying.'

Chen Liguo originally thought that he could stay in the s.p.a.ce for a little while before going out again, and then emotionally move a calm Chen Xi with his 'Daddy's love'.

However, he forgot that Chen Xi could come and go from his s.p.a.ce as he pleased, and Chen Xi who had changed into a zombie was strong, not weak.

And so there was an additional person in Chen Liguo's s.p.a.ce after a quarter of an hour——no, there was an additional zombie.

Chen Liguo who was still pretending to be a dead body was startled by Chen Xi's abrupt arrival. Before he could react, Chen Xi, in the same way one caught a small chicken, grasped him in his hands.

Chen Liguo: I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead for sure!

However, Chen Xi didn't attack Chen Liguo immediately this time. The tip of his nose continuously smelled Chen Liguo's body, as if perceiving something familiar.

Chen Liguo trembled with fear at his smelling, fearing that Chen Xi would take another bite at him.

Fortunately, Chen Xi wasn't so crude this time. Instead of biting, he nibbled.

Chen Liguo was licked until saliva covered his entire face, he cried 'yingyingyingying' and said, "Xixi, don't be like this, I'm Daddy."

Chen Xi's actions actually paused for a moment.

Chen Liguo asked with a trembling voice, "Xixi, do you not remember me?"

Chen Xi's throat vaguely sounded, "Dad……"

Chen Liguo was delighted, just as he planned on proceeding with using his selfless paternal love to wake him up he saw Chen Xi directly tear open his jacket.

Chen Liguo: "……" Doing it as soon as you remember? This is too stimulating!

Where would Chen Xi care about what Chen Liguo was thinking? He was completely doing things by instinct now. Chen Liguo looked at his actions and tactfully refused, "Ah, don't…… Don't be like this Xixi….. Ai?" He found that Chen Xi really, didn't have any other movements.

Chen Liguo suddenly thought of an extremely important question. He wondered, "……Can zombies have a reaction?"

The system said, "There isn't even a circulation system, reaction my a.s.s."

Chen Liguo: "My father and son relationship with Chen Xi has finally come to an end, I don't have such a useless son like him!!"

System: "……"

Chen Xi had no idea that all his Dad's mind was filled with were those messy things. After he finished licking Chen Liguo's face he directly picked Chen Liguo up and threw him into the spring before going into there as well.

Chen Liguo was frightened and shrieked, "No, not in the spring!"

Chen Xi didn't care about his struggles and directly pressed Chen Liguo under the water, only letting him up when he was about to run out of air, as if he was trying to wash off some of the smells on Chen Liguo's body.

Chen Liguo felt as though he was a cleaning rag, up down up down until finally, he didn't even have a single bit of strength left.

Then he was put on a stone in the spring and suddenly had a surprising discovery.

Chen Liguo said a little queerly, "…… Didn't you say that there was no blood circulation?"

The system said coldly, "Maybe he was hard when he died and it stayed that way."

Chen Liguo: "……" Why are you able to say this so calmly ah, just what has happened to you ah, my cute Tong-er.

Then Chen Liguo was treated like ragged clothes, with Chen Xi very earnestly rubbing him clean in the spring.

Chen Liguo felt that this method of rubbing could even rub old meat white.

During the rubbing bath, Chen Xi showed that he simply couldn't understand human words at all——His guess that he simply wasn't a human was pretty much confirmed from this aspect.

Chen Liguo lay in the spring, his eyes empty, simply like a worn-out sack.

Chen Xi kissed Chen Liguo, soft whimpers coming from his throat. He rubbed against Chen Liguo's chin, then kissed Chen Liguo's ear.

Chen Liguo: "……" Ah, your dad is going to be rubbed to death by you.

After this rubbing bath ended, Chen Liguo was sapped of his vitality and had to rest a full week before he could walk again. On top of that, the system finally understood why Chen Liguo was squealing like a dying pig when he was being pressed into the spring.

Because this spring was something Chen Liguo still needed to consume.

After Chen Liguo drank a mouthful of spring water to replenish his strength, he weakly said, "…… I always feel that the flavor of the spring water hasn't been quite too right these days."

System: "……"

Chen Liguo said, "You see, Xixi's body was so dirty, and I hadn't taken a bath in a long time too."

System: "……"

However, Chen Liguo was faced with the cruel reality. Either thirst to death, or drink water obediently.

Chen Liguo took another sip and said weakly, "Forget it, just take the slightly salty flavor as supplementary salt and let it be."

Chen Xi was satisfied and seemed to treat Chen Liguo as if he was his female, obediently sitting by Chen Liguo's side as he waited for him to recover.

Chen Liguo's lower half was paralyzed. Looking at Chen Xi's obedient appearance, he imagined a news page: paralyzed father bedridden for many years, filial son looks after him day and night.

A week later, Chen Liguo recovered and prepared to look for two tomatoes to eat bare naked and some clothes to wear. As a result, he was once again thrown down onto the ground by Chen Xi.

Chen Liguo cried like a child when he was pushed down. He said: "Mowei, I'm sorry, I don't think that I can come back!"

Chen Mowei who was far away at the base suddenly sneezed: "Who's talking about me?"

For a long time afterwards, Chen Liguo longed for abstinence and moderation. He felt that desire was a dirty thing. Abstinence was the most refined way of life.

Chen Xi, this son of a b*tch, forgot everything after becoming a zombie but didn't forget this. Chen Liguo even suspected that he was deliberately pretending to forget everything in order to take advantage of him cheaply.

In any case, once this lifestyle started, it lasted for three whole months.

Chen Liguo even wanted to become a monk before Chen Xi finally recovered a little bit of his consciousness.

However, what he vaguely asked was, "Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?" Chen Liguo cried tears of joy and said, "Son! I am your father!" If you don't remember then your father will be tormented to death by you!

Chen Xi looked at Chen Liguo with confusion. Hugging Chen Liguo's body he quietly called out a 'Dad'.

Chen Liguo exclaimed, "Xixi, Xixi, hurry and remember, your mother needs you, the world needs you!"

Chen Xi's orange eyes were full of confusion, "The world? Mother?"

Forget it, he probably won't understand even if he tells him these things. Chen Liguo could only say, "……Your Dad misses you."

Chen Xi: "Dad! Kiss-kiss! Kiss-kiss!"

Ai, this brat, can't there be something else in his mind? No wonder his eyes turned orange, they must've been contaminated by some strange things in his brain.

But fortunately, Chen Xi finally had some basic rationality——He didn't continue to drag his Dad into the spring to do him randomly. En, they changed the location, changed it to the bedroom. Even though Chen Liguo still had some complaints, but his complaints were somewhat smaller and he could bear with them.

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