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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 35 Part 2

The lovers finally separated after the door of the elevator closed.  

Only then did Qin Xiao muster the energy to look at Qianxi’s eyes

still full of reluctance for parting.  “You’re so attached to each other.  

Haven’t you thought about asking him to make the exception to sign

with us?  Then you can see him very frequently.”

“No…...he would even dump me when he is serious.  Who would

dare ask him to break his principles.”

Qin Xiao watched her make such humiliating comments with such

a sweet expression on her face.  She felt that she really needed to

rescue her out of the honey pot.  “I hate to say this, but you really

don’t have much authority at home at all?”

Who would expect that she answered with a brilliant smile,  “Right.  

Video games is his official wife at home.  I only come second at his

home. The second one doesn’t really have the right to speak, …..ow!  

Why did you hit me……”

Qin Xiao couldn’t stop herself. “Not only do I want to hit you, I want

to kick you out of the elevator.  What medicine did Xu Jimo feed

you?  You ask him for me, what kind of drugs did he buy.  Do they

ship it to other areas?”

Qianxi laughed so that she didn’t have to respond.

She hadn’t eaten any drugs.  It was just an area that he didn’t want

to step into, she didn’t want to push him and put him in a predicament.

Qin Xiao gave in to her firm position.  She sighed,  “Just don’t giggle

forever.  I have important business to talk to you.”

She walked into her office and pulled out a paper for Qianxi.  She

crossed her ten fingers,  “You don’t want to sell your boyfriend, how

about your cousin?  She was pregnant and retired from public

appearance.  Now her baby’s already a month old, it was about time

she comes back.  Our video game business was the byproduct of

esports.  We plan on starting promotional events next month.  Would

you be willing to contribute the resource in your hands?”

Qianxi showed a bitter face,  “My brother-in-law will kill me if I go talk

business to her now……”

“Then will you consider selling your boyfriend?”

“No, no!”  She refused instantly and quickly took the contract in her

arms.  “Sell my cousin, I’ll sell my cousin.  I’m going back to discuss

with her now!”

Then she ran out of the office.

She held the contract in her hands and started working instantly. She

called the behind the scene agent of her cousin------her brother-in-law,

to meet.  Her brother-in-law, Zhou Tingsheng, turned out to be quite

easy to talk to after their new daughter was born.  He set the

appointment to meet with her for afternoon tea.

But he turned to be hard to talk to once it was related to her cousin’s

appearance on stage.

Zhou Tingsheng put down the teacup in the teahouse and answered

in a clear voice,  “No.”

Qianxi blinked her sincere big eyes.  “Brother-in-law, listen to me.  

My cousin’s so pa.s.sionate about the entertainment business.  She

might go to the desert to roll around in a mud pit for a film.  You

would rather have her come to us.”  She pulled out the contract

and made the background music effect of the sound “deng deng

deng deng” by herself.  “We don’t need to go out at all!  It’s not

difficult and no trouble at all!  Live streaming and drinking water

makes ten million a month!”

She exerted all her sales skills.  Finally she had no other choice

but to use self-pity by shaking his arm,  “Brother-in-law…...please

pity me.  My soul has been imprisoned by evil parents for so many

years.  Finally, I’ve been given the chance to fly into the wide open

sky…...now I’m just short of a fairy such as my cousin to help me.”

Zhou Tingsheng surprisingly took up the teacup and drank as she

pleaded.  “Talk in a human language.”

“Ur.”  Qianxi sat a little bit upright.  She started to shake his arm

at a slower frequency.  “Brother-in-law…….could you please

consider it?  Don’t let own fertile water flow into another’s field.  

This is actually your own younger cousin sister’s lifetime business.  

It’s alright that you hadn’t even invested a little bit, but you can’t

refuse me from having a spokeswoman.“

“Invest?”  Zhou Tingsheng raised his eyes and asked coldly,  

“How much do you want?”

“I don’t want money!”  Qianxi almost wanted to pretend crying.  

“Brother-in-law, can I just borrow your wife for a while?  Just one

night, seriously, I will strictly control the time!”

She kept talking without stopping, totally unaware of the customers

on several nearby tables were staring at them with strange looks.

In a high end restaurant, one adult man coldly asked a student like

young lady “how much money?”.  These onlookers who had been

contaminated by dramas were all making up their own story in their


Zhou Tingsheng also noticed these looks.  He silently pulled back

his arm.  “Sit upright and talk.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…...brother-in-law, you’re like a frightened bird?”  She

glimpsed at him and snickered.

He frowned and stared at her misbehaving hand.  “Your cousin’s

having the postpartum depression recently.  She always suspects

that I’ll go out to meet young girls.”

Qianxi disagreed,  “I’m not an outsider.  I’m her lovely younger cousin.”

“Younger cousin is even worse.  Haven’t you heard about the dramas

of brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws?  You cousin has acted in many

those kinds of movies, so her brain is full of these misguided ideas.”

Qianxi was so terrified that she even stammered,  “I…...I actually

have my own boyfriend.”

Zhou Tingsheng laughed in clear and loud voice, while playing

with a lighter on the table.  His ring finger, which had a silver band

on, knocked the table twice.  “Let’s do it this way.  Give me the

contract.  Your cousin will make her own decision.  I won’t give

you any trouble at all.”

“No problem!”  As long as she could get over the hurdle of her

monster brother-in-law, her cousin definitely will agree because

her cousin liked her the most!

She was so happy that she almost wanted to jump at her

brother-in-law again, but he pushed her away.

“Stay a little bit away from me.  Does your boyfriend know that

you like to jump onto others so much?”

“......”  Qianxi moved back timidly.  “He…...certainly knows it……”

That person actually had quite some experience with it…...

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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