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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 35 Part 1

The next morning, their clothes, which had been sent in for dry

cleaning, were delivered back to them.  Qianxi put on her dress

and sneaked into Xu Jimo’s room, suddenly jumping onto the bed.

Xu Jimo woke up slowly.  He saw his girlfriend sitting on top of

his blanket.  She covered the lower half of his face and blinked

at him energetically.  “Do you feel very happy that your girlfriend

wakes you up every day?”

“Uhm.”  He was very happy, but it would be even better if he was

woken up by a tender kiss instead of being press down upon like

what a pet dog would do.

Qianxi pulled back her hand and felt very disappointed.  She

disdainfully said, “You lied.”

He laughed with his sleeping eyes.  “How could you tell?”

“I don’t need to hear it.”  She leaned on his chest and drew

circles with her finger resentfully.  “You said it yourself.  Eyes

don’t lie.”

He opened his eyes a little bit wider, it seemed his body was

more awake now.  He stretched out his hand to pull her a little

closer to him and casually asked, “Do you know where you are

sitting on?”

“......” Qianxi seemed to realize something…...

Could he give her another chance to wake him up using a

more tender method……

Blushing, she tried to twist herself back…..But he shortly

stopped her.

Her eyes were so close to him.  She could see the newly

grown stubble on his chin very clearly.

“Happy birthday, Xu Jimo.” It was very quiet in the room. She

wanted to break the silence, but could only come up with, “I

planned on saying that when I first came in. I didn’t have a

clear head yesterday, so I forgot such an important thing.”

“It’s alright.  You had it on the card.”

The card came with the cake.  Cheng Yang and the others

opened it and read it sarcastically to him for several times.

“That’s different.”  Qianxi acted as if it was a sacred principle

and spoke seriously,  “Let me give you a birthday gift to make

up for it.  How about it?”

“Uhm?”  He looked at her hands, she had come in empty handed.

Qianxi squinted her eyes mysteriously and sat upright suddenly.  

“Do you want to untie your birthday gift?”

He then noticed that the small lace dress she wore yesterday

had a ribbon bowknot at the neckline.  It looked very similar to

the shape used for gift wrapping.

When did she become such a temptress……

Xu Jimo stared at her for several seconds, then lowered his

head slightly till the tip of his tongue easily reached the hanging

ribbon of the bowknot.  His eyes focused on her expression the

entire time and slowly, he hooked the ribbon with his tongue until

it was between his teeth.

Qianxi was annoyed as expected.  “You really did want to untie

it!”  She hit him with pillow and spoke indignantly.  “I thought

you’re some kind of upright gentleman.  So everything you said

to me yesterday were all lies.”

He turned aside his face and defending the rest of his face with

his cheek in good cheer.  “I spoke too much yesterday.  Which

one do you mean?”

“It was, shotgun…...you know, that sentence.”  She said the

keywords ambiguously on purpose.  It was obvious that she

was too shy to mention it.

“I didn’t lie to you.”

He turned his head and kissed her wrist.  “That’s my objective,

though not necessarily the means.”

The stubble on his chin p.r.i.c.ked her skin.  It was a little itchy…...

as well as on her heart.  Very itchy…...it was like being tingled

by electricity.  She stammered hesitantly, “What do you mean


He said with a low voice,  “It’s the kind you can include into

your birthday wishes.”

Before he could make his birthday wish, his birthday gift

struggled to break free and left…….

She could never get an upper hand against him!

Xu Jimo was still on vacation this day, but Qianxi had to go to work.

Xu Jimo took her to Qin Xiao’s company, drawing a lot of

staring eyes from the amazed employees.

------Wasn’t he that big G.o.d they had tried very long and hard

to get but could not get him to sign?

------Wasn’t he super cold…...why was he being kissed from the

forehead all way down to his chin by that girl!

------Wait a minute.  This girl looked like…...one of their bosses?

As for Qin Xiao, she had accepted the fact that her closest

friend and business partner’s boyfriend wouldn’t sign on with

her, as for now, her concern was: “Why are you coming to work

dressed like this? Are you coming to show off your relationship?”

Qianxi looked at the sport clothes she wore, then stuck out her

tongue,  “It’s a long story……”

Actually her jacket was destroyed last night, but the dress was

still wearable.  But Xu Jimo worried that she might catch a cold

by wearing a skirt to work in the morning in the early winter, so

he took her back to base to change clothes.  But they found that

the clothes she left at the base were all summer clothes, the only

warm clothes she could wear was their team uniform.

The KG team uniform was made with comfortable sports clothes

material.  After they both changed, they looked like a couple of

college lovebirds when walking side by side.

Xu Jimo totally disregarded the existence of the other people.  

He sorted out her collar for her.  “Go, I’ll watch you walk in.”

Qianxi couldn’t help turning back to look at him three times for

each footstep.  She didn’t even want to separate with him for

those eight hours of work.  She wanted to be able to see him

from her office at any time…...Xu Jimo saw her off.  His face

was still without any expression.  But from her angle, she could

see tenderness in his eyes.

Even Qin Xiao couldn’t bear to watch it any more.  The lovers

were showing their affection ever second…...She was actually

making herself suffer while watching them all the way!

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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