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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 36 Part 1

Finally, after settling the issue of her spokeswoman, Zhou Tingshen
specifically asked while driving her home, “When do you plan to take
your boyfriend home to meet us?”

Her forehead started to throb just from thinking about it.  “Don’t
mention it…...our family is simply a disaster.  My parents still live in
the Middle Ages.  It isn’t just my dad and mom, the two little bosses,
but there’s grandma, the big boss, behind them. How did you pa.s.s
grandma’s scrutiny?”

He carefully recollected his memory, then only briefly said,  “I don’t
remember it.  To me, there was only one barrier, which was your

It would be so nice if that was the case for her……

“I’m so upset now that I don’t want to go back to that icy cold home……”
 She pretended to be very weak and covered her chest, pointing to the
road ahead, “Turn right.  Turn right at this intersection.  Quick…...I’m
going to my boyfriend to get regenerated.”

Twenty minutes later.

Xu Jimo received a message that she was coming to base all of a
sudden.  He went downstairs to meet her.  Then he saw her stepping
out of a luxury car.  The man in the driver seat was an outstanding
looking man and Qianxi was laughing and waving goodbye to that
man.  She turned around, shocked to see him standing there.

The car sped away behind her.

Qianxi was still staring at him with a dumb expression.  Usually she
would rush to jump onto him, but surprisingly she was simply standing
there twisting her fingers, as if she had done something wrong.

Didn’t she know that acting so awkwardly now would make a
wrong impression?

Xu Jimo pretended that he wasn’t paying much attention.  He walked
over to hold her hand, but suddenly she stopped only taking a single step.

Qianxi stood still at the spot and pulled her hand back slowly.  She
carefully asked,  “That…...did you see all of it?”

He avoided the question.  “Aren’t you going upstairs?”

“I’ll go up a little bit later.”  She looked uneasy.  She bit her lip and
said.  “I have something to tell you.”


“Since you’ve seen it, then I’m going to be honest with you.”  Qianxi
looked up at sky silently.  Looking at a dark cloud flowing through the
sky, she kept a straight face and said,  “Actually…...I prefer a man
of the handsome, rich, and bossy CEO type.”

His eyebrows frowned as expected.  His clear eyes were gloomy
and stared at her eyes silently.

Qianxi burst into laughter.  She bent over and covered her tummy
from laughing too hard.  “I’m lying to you.”

“Did you really believe it?  Did you? It can’t be…….don’t tell me that
my family has the genes for acting.  You even believed this kind of
ridiculous drama.”  Qiaxi saw his face wasn’t relaxing and started to
get nervous.  She grabbed his arm.  “Alright, I was wrong!  It’s just
that I have worked for a whole day and I’m bored.  I just wanted to
joke around with you!”

Something was wrong.  She didn’t seem to have turned the situation
around…...she had gone too far.

She grabbed his sleeve and pretended to be pitiful,  “Isn’t it alright
that I won’t scare you anymore from now on?  Actually he’s my
brother-in-law, he’s the husband of my cousin. Look at him, he has
to tolerate his wife hugging and kissing and performing intense romantic
scenes on the big screen…...do you feel a little better now?”

Xu Jimo turned his face aside.  He didn’t seem to feel a little better
at all……

She was out of ideas.  She was like a puppy who had just chewed up
the sofa, lowering her head waiting for her punishment.

He turned back to glance at her after she had waited for about a century.
 He moved to grip her wrist again and led her back upstairs.  Qianxi
raised her face and almost wanted to wag a tail like a dog.

KG was still on vacation.  Cherry and Li Cang had both went back to
their own homes. Cheng Yang was out as well.  There were only Cheng
Feng and Wei Lai, the two underage teenagers, still at base.  They
were playing video games in the living room.

The two kids on the sofa saw Xu Jimo led Qianxi walk in the room with
a poker face. They held their breaths and their raised hands in greeting
froze stiff in the air.

It was Qianxi who enthusiastically waved back at them, “Hi~”.

Wei Lai awkwardly responded, “Hi, Qianxi Jie.”  He was also wondering
where the best hiding spot would be if the boss was going to give his
girlfriend a lecture…...

Cheng Feng didn’t even greet them. He kept his head low, hoping that
Qianxi wouldn’t recognize him.

When he was in Seattle, he only mentioned one sentence to his
ex-teammates at R.Y that “this  translator girl was really cute”, then it
turned into gossip.  After he came to KG, he learned that the girl was
his new boss’ ex-girlfriend-- --then they quickly got back together again.  
He almost caused a lot of trouble for himself.

He was only seventeen years old.  He couldn’t handle such a heavy
episode in his life so early!

But Qianxi kept muttering into Xu Jimo’s ear,  “Cheng Feng’s so strange.
Why didn’t he say h.e.l.lo to me.”

Xu Jimo took her to the training room and shut the door.

Why not the bedroom?  Because the training room was the room with
the best soundproofing.  It had been remodeled using a special material.  
It was guaranteed that n.o.body could hear any sound from the outside.

Qianxi had a ominous premonition……

She craned forward, pretending to be composed and make some small
talk,  “Wei Lai and Cheng Feng seemed to be getting closer and closer.  
It’s very possible that they two will become good friends just like Li Cang
and Cheng Yang.  By the way, who was your partner in the past? Was
it Tundra?”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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