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The other thing, that I was happy about, was being able to train with Martial Arts again. After my poison was finally purged out of my body, I dived straight into training again. I knew that I would still need it and sincerely didn’t want to always depend on teleporting all the time.

I was one that wanted to make backup plans, and knew that things could potentially happen…In one case, I might not have any spiritual essence to teleport, and that was enough for me to, indeed, put more effort into my training.

So, I got back into the habit again, and lost the small amount of weight that I had gained.

I also started another type of training, that I hadn’t tried before. I wanted to duel wield, knowing that holding two swords…Well, it was better than holding one…

That was my reason…

Well, I remembered some awesome characters in anime that could dual wield, and I was like, so wanna do that!

So, I strengthened my other arm first, making sure that my muscles and wrist could take on the training. Then made similar moves that my normal hand makes, when holding a sword, as I was doing this, I tried to enhance my speed through burning some spiritual essence. After a while of trying to do my moves more naturally, with both hands coordinating together, I started to hold a sword in both hands. Of course, one sword was awesome, as it was one that I put into my ‘storage’ that I’ve had for quite a few years.

The good sword was a memento from Talon, that he had given me when I had turned ten years old.

But the other sword…At first, it was a stick. I had upgraded it into a wooden, handmade sword, a little later, but it wasn’t really made well. So…I wasn’t really happy with that!

I had gone to the ‘shops’ already once, so I had to go again, to get a better sword!


Being so high up in the air, was quite chilly, so I had to go back to the outer towns of Green Haven, to get more clothes so that I could stay warm. I felt bad about picking up all these necessities, as I had stolen them.

I put into my mind, the faces of the owners of the ‘shops’, and told myself that I must come back and repay them sometime.

But, my trip back there was short, and I had returned back to my residence within two days, as I had used my teleportation.

The second time, when I went back for my sword, I didn’t get anything spectacular, but I had to get a good look at the shop owner, as the sword was still quite expensive…

After I had gotten my other sword, I practised diligently and even went against beasts to strengthen myself and get used to holding two weapons.

I had thought that it was going to be hard, and sometimes, it was. But since birth…Well, the first birth…I had been quite adaptable of thinking of more than one thing at a time and thus it helped me grow in knowing how to swing with not just one arm but with two. Not only being able to think of how to use both hands in separate situations, but I was also able to try and plan on how to defeat what was in front of me, at the same time.

I had once read upon the training of dual wielding in a book, but I hadn’t brought it with me. So, all of this was of my own memory of what was written in it.

Luckily, I was a natural at basic instinct, as my instincts guided me further in training. And since I was so determined in learning this trait, I became better and better at it, till I was able to take on a beast a rank higher than myself and not run away or teleport.

Knowing of what I had achieved, I was so happy!

Naruto seemed to pick on my happiness and ran around in circles, before chomping on the dead beast to get his fill.

As I watched the little s.h.i.thead eat, I looked around at the vast land area…

Having mapped out practically all the land around me now, from this mountain that I now called my own, Green Haven was to the east and Purple Haven was to the south east. But, even though my stars flew further away than before, I had not seen any other ‘Havens’ and truly wondered how big this planet really was!

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