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There was something else that I had accidentally come across as well. I wasn’t too sure if it was because I had ‘dinged’, to be a fourth ranked cultivator, or if it was just another thing that I might have ‘found’ that I could do, but didn’t think of it until now…

What happened, was that Naruto was getting in my way and I had thought to make him smaller…

Yeah…He almost disappeared…But! Through this, I tried it on…Myself.

…My b.o.o.bs got bigger…

Haha, I put some spiritual essence in a little bit of liquid and looked around my b.o.o.bs, and found that nothing bad had happened to them, since they had been enlarged by force.

Honestly, it did flabbergast me a bit to know this…I mean, forcing something to enlarge or go smaller…Wouldn’t it be something that would…

Questions filled my mind on how this worked, reminding me of when I read manga, and the bubbles that just had a squiggly line in it…That was my mind at this moment! Then, I lost focus, while I was picturing myself in a manga…I was someone with a squiggly bubble, with another person in the bubble with another squiggly bubble…

I laughed at myself.

See, I really didn’t need anyone, I was my own entertainment!


After a short day or two of these questions, and finding other things to enlarge and make smaller…I had run out of spiritual essence a few times, and that was how it came to me!

My spiritual essence seems to use up what it needs, to make sure that…’Things’ worked out…

I was a bit sceptical, because spiritual essence wasn’t skin, muscle, blood and so on. It was spiritual essence!

Yet, when I went to enlarge something with a minimal amount of spiritual essence…It didn’t enlarge at all!

That was the only conclusion I could come up with…That, somehow, spiritual essence can transform into living things, like blood vessels and muscles. But, after obtaining this kind of information, I had more questions…More like, how the h.e.l.l does this work!?

More bubbles with squiggly lines…


Contemplating on this issue for quite a period of time, I came to believe that spiritual essence was actually a living thing. I had looked it up once before, a very long time ago…In a previous life, long time ago, and now I remembered that this was like a nature…Thing…

But, thinking about this information now, I believed it to be true. That even though spiritual essence seemed to be something that went into your dantian, to use with meditations. It was still living…

Does it have its own mind? Does it want something from me?

I hadn’t really ever thought that through my past at all! Did anyone ever bother to ask…

OmiG.o.d, this is a ridiculous idea!

But I couldn’t help it! My curiosity was peaked, into the amount of losing one of the ‘nine’ cat lives!

After I had shaken my head, many times, and hit my head, thinking I was silly, I sat down to meditate.

Was this a first? Was this something that could be done?

I shook my head again, to empty it, and focused on communicating with my spiritual essence…


I felt…So stupid!

After doing this, I didn’t completely give up on the idea, but decided to only spend a small amount of time in trying to communicate with my spiritual essence once every now and again.

You never know, right!


…So, I left my b.o.o.bs like that. I had only used to be an a cup before, now I was a b cup, and I felt like there was no way I’d make them any bigger than this!

They were comfortable for now.

I was used to c cups, from my last life, but now that I had training, I knew that I would prefer them smaller for convenience.

But, that was the beginning of finding something new…As after that, I realized that I could purify my meridians and body. I may have been able to do this before, but I hadn’t thought about it till I had…Enlarged myself and worried about my training…And…That the living is inside me!

Haha, yeah, I cracked a few jokes about this!

…But I was pretty sure with what I’d found out recently, that my spiritual essence was definitely helping me out with this!

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