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Being by myself for so long, I didn’t get bored, as one of the first beasts that I went up against, I adopted. It was a cute looking, little fox…Even though it had two little horns near it’s big, fluffy ears, it was so adorable to me!

It was small, so there was no way it was going to win against me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to kill such a cute, little thing.

Actually, I let many little beasts go now, I use the bigger beasts for food instead. A better reason to use the bigger beasts, was for the bigger nucleus’s inside of them, and that they also had more fur or skin as well.

Funnily enough, the fox that I had adopted, seemed to follow me around everywhere now…

After I had found the little b.u.g.g.e.r, I hadn’t put him down for a whole day and he had seemed to have gotten used to my cuddles!


Honestly, I was a little starved for cuddles too. I was able to be alone with no problem, it was more that I just liked to cuddle something. I think it’s because of the fact that animals were natural, that I liked to cuddle them easier than humans. Humans tend to have a side to them that would make it harder to understand what they really mean…If an animal is angry, they will lash out at you, whereas a human may not show it at all and may do something behind your back.

That is probably why I spent time with the animals and small children back in the estate. Because they were just a lot more easier to figure out!

Gabriella, on the other hand, would be a ‘good’ girl in front of ‘mum and dad’, yet, be nasty to me behind their backs. It did get quite tiring…With a human, you have to watch their eyes, their faces, their actions and what they say…And even watch them when you’re not around.

Of course, I…Was a busy body, and watched Gabriella a few times in the past, with my stars. That was why I knew one of her friends were just as devious as Gabriella was. I had watched my ‘stupid grandfather’ a couple of times and knew that he was most likely only happy with me because of my cultivation. My eldest uncle, Borak, was quite silent on the short amount of time I had watched him, but I knew that he was hiding something.

For the most part, I’d only did this a few times, as it didn’t help my cultivation training much. For me to get better and stronger, I have to push the distance further and further, and that seemed more important to me then being a sticky beak at the time.


So, this little fox, well he could get angry…Not that his scratches do anything to me…Haha

But, he’s become very affectionate to me and I’d already decided that he was my pet.

At night, it would curl up near my neck, making it very uncomfortable for me, but I couldn’t bear to move…

During the day, I would at first leave the fox behind, but it would be very clingy after I had returned. So, I take it out with me now, and he happily stayed on my shoulder, clawing onto my clothes…Because one time it had fallen off!

So, I had a friend and we kept each other company!

And this friend’s name…Was Naruto.

This strange circ.u.mstance, ended up being something I very much appreciated.

I would talk to Naruto very often, telling him about…Well, the obvious character I knew as Naruto, back from my previous life, and how cute he was.

I had also found out that I could teleport more than one, as I was with him as well. But this only happened when he was touching me.

He ate with me, slept with me, cheered me on and he even ‘looked’ like he listened to me when I was speaking…



There was something odd though, in this big land area, I still hadn’t seen any people. After searching with my stars for quite some months, I concluded that no one will come, and I no longer cared to look for anyone.

I was also sure that people with my cultivation, really shouldn’t be out here. If I hadn’t been able to teleport and get away, I would have been dead a long time ago!

Which helped me realize why this place was so avoided by people.

I felt even more lucky that I was able to teleport to such a safe place in amongst all this danger!

The noises that I could sometimes hear, even during the day time, no longer got to me and I even got used to them over this amount of time...

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