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After all this time, I had gotten used to taking the beasts nucleus’s, at first having trouble, but as I thought about things more and more, all I had to do was use my nifty meditation!

I didn’t even have to touch the corpses, as the knife I used would do it by itself, with my own spiritual essence!

This knife didn’t really have a history, I had used it and stored it many times now. But, I didn’t use it to cut up my fruit anymore, it became solely used to cut up beast corpses. It wasn’t great and became blunt quite a few times now, but I tried to make it sharper through rocks at first, then figured that I could use my spiritual essence instead.

And, with all these nucleus’s, I was unsure how to use them, or where to sell them, just putting them into my ‘storage’ s.p.a.ce.

They didn’t even look very spectacular, as most of them looked like a dull, black colour. On the rare occasion I had found one that was shinier, but was still the same kind of black colour type of rugged stone…When I put in my spiritual essence in, to investigate them, it was just a ma.s.s of essence that looked different to my own spiritual essence. I was curious about this very much, wanting to know what exactly they were and what people did with them!

Remembering books from my previous life, I thought that perhaps there would be auction houses or places that use these for money instead.

Being a bogan, and one that stayed in the house a lot, I didn’t worry for money too much. In this life, after becoming the daughter of Talon, I hadn’t had to worry about money than either.

But…I was on my own now and regretted not finding some way to get some kind of income, as I had no money on me. When I was to return back to civilization, I would, of course, look into these matters. Not just about selling or using my nucleus’s, but finding a constant flow of income.


What I had preferred someone else do, would be the skinning and cooking of the beasts. I hadn’t learnt how to do some kind of jerky from the kitchen, in the past, so I ended up leaving some of dead beast’s bodies behind. Over a long period of time of being annoyed and doing a bad job, I slowly became better at skinning. But…I still would prefer never to do it again!

All of the skins were being kept on the side of my residence…I was still unsure on how much stuff could fit into my ‘storage’, so, I just put it all to the side for now. I had to have them dry out first anyway, and some I had used as mats or blankets. There were several different types of skins and two of them looked rather pretty, to my own personal observation.

The beasts differed from Earth in looks but the skins seemed to be relatively similar. Some skins were of only one colour, ranging from shiny to dull. Then there were patterned ones, that looked closer to the type of tigers or zebras. Yet, the animals didn’t look the same at all!

If I had to say what they looked closer to, was that they were more demonic. All of them seem to have horns and large nails or claws. Their eyes seemed to shine beyond that of being normal and they exerted some kind of blackness from their bodies. It really was quite interesting to me and I had watched several beasts with my stars, to try and understand more about them…

I found out that they may look like this, but still acted like the same kind of animals on Earth. They had the wildness about them, then the basic instincts to be a leader of the pack and to reproduce. Males seemed to look better than females, just like Earth too. There was a slight difference, as some where big and some were small, and due to this, they all either lived together or stayed apart. For instance, the ‘big rat’ looking beast, was a species that stayed with the smaller looking rats, yet it seemed that that species in the bird types, seemed to have broken apart in sizes…But, I guessed that this was just normal here on this planet…

It was just something I had to get used to from now on!

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