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I digged a hole in the rock That Covering the well and Made a bed. since there is no s.p.a.ce to cook, So I ate one piece of bread with carbonara sauce and two ordinary bread.

The bread with carbonara sauce was delicious but I only ate 3 breads today. It is really hard that I Need to decrease the amount of food.

I haven’t had a decent meal in the past few days even though I’m doing a lot of physical labor, when I go to the sea I will eat a lot of seafood to the point that my stomach is so full like it gonna burst

There are a lot of things to do, But I need to get some food before I fall down from hunger. By the way, the things That I need To do increased again. If I Make a mobile base and store it in the magical bag, then I can protect myself and have rest at anytime.

This is something I want to do as soon as possible, In a way it’s also for insuring my safety . I need to cut out the rocks as large as possible from the rocky mountains and make them liveable and comfortable to a certain extent, with this my life in the land of death will be easier. I have to make sure not to forget it.

“Yuuta, Are you going for leveling up today?”

Sylphy said that to me after the meal was over .

“Well, I want to raise my level … … Sylphy you will be going to the spirit of water in the morning, don’t you have to sleep?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, I can sleep but I don’t absolutely need to . I usually  sleep once every few days.”

spirit is convenient. I’m having some complicated feeling about being envey and not envy about that, maybe the happiest thing is to be able to sleep when you want to sleep. Maybe I’m thinking like that because I’m a Human?

“Well then, I’d like to go for leveling up”

“I understood, then shall we go now?”

“roger that”

I Continued following Sylphy and crush zombies and skeletons as soon as I find them. Skeleton is a delicious opponent because I can get mana stones and weapons. As for the Zombies I gave up on their Mana stone so I’m just crushing them.

It’s turning into work routine. I feel like I’m raising my level by defeating Slime on the road just like in games. But it is sad that the opponent That I’m beatting is a zombie and a skeleton. It would have been better If a monster with a more fantasy feeling was my level-raising opponent.

The land where zombies and skeleton are gathered at is considered horror rather than fantasy. If I haven’t meet spirits, I would have thought that I got into the world of horror movie

While Thinking about useless things , I continued to defeat zombies and skeletons for about three hours and then returned to the well.

“Yuuta, did you level up?”

“Wait a moment, I will look it now”

I checked my status, Looking at the screen that appeared infront of me . I alwayes get excited about this moment no matter how Many time I see it . It is encouraging that the results of my efforts is something I can see

Names Morizono Yuuta
level 12
Stamina D
magical Power D
Power D
intelligence C
dexterity B
luck B

Unique skills
Language understanding
Cultivating tools

Life magic

“Oh, the level has reached twelve, Power, magical power and dexterity got ranked up by one”

“Oh, then I can contract with this girl”


The little girl spirt is making fuss about it while flapping her limbs in the air. Are you happy that you get to make a contract?

“Do you want to sign a contract now?”

“I’m really thankfull, But is it okay for this girl to so easly decide to make contract with me? and aren’t there any preparation for the contract?”

“Fufu, Yuuta you can talk to the spirit, can see and touches them. this is very good points , I don’t think that this girl have any reason to refuse .And there is no preperation that you need for making a contract, Well people who can only fell the presence of spirits need a lot of preperatins to form a contract. ”

(TL Note: sylphy said that is he “かなりの好物件” the exact translation for it is “Very good property” in here she means that he have a very good attracting points)

It seems like a house choosing. well if it okay then it dosen’t matter.

“By the way, what merits in it for spirits to form a contract ?”

For me it’s only merits, but I feel that it’s only a disadvantage for the spirit. it seem very hard work that they need to lend their power to the contractor.

“There is also merits to the spirit. By forming a contract our connection with this world become stronger , And by recivivg magical power from the contractor it become easier for us to use our power and increase our Rank .to put it simply, it become easier for us to level up”

“is it really that good, even if it meants that you form a contract with bad person?”

Normally in novels the bad contractor use the spirit badly. and in important situations he lose his power and get defeated.

“Even if we say a contract , spirit only lend their power, if we feel bad or get dissatisfied we can just cancel the contract. although there are almost no one who make a contract with unpleasnt person.”

Ah. so it’s like that , they can just cancel the contract if they want to. that’s very favorable conditions to the spirits, that why they can make a contract if they are in the mood for it, it’s like a trial period contract for the spirits.

“what is it like to give magical power ? is it okay if my magical power got all taken at once?”

“after you form a contract , there will always be a little magical power that flow into the spirit. Normally that is enough, your magical power won’t get sucked up as long as you don’t ask the spirit to use power that beyond their limits , so it’s okay don’t worry .”

So it’s like keep stocking magical power normally?

“If the little girl spirit used her power to the limit, what can she do?”

“It is difficult to determine how far is the limit … … But she can make a windstorm that blows the whole area around here ”

lower spirits have a power that can not be underestimated. Even though she is just a little girl.

“Well, little girl Spirit, will you contract me?”


fa,…fast. It seems that it’s easy to form a contract with me, but for people who work so hard to form a contract it will be quite a shock if the contract got cancelled so easily

“Sylphy, what should I do?”

“Well, Since this girl don’t have external name, give her a name. If this girl accepts the name, then the contract is completed. If spirit has a name it take few more steps to complete the contract.”

“Is it okay To just give her a name? It certainly is easy”

Though it is difficult to think of name. Because she is a spirit of the wind, f.u.ku…, no it just so funky. since It’s fantasy Maybe I should use westren style name that have the meaning of wind in it.

using the English word wind maybe Wine……. this is also Don’t seems to fit . Breeze….. This name don’t match a little girl. …… it’s hard, beside english ,I don’t know how to say wind .

let’s change the way of thinking, how about using a name of G.o.ddess that connected to wind? I only know about Aura and Ninlil but I feel that those are good names. …… If I think carefully, neither Aura nor Ninril has had good ending in the myth. this make me hesitate to give such names To a child.

It is difficult. Isn’t there anything that related to the wind and sounds cute? …… Storm…… Storm … … wind Bell …… Wind bell.

(TL note:he is saying the first word in j.a.panese then in english)

wind bell sound good. I can not think of anything else now. and I feel that it matches little girl spirit who is fun and laughs happily. Yes, let’s go with this.

“I decided.”

“Yuuta: You looked very troubled, are you OK?”

Yeah I thought so much about it to the point that I need to resupply the sugar in my brain. unlike giving a name in the game, the pressure was very big.

“Ah, Since I can’t Give her Funny name, I worrid about it But I think that I have though of  a good one.”

“I wonder what kind of name.”

Please do not put more pressure on me. I called out the lttle girl spirit who while I was thinking of a name got bored and started flying around.

“Your name is Wind Bell, for shorting it’s Bell, it’s a name that I picked up from a gla.s.s bell that ring a beautiful sound when the wind blows, what do you think?”

“Wind Bell, bell!”

She kept on repeating her name while smiling, Did She liked it? The little girl spirit suddenly jumped into my chest. I Hurriedly catched her, she is very light but I can feel a certain weight. What is the body of the spirit is made of? There are lots of wonders.


She said that while looking up at me from with in my arms. I know Since I just Named you, I asked her while patting her head.

“Well … did you like it?”


“fufu, I think it’s a good name, wind Bell, Bell, with this contract is completed, congratulations Yuuta, Bell”

“Haha … I’m glad you liked it, but I do not feel like anything has changed. Are you sure that I was able to contract properly?”

I’m feeling the power of spirit…….or Bell evolves into a middle spirit…… maybe it whould have been good if something like this happened.

“yes the contract is done, you should try and ask bell to do something. she should be able to do as much as making you float lightly .”

Oh, I’m getting excited. let’s ask bell who is still smiling in my arm.

“Bell. I want you to make me float lightly, can you do it?”


“Oh … Oh … I’m floating, I’m flying right now, amazing … you are amazing bell”

I have been unleashed from the chains of gravity now. I thought that I would be blown by the wind, but it’s not like that. I certainly feel a gentle wind that flowing around my body, but I do not feel anything other than that. I have never experienced something like this , but maybe the zero gravity s.p.a.ce is like this.

“He,he, Bell is amazing”

I kept floating around in the air for a while and then landed, I feel so moved. it’s been a short period since the time I came to different world, though I had a lot of hardship, but Now I feel like my hard work has been rewarded.

“Bell. Thank you. I had a lot of fun flying in the sky.”

“Leave it to Bell~~~”

After I thanked her, She started flying around while laughing and smiling, she seems happy that she got praised. Somehow I feel like I’m gonna awake to paternity .

“You were able to contract properly, right?”

“Oh, I have confirmed the Results with my own body so there is no mistake, I got an amazing experience”

“if you enjoyed it then that is good, It’s already this late, should you take a rest soon?”

“What to do , Although I’m tired but because of the excitement from flying in the sky I don’t think that I can sleep . If Sylphy and Bell are okay, I’d like to try and challenge Ghost and wraith .”

“It’s okay, because neither myself nor Bell do get tired at all, But you should not push your self Yuuta, you might make a simple mistakes that can be dangerous.”

At times like this I can feel the Wisdom of the older people from sylphy. By the way, how old is Sylphy? Is it dangerous to ask spirit about their Age ? well you know what people say An undisturbed G.o.d wreaks no vengeance. It won’t be good to get her anagry because of curiosity.

“OK, I will be satisfied After we fight Ghost and wraith once, so I will return soon”

The schedule is packed for tomorrow. I will be satisfied if I can check the results once, Then I will be able to sleep. I am looking forward to it.

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