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In order to ascertain the effect of the contract, We headed to Defeat ghosts which until lately I couldn’t Go Near Them. I’m holding Bell in my arms while follwing sylphy. since we formed the contract it seems that this become fixed postion for her .

“Yuuta, can you see that there is something floating over there?”

“Ah?, yeah, certinaly there is something, is that a ghost or wraith ?”

“Yeah, the one that in the middle and have a clear shape is wraith , And around it with distorted appearance are ghost”

Suddenly Both Ghost and wraith Appeared. The fact that The wraith in the middle may mean that the ghost are a group lead By wraith. Ghost Barely Have the shape of a person, While the wraith have a clear human’s shape without a blur..

“So, Sylphy. How can I defeat them?”

“get closer to monsters, And just ask Bell to defeat them, When you get used to Bell’s attack and understand them you can tell her how to attack, And choose the way you like to fight”

I see. so If I roughly just ask her to defeat the enemy, then Bell Will act freely and defeat the enemy. Add I can add some instruction to it … … For example, asking her to defeat it without using flashy attacks.

“I understood, I will try it out,”

I ask Bell While approaching the ghost and the wraith.

“Bell, Defeat the Monsters over there, can you do it?”

“I can”

floating. she Rised her right hand to the sky and Answered confidently. She seems fired up. Then Bell pointed both of her hands towards The Ghost and wraith.

“Fujin Ranbu” **(TL: It Mean “Wind’s G.o.d Wild Dance”)

When Bell casted the spell, surrounding the monsters a lot of green light wind blades appeared , And attacked the Monsters from all sides….they are shattered.

Was that spell the correct choise? It is a tremendous spell. The attacks still continue even though ghosts and wraith have been cut out and disappeared, It’s completely overkill. If we can use a spell with less destructive power that will save us a lot of efforts.

Finally the effect of the spell has ended. Bell comes diving into my chest and looked at me with glittering eyes. this mean praise me?

“Oh, Bell is amazing, You was cool, thanks.”

I Squeezed out some praises and stroked her head. Bell’s excitement seem to rise for being praised. she started laughing and smiling in my arms , I am seriously worried about my self awakening to paternity.

“hm, it will be hard to find the mana stone like this .”

I approached the place where the monsters was. the wind’s blade Made a lot of holes in the ground, it’s a mess.

“Oh, there are no Mana stones in ghosts and rises to begin with, because they don’t have actual body”

“Eh?, then how do they exist?”

“I Wonder how, Maybe they have obsession to this world?”

But rather than Monsters That means they are real Ghost ? It’s get scarier the more I think about, so let’s just pretend that it’s A monster.

“But Bell’s Magic Was amazing, if a lower spirit Is this strong then how strong Sylphy really is?”

“Fufu, I am a great spirit of the wind, I’m strong enough To not ashame my name ”

Sylphy’s face Seems Confident. Great spirit … That mean three ranks above Bell. I can’t Imagine how amazing is that.

“I will do my best to be able to Make a contract with you.”

“I’m looking forward to that. Now, it’s already late, let’s head back, tomorrow morning I will bring the spirit of water so Make sure you don’t oversleep.”

“Ah, that’s right.

Because of Bell’s Magic I forgot about tomorrow. I need to go back and go to bed soon .

I returned to the well, Bell came along when I tried to get into the rock, . it seems that since we made a contract she want to sleep togather.

I told her that the rock is hard and it won’t be comfortable to sleep here, but it look like that won’t be a problem because she is planning on sleeping on my chest,….that mean I can’t turnover at night

It is pitch dark when I wake up. I got a little used to this, But when I build A safe place I would like to make some windows .I think it would be a good feeling to get awakend by the morning sun light.

Well, before that, securing a soft bed. My body won’t last like this. I casted the light ball magic, and held Bell who is sleeping on my chest carefully as not to awake her and raised from bed.

Today the spirit of water will be coming, I should go early, Storing the rock that blocking the entrance , I headed outside

I called out to Sylphy but she didn’t appare. I guess she is not back yet. Bell started moving in the arms.

“Good morning bell”

“Yuuta ~~. Good morning”

It is a energitc greeting. her engine is At max as soon as she awake.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah I slept well”

“That’s good, I will Check my Appearance, you can play around there.”


since Bell left, I started stretching out my stiff body, and casted cleaning magic on my body and inside my mouth. I roughly tried fixing my hair and the wrinkles of clothes as much as possible, well better than nothing.

for breakfast … I do not know what will happen, but if the water becomes clean, I can boil hot water and eat instant noodles.

Alright. so Should I make a stove for now? I also need dishes. I Took out an rock With a good size and started cutting it with saw. It’s my second Time, so I’m used to it. Then I opened air’s hole with The Engraving tool…… The stove is complet.

I should also make chopsticks and bowl for the ramen. I took out a wood of reasonable size And cut it into squares and started to shape it with the sawd. It’s so easy to because it cuts really good.

roughly shaping it up, and tr.i.m.m.i.n.g the irregularities with the engraving tool and And then I used the hand planer for smoothing the surface. well the shape might be little off, but it’s enough for practical use.


Bell is Watching interestingly , She is Checking the bowl from various angles.

“Bell, Make sure you don’t drop it”


I don’t know what is so intresting about bowl, she put it on her head or get on it. well if you enjoy it then that fine,  Let’s make chopsticks now.

I took two hard branches and started to cut them with the survival knife. It is difficult to cut it so that the tip becomes thinner. I still manged somehow to make it in shape, then completed smoothing the surface with hand planer.

the magical tools Are really amazing. Because it’s very sharp it cut everything so quickly. The problem is when it cuts too much and I accidently cut my self. It is going to be a terrible thing if that happen, so I should be more careful when using them.

“Ah, Sylphy Is Back!”

at Bell’s word I looked up at the sky, sylphy and there is something flying beside her , what is that?, while I was still trying to distinguish it ,sylphy came and landed beside me, amazing speed as always.

And The mysterious flying object Was…… It is a light blue color dolphin it’s about eighty centimeters long . it’s rounded eyes are very cute. Though It’s flying.

“Er … Oh, Welcome back Sylphy, It the one over there is the spirit of water?”

“I am home, yes, great spirit of water Dine,”

A great spirit brought another great spirit, is it okay for tow great spirits to be here?

“My name is Dine. Nice to meet you.”

I was so distracted by the dolphin ,I didn’t notice but an amazing beauty was in front of me. Beautiful blue hair.Pure white skin. her Blue eyes are slightly Closed, its giving her very easygoing atmosphere.

More than anything, the symbol of motherhood. she have very big t.i.ts. I want to jump in them. I unintentionally compared them with Sylphy’s.

“Hey Yuuta, what are you doing staring at her without even greeting, and you just compared me with Dine”

Dangerous. She Found out.

“No, no, that’s not it, Dine-san, My name is Morizono Yuuta. Thank you so much for taking the trouble and coming here.”

“Ara ara, thank you, you can Call me just Dine, No need For honorific .Yuuta-chan, pleased to meet you.”

Cha,chan. she have a very easygoing charcter … … well she is a Spirit.

“Hey yuuta what are you trying to proceed with talking by yourself, just now you definitely compared me With Dine”

“Sylphy-chan, Don’t get so angery over small thing”

“Hey Dine, I’m not small, normal, Mine are normal size, yours are just meaninglessly big”

Sylphy. I do not think she meant small In that meaning. Well I won’t tell her that because it will be troublesome afterward . But sylphy was borthord about her size . I should be careful .

“am, Dine, Again I hope we get along, so what is the Dolphin that flying over there?”

I asked her while looking at the dolphin, I don’t know when this happened but Bell is riding on the dolphin, what should I do? she is laughing happily, and the dolphin doesn’t seemed bothered, it just keep drifting around

“oh, yeah, This child is a lower spirit of water, I brought her with me after I listened to sylphy-chan’s story.”

Lower Spirit Don’t just have the look Of little girl?. It is a shocking fact. As I was talking about the dolphin, I came closer, And gently stroked her head. It have pleasant and relaxing feeling.

(TL:It dosen’t specify the gender so for now I will just make it as “her”)

“Yuuta, Lower Spirits who don’t have the shape of human can’t talk, but they can understand the words, so you should speak normally.”

It seem sylphy’s mood got better, she is giving me advices again. It is certainly look difficult to talk using dolphin mouth.

“I am Yuuta, nice to meet you”

The dolphin began to rub her head against my hands………. cute.

“Oh, yes, this girl is wind bell, a lower spirit of the wind that contracted with me”

“I’m Bell~~”

Bell jumped into Dine’s Breast. She Buried her head in them. I am seriously envious.

“Ara ara, you are cute. Bell-chan, pleased to meet you.”


great spirit of the water came and it became lively. What is going to happen From now on?

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