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Spinning the magical hand auger and dig a hole. Digging a big hole with a diameter of 2 meters.

Spinning around and store soil. Spinning and storing. Spinning and storing. Just repeating it like that.

“Yuuta, Good Work, You really did a good job digging this deeply in a short time”

“Ah, Sylphy. That because the hand auger is amazing, Did something happened?”

“No, I just looked into the hole, And saw that you digged quite deeply so I just came to see the situation.”

At sylphy’s word I looked up at the top, I can see the hole opening on the ground it’s pretty far. Did I digged about 50 meters?

“Yes, it’s pretty deep,  but there is no sign of water coming out at all”

“Well, Looking at surrounding soils it’s still a dead soil so I think water won’t come out, For how long are you going to keep digging?”

The Earth is dead … It is a scary word. I wonder how much terrible conflicts have happened here, I priced through at less two layers of Rocks but the Earth is still dead.

It’s really overkill.

“The earth is still dead, I intend to dig up to the limit, if the earth is dead, I want continue until I reach where the earth is alive”

“Dig To the limit? Not knowing How far the limits is scary.”

When digging a hot spring in j.a.pan it is over 1000 meters. So fifty meters is still Not too much. It is water that I want. But even if hot springs come out it will do . oil seems to be difficult to use so please spare me that.

“I will not overdo it, I want to dig up to the place where the earth is alive at least …”

“Do not push yourself too hard”

“Yeah, it’s not painful physically, I will do my best to certain level.”

with the hole getting deeper I’m worried about the lack of oxygen. I would like to ask sylphy to send wind in, but it’s impossible because she said direct cooperation is forbidden. Well, air will come in if the hole is a two meters in diameter.

and the air also moved when sylphy came down so it really saved me. Let try and ask her to come down from time to time.

“Hey Yuuta, how are you planning on getting out of here in the first place?”

“If water don’t come out, I will take out the stored soil and keep on filling the hole until I get out ,and if water come out I will climb up while digging a spiral staircase on the wall.”

It will be dificult but I’ll be happy if I can go out while digging the spiral staircase.

“ah, that good, you actully thought about that.”

“Sylphy, Do you not think that I am stupid? I’m thinking properly”

“Fufufu, I do not think that you’re stupid, I am sorry it’s just that I was a bit worried.”

Ou cute.

“Thank you for your concern. it will be good change in mood and you will save me if you can keep checking on me occasionally”

“yeah, but Next time it will be that child who will come. don’t get angry at her if she make some noises.”

That child …… little girl spirit? It will be a good change of pace if she come because she is bright and fun child.

“I will not get angry, but I am afraid that if she makes a noise the wall collapses, so tell her not to make too much noise.”

“Oh, that’s dangerous, don’t worry I will tell her.”

“Please do, thanks”

After Sylphy left, I just devote myself to digging again. spinning around and storing. Spinning and storing. How many more times I should repeat this?

“Wow. it dark~~~”

A laughter echoed from above while I was immersed in digging the hole. Did the little girl spirit come to visit? It’s dark?… Yeah, it’s dark. I did not mind it so much because I was immersed in digging, but it is deep that light does not reach. should I make some light? I casted a light ball magic.

“Ah, it’s light”

the little girl spirit came thrusting at the light bulb. Will she be able to stop at that speed? if she gets down I’d better get ready to catch her. What is the ma.s.s of a spirit?

The Little girl spirit falling with speed suddenly came to stop as if have a brake, she is floating in front of my eyes. Spirits are amazing.

“Yuuta~~~ … You Good?”

“Oh, I’m full of energy.”


What is so funny, she started to fly and flickering around the light ball. I don’t understand where the Funny point For children.

“is it fun to dig a hole?”

she suddenly stopped and asked a question. I can not keep up with her pace.

“Oh, ah, it’s not that it’s fun, it’s because I want water, that why I’m working hard and digging a hole.”

“I see, Water is important”

she put her hands on her chin and nodded. did she understand? Somehow she only seems to be imitating someone. There is no point even if I said anything, just let it be

“Yes, water is important.”

“Wind is also important”

“Yeah, the wind is also important.”

Pride Of the spirits of wind? for now let’s just pat her head and say the important parts about the wind. maybe she became happy for praising the wind, she Smiled and flew at a tremendous speed. it seem that she is going to report to Sylphy. Well since I had a change of mood let’s restart hole digging?

Spinning it and storing. Spinning and storing. The soil coming up from the spiral turns into a rock. It’s rocky layer again.

There is no need to change the power, it can Get through even if it’s rocks. Magical hand auger is amazing. I keps Spinning it around and digging the rocks, this time’s rock layer is rather thick.

digging, the rock Layer is over, soil start to comes up again. I Finally got through the Rock layer. I stored the soil While continuing digging hole,  but suddenly I had a strange feeling.

Looking at soil closely, it is not the same reddish dry soil tha tI saw until now. It was replaced by black soil , one which I used to see in j.a.pan .

with my tension rising up I continued digging further,  it turned into sand mixed with pebbles. when Taking the sand in my hand it’s slightly damp.

I keepts spinning the hand auger while suppressing the feeling of impatience. While repeating that and storing the soil, water came out .Just to make sure I made more spinning with the hand auger then I stored it, The water kept on collecting in the place where the hand auger was stabbed.

I’m so happy that I want to shout, but if I made loud voice it might collapse so I will endure it because it will be the worst if that happens. while I was happily trying to full water into the bottle, I noticed that the water that gushed out was cloudy.

Thinking about it, In well they have to build a filter with rocks and pebbles if I remember correctly… And Have to wait for a day for it to settle down ….

The tension that had been rising suddenly disappeared. No, do not be sad. water came out, so I pa.s.sed the crisis of dying from thirst. As long as there is no poison in this water, I can get water to drink with just little more work.

The water is already rising to my knee level. It’s quite good volume of water. Think positively. Water came out. It is quite deep and it can be hard to come and draw water, but with this I can avoid drying to death. while Desperately convincing my heart, Sylphy came in front of me.

“Well, the water came out, Yuuta, that is amazing hmm?, what wrong even though the water come out you don’t look well?.

“Oh, Sylphy. No It’s not like I do not feel well, I’m glad that the water came out, but the water is cloudy so I can’t drink it right away, and is the quality water of this water okay or not, it’s just that many realistic problem appeared and it made feel little Depressed. ”

“Haha, well depnding on the water here there might be a way”

“Hmm, Sylphy what do you mean?”

Is there a good way?

“I told you before, that you should arrange the environment, I will bring spirit of water, so I think that some of the problems will be solved if that spirit comes and live here. Well the Spirit might not like it and decide not to live here, but at the less the Spirit should clean the water for confirmation. ”

Oh, spirits are wonderful. Even just cleaning the water is great help.

“It will be a great help, please.”

“Yes, I will call the spirit tomorrow morning, Yuuta should hurry to make stairs to get out of here.”

“Why do I need To hurry ? There are still time until tomorrow morning?”

“I do not mind if you take it slowly, but in two to three hours it will be sunset, zombies and skeletons will start moving, and they might fall into the well,  would you like to drink water from the well where zombies fell?”

Zombie in the well. ……It’s the worst thing. I have to escape quickly and close the hole.

“Nice advice Sylphy, I will do my best with all my strength. ”

“Fufufu, I think that’s good, do your best.”

Sylphy has gone, so I hurried to make the spiral staircase. carefully Cutting sawtooth shape stairs with the saw so that the wall does not collapse.

it will be bad If it collapses here, I made the stair step carefully. It is difficult to make a spiral staircase in a round well. This time it’s just cutting and storing, and it feels more comfortable with clear destination .

The fear that water may not come out no matter how much I dig , It put quite the pressure on me because it is directly connected with my survival.

I just kept on cutting and storing, The little girl came to play From time to time. I just kept her accompanied with talking since I can’t stop my hands, But the little Girl Spirit Just Kept on cheering me. Somehow this soothing me .

while getting power from Sylphy and the little girl spirit cheering, I managed to reach the ground somehow. Outside was dark, but it has been only about 20 minutes since the sunset, zombies have not appeared yet .

I took A rock that I cut When I made my home, and placed it over the well, secured. It was good that I got lazy and cut it into a large pisces.

“Yuuta, What are you going to do after this?”

“Oh, what should I do, tomorrow morning you are going to bring the spirit of water, so it will be hard to go back now and come here next morning, So I want To stay here and Take A rest… … but Because it was a Swamp , there are no rocky mountains nearby. ”

“then how about you make a s.p.a.ce in the rock that is covering the well, it don’t have to be big Hole if it’s just a place to sleep in .”

“Oh, Sylphy you are Genius”


Next time, when I cut mountains I should Make them as large as possible enough to make a room, with that I can Have a movable base. My dreams just keep spreading.

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