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As Shizuki washes Uzuki-chan's armpits, her body twists at the tickling and she lets out giggles.

However, she shows no signs of resisting.

It seems that Uzuki-chan turned docile after being threatened by Shizuki about a promise.

What is that about a promise? I'm anxious.

While I was in doubt, Shizuki finished washing Uzuki-chan's body from the foam.

After everything ended, Shizuki takes off the shampoo hat that Uzuki-chan had on. And after that Uzuki-chan sings her head to take off the water.

Shizuki with her long black hair down to her waist and Uzuki-chan with her long gray hair down to her waist completely soaked in hot water. Such two beautiful girls have their snow-white skin flushed due to the heat.

Both are so beautiful that the more I see, the more I have to admit their beauty.

Moreover, due to her body being wet, there is a marvelous and l.u.s.tful feeling coming from them.

Ah, I can't bear it, would it be bad if I m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.ed? Would they notice? They would surely notice. I better stop.

"Onee-chan, the promise?"

Uzuki-chan looks at Shizuki while sitting in the chair.

Huh? Promise, no way…

Shizuki looks at me. Her eyes and expression looked gloomy.

No doubt. The promise is the crotch, that is, the genitals. And perhaps s.e.x education. I noticed and was shocked, and I also understood.

After she broke, Matsuki devoted her time entirely to masturbation in madness. And she grew up watching her. It would be natural for Uzuki-chan to memorize that scene in her mind. But the promise isn't something Shizuki can handle on her own.

–I'm sorry for showing you something unsightly.

Shizuki's eyes silently conveyed those words to me.

I can't pull back here. I thought so and shake my head while lightly smiling to her.

–Don't worry.

And I tried to convey those words to her with my eyes.

Although Shizuki's expression didn't change, it seems that she is somehow relieved now.

"You will go to sleep after this, ok?"

Shizuki asked Uzuki-chan.


Uzuki-chan cheerfully nods at her question.

Pure and innocent. Uzuki-chan probably has no s.e.x knowledge, all she knows is drowning in pleasure. It's too miserable.

Shizuki stretches her right hand gently from Uzuki-chan's back and towards her crotch. And caresses her c.l.i.toris. As it was what I predicted. I began to doubt my eyes. Uzuki-chan bends her back in an arc exposing her a.n.u.s which Shizuki began to finger too.

"Haa, fuu, haa, fuu, haa, fuu"

Uzuki-chan breathes in and out roughly while being fingered by Shizuki. Her body immediately flushed as mucus began to overflow from her salmon pink v.a.g.i.n.a.

Shizuki who keeps caressing Uzuki-chan's annus began to insert her finger in. And

And while inserting and pulling her finger, she caresses Uzuki-chan's c.l.i.toris with her other finger.

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