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Forty-Second Episode

Uzuki-chan wanted me to wash her body, but as I thought it would be bad in many ways, I left it to Shizuki.

No matter how I try to subdue any l.u.s.tful thoughts, my c.o.c.k would give me away. And if it got erect while I wash her body, she would ask me "What is this?", and that would be very troubling.

Although I have a towel wrapped around my waist, it's not enough to cover my c.o.c.k in that type of situation.

"Uzuki, I'm going to wash you, so close your eyes"

Shizuki says to Uzuki-chan who is wearing a shampoo hat.


Uzuki-chan ignores her and pokes her b.o.o.bs with her finger.

Well, I understand your feelings. If you have b.o.o.bs in front of you, you would want to poke them.

"Close your eyes already! I don't care if your eyes hurt after this!"

Although she begins panting when I do that, her reaction is quite different when the other party is her sister.

Shizuki, who shows no feelings of pleasure, scolds Uzuki-chan.

"Here it is Punipuni. And here it's Korikori. Weird"

Even after being scolded by Shizuki, Uzuki-chan kept playing with her b.o.o.bs, and after that she grabbed her nipples.

"I don't care anymore. I don't care if your eyes start hurting"

Although she would reach climax when I touch her nipples, it seems completely different when the other party is her sister. She doesn't remember any bit of the pleasure from those actions and showers Uzuki-chan's head.

And the bubbles get washed away by the water.

"It hurts! My eyes hurt! I hate you onee-chan!"

The washed water and bubbles got into her eyes. Uzuki-chan hits Shizuki while crying out.

Even though she is wearing the shampoo hat, it's not able to completely prevent the bubbles from flowing in.

"See, I told you! I properly warned you! It's your fault for not listening to what I said!"

Shizuki washes Uzuki-chan's face with water while scolding her. And Uzuki-chan keeps. .h.i.tting her while she washes her face with water. Uzuki-chan is. .h.i.tting in a good spot, because it's causing Shizuki's b.o.o.bs to shake. Moreover, because of her continuous. .h.i.ts, the b.o.o.bs keep shaking. Aah, it's useless, I'm not into h.o.m.os.e.xuality, but with two beautiful girls completely naked in front of me, there is no way I would remain unchanged. Due to that, my c.o.c.k got erect, and not even the towel I have wrapped around can cover this.

What do I do now?

"Now raise your hands!"


"Not (No)! If you don't listen to me, forget about our promise!"

Uzuki-chan who was. .h.i.tting Shizuki's b.o.o.bs and poking her nipples, slowly raises her hands.

Your promise? What?

Uzuki-chan suddenly became docile and Shizuki washes her armpits with a sponge

"Uiiiii! Ukiukiukiu!"

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