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To Chen Qingmei, heavily guarded bank safes meant nothing to her. Yet, the door that Master was in, despite having no lock on it, befuddled her for several long moments, consuming a great deal of her mental energy.

How intense! Furthermore, how terrifying!

Was Master really willing to lie on the bed and acquiesce to her every wish and demand? Or could it be that in order to prevent her from breaking away from the organization and wandering into the hands of his enemies, after she had completed all his missions, he had purposefully set up an elaborate trap for her, just waiting for her to become ensnared in it?!

That man… inside his icy pupils, apart from himself, there had never been another person’s reflection…

Chen Qingmei suddenly felt a trace of regret break through her mind. At that time how had she developed the guts to be so brazen, coming up with such an excessive request!

In her mind, she could still clearly remember that when Master had nodded his head in agreement, a gloomy smile had pa.s.sed over his otherwise wooden expression. It was as if he was looking at a clown that overestimated its own capabilities…

Still, Chen Qingmei couldn’t help but acknowledge the cruel reality—

If she didn’t hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity, then she would never have another chance in her life to get into so close of a proximity with that man!

In other words, this was her only chance!

No matter if she would live or die, no matter if what awaited her was heaven or h.e.l.l, she would still take her chances!

“r, I’ve returned!”

With a loud bang, she pushed open the door. Chen Qingmei held her head up high, hauling her knapsack behind her as she walked into the room.

Master’s living quarters were incredibly big. They were divided into an inner area and an outer area. Generally speaking, very few people were allowed to enter his bedroom, except for a few trusted subordinates. Chen Qingmei, having grown up in the fortress since she was a child, was naturally included in possessing this privilege.

Still, even given this, everybody except Master had been limited to only the outer room.

Chen Qingmei had lived in the fortress for nearly ten entire years, and had entered and left Master’s bedroom hundreds of time. Still, she had never been given the privilege to enter Master’s inner bedroom and sneak a peek.

That place was like a flower glade concealed by the mountains, undisturbed by anyone. Not only was it like that because Master’s private life was a great secret, but it was also because his s.e.x appeal was simply deadly! Furthermore, that kind of forbidden, unseen aspect of it really made it hard for the human heart to endure.

Chen Qingmei entered the bedroom, circling around. However, there was no trace of Master’s shadow.

It was obvious that he was in the inner bedroom.

The voice from before had also come from the inner bedroom.

Like a thief, she glanced stealthily towards the direction of the inner bedroom. Chen Qingmei was unable to prevent herself from releasing a heavy breath. The mysterious door to the inner bedroom, on which intricate decorative designs were engraved, was opened slightly. From a window inside the room, white light spilled through the room, projecting itself distantly even through the small gap of the door. On the hardwood floor, faint sparks of light could be seen.


Chen Qingmei uncertainly voiced out his name. Without Master’s consent, she didn’t dare to rashly charge inside that room.

Although there was nothing she wanted more than to burst into that inner bedroom and take in the view, she was more concerned about her own life. For now, she needed to take it easy and stay vigilant.

“En.” Hearing Chen Qingmei’s voice, r slowly replied, “Come in to the inner bedroom.”

“Eh?” Chen Qingmei immediately became overjoyed with this turn in events. However, she couldn’t resist adding, “I’m allowed to enter the inner bedroom? Is this true?”

“You know that I hate repeating things.”

r‘s voice was just as cold as before, without any unnecessary warmth to it. His voice was unhurried as well, making it impossible for someone to delve into what he was currently feeling right now.

Because of this, Chen Qingmei had no way to determine his current mood. Her inner thoughts were in complete turmoil, her mood unusually anxious. Even her footsteps felt extremely heavy, requiring immense force to move.

Though she was nervous, there was no way to suppress the joy and apprehension she was feeling.

Master really allowed her to enter his bedroom!

Was she finally going to unravel the secrets to the most mysterious place in the fortress?

As she raised her hand to slowly push against the wooden door, Chen Qingmei’s small heart felt as if it would beat its way out of her throat.

The inner bedroom was not completely sealed off to the world. Walls had been built on only three sides of it, while on the last side there was a large french window.

Under the sunlight, scattered light rays filled the room, giving it an extremely beautiful and ethereal impression.

Completely against Chen Qingmei’s expectations, Master’s mysterious inner bedroom did not have any superfluous displays. Instead it was arranged extremely simply and concisely. Unlike the outer room, which was filled with the latest hi-tech gadgets, the inner room was like anybody else’s bedroom, bland and uninteresting.

If a spy had paid enormous costs in order to infiltrate and retrieve any important items from this kind of place, perhaps he would lose all sense of hope and wallow in despair.

Little would they have known that the most priceless item in this room was not a precious treasure or rare commodity. Rather, it was that tall man whose back faced her now as he glanced out the french window.

The first time that Chen Qingmei had met r, he had been extremely young, perhaps in his early twenties. During that time he hadn’t become the most feared G.o.dfather in the underworld yet, but he still struck a fear-inspiring figure.

Master’s height was extremely tall. Everytime Chen Qingmei talked to him, she had to look up until her neck cramped painfully. Certainly his 193 cm (6’3) stature didn’t give the impression of someone strong and robust, but his figure was extremely well-proportioned, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His legs were straight and slender, giving his entire figure a flowing image to it that made him even more pleasing to look at.

Chen Qingmei had once accidentally burst into Master’s bedroom, coming in just as he emerged from his bath.

During this time that exceptionally handsome man had not dressed as conventionally as he usually did, but was only wearing a bath towel around his waist. That figure, that perfection, that half-naked body… sigh, during that moment, Chen Qingmei, like a true good-for-nothing, had only spurted out a violent nosebleed. Even now, as she thought back to that time, she could still be overwhelmed with emotions, feeling her entire world tremble at the memory!

When he wore clothes he looked thin, but when he removed them he actually possessed quite a bit of meat!

Master usually only worked behind the scenes, planning all the missions like a general in a tent. Very rarely did he leave the island to complete a mission. Still, in Chen Qingmei’s understanding, he was the most powerful man in this entire island. Everything that she had ever learned had been taught to her by him.

Confronted with this kind of rare beauty, perhaps even if one was the most ascetic of monks, they would not be able to resist the temptation. The drooling Chen Qingmei, more than ten years his junior, had no chance.

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