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The Three-Eyed Lion started to sprint towards Xiao Yang and the distance between the two was quickly closing in by every breath.

Xiao Yang loaded the revolver with two bullets at full mana capacity and took aim at the head of the Three-Eyed Lion, but the lion suddenly sped up and with its sharp claws, the lion swings it across Xiao Yang's chest.

Xiao Yang turned around to evade the attack, although he managed to evade the fatal attack, the claw still managed to graze the side. The C-Cla.s.s King-Snake Armor that Xiao Yang was wearing, instantly shattered into individual snake scales, and the ring that Xiao Yang was wearing momentarily turned into dust that was soon blown away by the wind.

"Bleigh!" Xiao Yang was knocked into the side of the valley and coughed out another mouthful of blood. He held his hand on the deep cut that was left on the side of his chest, but the blood just kept flowing out of it.

"d.a.m.n ant!" Xiao Yang took aim with his revolver again, and this time he managed to fire one shot from it.


The bullet landed on the lion's face at full power, but all it did to the lion was a slight skin wound. There was barely any blood coming out of it, however, that was enough to infuriate the lion even more and it has now become even faster than before.

The lion raised it's paw, crushing Xiao Yang onto the slimy mud. He felt an entire mountain was now placed against his back.

Xiao Yang was now trapped beneath the lion's paw, face down onto the mud, barely any s.p.a.ce open for him to breathe.

The lion applied more pressure and Xiao Yang was now forced into the mud several meters deep, and the lion wasn't going to stop there, it kept lifting it paw and almost gently slamming it on Xiao Yang's body.

The lion didn't want to just kill its prey straight away but torture its prey. The lion seems to roar out in excitement and smiled ear to ear, displaying his shiny white teeth.

After several minutes of torture, the lion seems to finally lose its interest, the lion raised its paws once and slammed it onto the Xiao Yang's chest once again, but this time with much more strength infused into it, the attack was going for the kill.

Just as the lion's paw was about to land on Xiao Yang's chest, a sudden holy light suddenly shone from Xiao Yang's entire body, the light illuminated the entire Thunder Valley.

The lion's face turned grim after sensing immediate danger, but it was too late. The attack was already initiated and there was nothing the lion could have done to pull it back, and so instead of slowing down, the lion's paw sped up along with much more strength infused into it.


A fist suddenly slammed across the face, sending its body several meters up into the air before finally crashing back down, shaking the entire valley.

The lion tried to stand back up, but all its bones on all four of its legs seemed to have severely fractured.


The lion cried out in agony, one of its eyes that was fixed at his glabella was swollen from that direct punch. Blood was visibly seeking out of its eyelid.

With its remaining two eyes, the lion gazes toward the direction of the holy light, then suddenly his eyes looked as if it was about to fall out of its sockets. The holy light was coming off from the same person who he was torturing just a few seconds ago, but now that person was glowing with a holy light and emitting a powerful dominating aura.

Xiao Yang's hair was turned snow white and was reaching down to his waist, his body grown several inches taller and his eyes were now sparkling like the night sky.

The lion roared again, but this time it was to beg for mercy. The lion tried to move once again but failed under the extreme pain of his fractured bones.

"Mercy?" Xiao Yang asked the beast as if he understood what the lion previously said.

"There is no such word in my dictionary!" Xiao Yang suddenly launched forward toward the lion and slammed his fist across the body of the lion, knocking the lion into the air once again.

When the lion landed back onto the ground, Xiao Yang persistently slammed his fist across its body, resulting in the lion being quickly buried several meters deep into the slimy mud. The lion kept crying out in agony but there nothing it could do to stop it.

Just like that, Xiao Yang continued to torture the lion for a couple of seconds, before finally infusing his mana into his fist and landing a final blow onto the lion's forehead.


"SS-Cla.s.s King-Tier Three-Eyed Lion [Sonic] Killed. Elemental Core Available."

Xiao Yang's fist penetrated the lion's forehead then landed onto the ground beneath it, resulting in a ma.s.sive explosion. A ma.s.sive mushroom cloud covered the entire of Thunder Valley, and the very foundation of the valley was put into turmoil. The sound of the explosion was heard several miles away.

Xiao Yang's Celestial Divine Body had now reached its limit and so he quickly transformed back to his original form. The holy light immediately disappeared and the entire valley returned back to its former darkness.

Xiao Yang was completely exhausted after using his Celestial Divine Body, he laid there flat onto the ground next to the elemental core that was left from the lion.

He lazily moved his eyes towards the elemental core and smiled, but then cracks suddenly appeared onto the surface of the core like spider webs.


"Elemental Core Destroyed."

After a few seconds, the elemental core burst into pieces of useless shards and a female robotic announcement ringed inside of his head after that.

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