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"The second thing is done!"

In fact, Li Yalin did not pay any attention to what kind of storm the Cat's Eye has caused on the internet. After putting the ma.n.u.script into the computer and uploading it, he immediately devoted himself to the intense second language drawing.

After all, now that time is tight and the task is not as fast as possible, it is difficult for him to make enough money in a short period of time unless he can get more chapters quickly.

The one hundred million debts will not be mentioned for the time being, and the next living expenses alone will be enough for him to be sad.

Yes, because the system did not leave him too many savings, coupled with the recent purchase of manga tools, his little savings were almost empty, in the current situation, he would like to save at the end of the month.

Although it is not impossible to borrow from Chino, the problem is that borrowing money from a Loli that bears 100 million debts can make her mouth open.

So at present, Li Yalin can only hope on manga, even if he just uploaded the first chapter, and has not yet started marketing on the shelves, but it is very important that the online manga series not only depends on subscriptions to make money.

If the reader likes the manga book, he can give the author support by admiring it or urging him to change it, which is very similar to network literature.

The most important thing is that according to the provisions of the website, the manga writer can choose to draw remuneration from his own collection after he has acc.u.mulated a certain amount of contribution fee. That is to say, if Li Yalin updates the power and supports The readers, he can get a sum of money soon enough to support him through this challenging period.

This is why Li Yalin is so desperate.

"Yalin San is really fast, but even if you want to draw manga, you should pay attention to your body. Don't be too tired." 'Cat's Eye' the second chapter is finished, and Li Yalin's first reader was with him. Chino was living under one roof.

Ever since I saw the first chapter of the Cat's Eye, Chino has become a fan of this manga. She is very happy to see the second chapter so soon.

In addition to being happy, she is also worried about Li Yalin's health. After all, he was annoyed for painting during that time, he has been painting stuffily for a long time. It really hurts his health. Generally, if a mangaka can keep a 20-page manga book in a weekly Magazine, it will be high-yielding. But Li Yalin is good. He even draws 40-page manga books in two days.

Going on like this, Chino is very afraid that he will not be able to hold back.

Even if you are young, you can't care for your body.

"Well, after I finished drawing the third chapter, I slowed down the speed."

Li Yalin knows that Chino is caring about himself. Of course, he will not say anything about refutation. He nods and should arrange the second ma.n.u.script on his hand. Then he will bring these ma.n.u.scripts to a nearby convenience store. The scanning and copying machine, his first ma.n.u.script was scanned in a convenience store.

Although the first chapter was a little rusty, the second chapter was uploaded, he was very familiar with the road. Everything came very smoothly. He also watched the results of the Cat's Eye on the website.

He had been rushing for the second chapter before, and he didn't have time to surf the Internet. It turned out to be the same, but he was shocked.

This achievement... is it true?

In just two days, Cat's Eye has taken the top spot in the magazine Youth Fiery of Weekly website. If it is not ready, Li Yalin can't even believe his eyes.

He knew that Cat's Eye would surely catch fire, but he didn't expect it to come so fast. That's really in line with the old saying --- is the smell of wine not afraid of the depth of the lane?

Well, no matter whether the alley is deep or not, this wine is sold out. It can be seen from the hot comment area that readers are very interested in this work.

For this reason, there are frequent reminders in the comment area, and then take a closer look at the background data. In two days, the Cat's Eye has added nearly 300,000 hits.

The clicks on the Internet have always been relatively empty. Li Yalin did not know how the website was counted, and he did not care.

He is very clear that the real key to measuring the excellence of this work is actually the number of collections and the number of subscriptions after the shelves.

Although not promoted by the website, but sitting on the throne of the top ranking, this is the biggest publicity, so do not look at the short time, but also for Li Yalin increased the collection of nearly 10,000.

You know this is only the effect of the first chapter, just a beginning.

With the further update of this work, no matter what achievements the future works will have, no one can decide at this moment, even Li Yalin can't predict.

In fact, Li Yalin did not want to predict what future results, because he is paying attention to a more important thing.

That is the Cat's Eye!

This is... more than 200,000 island coins? Real or fake?

After seeing the reward data in the background, Li Yalin really wiped his eyes this time, not because it was too little, but really too much.

You know, this is a free manga, and it's only the first chapter. Unless you really like it, how can there be so many people rewarding?

More than 200,000 island coins, even if it is replaced by more than 10,000 pieces of the Chinese currency, perhaps this number is not a big deal for those old mangakas, but for a newcomer mangaka, It is an amazing achievement.

The most important thing is that the website stipulates that as long as the manga book is paid 100,000 Yuan, it can apply for settlement. That is to say, as long as Li Yalin is willing, he will receive payment after settlement tomorrow.

After going to the site's share and tax, Li Yalin was able to get almost 150,000 island coins, although it's not much, it can alleviate the immediate needs.

This is great news!

Without hesitation, Li Yalin directly chose the settlement fee. Anyway, his contact information and bank card were submitted at the time of registration. It is also very convenient to settle the payment.

When everything was done, he didn't go to the comments in the comment area and rushed back to Rabbit-House. He wanted to tell Chino this good news and share it with her!

"Chino! I can get the draft fee tomorrow!"

"Welcome, huh?"


Li Yalin returned to Rabbit-House at the fastest speed and opened the cafe door. What he saw was not the familiar figure of Chino.

Standing in front of him is a girl wearing a light purple coffee shop uniform with a dark purple double ponytail and deep purple eyes. The age is not very big, she is about 16 or 17 years old.

There was an outsider in the coffee shop. This was what Li Yalin didn't expect, but soon, his eyes flashed a stunned look.

It turned out to be her!

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