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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 10

Xie Xi was a good person but he was stunned as he fell into the guilt of being called a mother.

Who knew what he had been through?

The tiger was very cute. He was around the size of a cat with fur as white as snow and the fur was as soft as marshmallows. He had a pair of golden eyes and the gentle voice could really make a girl's heart burst.

The roses were afraid of beasts but they saw this little guy and couldn't help saying, "So cute!"

"I don't know whose cub this is."

“It is white, the Sage White Tiger…"

"Impossible, the Sage White Tiger only has martial arts in his heart. It is impossible to talk about love, let alone have a baby."

"Yes! Lord White Tiger is a man of war and has never been near a woman!"

A flower whispered, "Speaking of which, wasn't our Lord Azure Dragon also abstinent? Now isn't he going to be married?"

It was obviously something that shouldn't be said. The group of roses stared at him. "What are you saying. Our Lord Azure Dragon loves Xie Xi and broke the ring of abstinence for him. This is his true heart and there are no regrets!"

Xie Xi was speechless when he heard this.

Could they stop acting crazy by themselves? There was no desire or getting close to a woman.

Oh, it was true about the not getting close to a woman. It was because the third child was a big pervert who thought a male could give cubs!

However, there was one person who was normal. The startled Purple Nine asked, "You killed all these worms?" She asked the little tiger.

The tiger looked at her purple clothes with a hint of disappointment and then raised his chin. "Of course, no one can bully Mommy!"

The cub was small but rushed all this way with fearless strength. Xie Xi was sure this was Old Three.

As for who Old Three thought he was born from… Xie Xi wanted to ask Mr. Jiang this question.

Purple Nine was still talking to the little tiger. "You… beat the worms by yourself?"

This was very shocking to the roses. If compared to human society, it was tantamount to a small cat killing a mountain of zombies. It was amazing!

The tiger was very proud and held his head high. "I am my mother's proudest baby, omnipotent!"

Xie Xi had a toothache.

Purple Nine asked again, "That… who is your father?"

"My father is naturally…" The little tiger raised his head and shook his back. There was no response and he shook it again… no response…

The little tiger was angry and swung its claws, grabbing a bug's wings and placing it on his back.

He was satisfied and raised his head in a cool posture. "Of course, it is the invincible in combat, mother's favourite white tiger of war!"

The group of roses, "…"

Xie Xi didn't look. If this was his cub, he would throw the cub back into the furnace to be remade!

The white tiger prototype had a pair of wings. This little guy had no ways so he gave himself wings!

The yellow roses were worthy of being the family's well-known easily swayed members. "It turned out to be the sage's son. Really extraordinary!"

The roses looked at him and suspected he was blind. 'Old Yellow, how can you see the insect wings on his back as extraordinary?!'

Xie Xi's mouth twitched as he felt humiliated and lost.

The little tiger perfectly inherited his father's nature. He boasted with his tail towards the sky as he looked at the yellow rose. "You have good eyesight but unfortunately, only my mother really understands me."

Xie Xi wanted to slip away…

The little tiger had probably finished and stood up tall, only to suddenly cry out, "Mommy!"

Xie Xi didn't look back.

However, the little tiger had already rushed over and steadily fell into his arms. "Mommy, Mommy, I found you!" Please consult a tadpole to find your mother.

The roses looked over with expressions of horror.

Xie Xi also wasn't happy as he held the milk white tiger. "I'm not, I didn't… I…"

He didn't finish talking when the roses burst out laughing, "Hahaha, little tiger, you have the wrong person!"

Xie Xi, "………………"

The tiger didn't care about them. He was excitedly rubbing his head in Xie Xi's arms as if going to become bald.

Purple Nine couldn't help saying, "He isn't your mother, he is a male."

Ah, Xie Xi forgot that men couldn't be mothers!

The little tiger wasn't stupid and quickly changed his words. "Daddy!"

Purple Nine froze.

The little tiger found a comfortable posture in Xie Xi's arms and said happily, "Two fathers are confusing so I just call him Mommy."

Purple Nine was surprised. "Your mother is a man?" In ancient times, there were mothers called Mommy but they definitely weren't men!

The little tiger c.o.c.ked his head. "I don't know." Then he turned around and asked Xie Xi, "…Daddy, are you a man?" Xie Xi had no expression as he decided to send the two people into the sky as fireworks.

Red Three came forward. "Little guy, you have the wrong person. This is a white rose but he isn't your mother."

Xie Xi was moved. He didn't grasp the situation himself yet the others believed him. Who wouldn't be moved?

A white rose spoke up, "Yes, this little tiger just called me mother."

The other white roses smiled and responded.

The little tiger was angry. "I… I just got it wrong."

Red Three opened his mouth, "Then aren't you mistaken now?"

The little tiger cried out, "Of course not!"

The old chief calmly came to the scene and stated, "Us roses are born in a nursery and we never have children. How can you be sure that your next of kin is a white rose?"

The little tiger shook his fur. "This white colour is from my mother!"

Everyone was silent and cruelly stabbed him, "Sage White Tiger is also white…"

"It is because Daddy is so white that I can be this pure white! Have you seen any other tigers? They are black and yellow and hybrids of different colours!"

Xie Xi, "…"

Can you respect the king of the forest? This was tiger skin print and an authentic tiger colour!

The roses also believed it. "Yes, a tiger is mostly two colours. A full snow white tiger like this is indeed rare."

A white rose wondered, "There are many white creatures. Why must it be a rose?"

The little tiger had evidence. He turned around and showed his back. "Look! There are two little petals here!"

The roses came around and examined him in detail. It was true…

"There really are petals…"

"Are the petals so thick?"

"Still, it does look like rose petals!"

"The shape, colour and also location…"

Xie Xi saw it too and whispered, "Are these your wings?"

The White Tiger had two wings. The little tiger shook himself for a long time because he was trying to get these wings out of the fur?

The little tiger heard Xie Xi's voice and looked up with surprise. "Yes, the shape of my wings is in Daddy's petals!"

Could genetics still be like this?

Xie Xi was deeply convinced in his heart!

The roses also believed it and glanced at Xie Xi with surprise.

Xie Xi couldn't bear to fool them. "There might be some understandings. Let's wait for Lord White Tiger to come and then it will be clear."

He was so stoic that he didn't look like a sc.u.m who was about to marry Azure Dragon while having a baby with White Tiger…

Everyone… they believed it again!

Xie Xi was afraid things would regress and stated, "I will take him back to the house first. I will bother Chief to send Lord White Tiger a letter asking him to come."

The old chief replied, "Yes, I just don't know if this letter can be delivered…"

Xie Xi was adamant. "It won't be a problem."

White Tiger was Gars and Xie Xi believed he would come.

The little tiger also said, "How can Daddy's letter not be sent? My daddy will read and read it again, loving…"

Xie Xi couldn't listen and rubbed the little tiger's head. "Are you tired?"

The little tiger was bewitched by this gentle voice. "So tired!" His voice was young and spoiled.

Xie Xi's lips curved downwards and he took the tiger back to his room.

He did it on purpose since he suspected this little tiger was pretending like the silver fox.

As for this silly fellow, wasn't Old Three stupid?

A fool who dreamt about fighting a dragon!

Xie Xi closed the door and the tiger didn't change. Instead, he shook his head as he looked around. "Daddy, you're so poor."

Xie Xi, "…"

The little tiger quickly added, "Still, it doesn't matter. Any place with Daddy is the best!"

Xie Xi stared for a while and finally had to admit that this little tiger was just a little tiger.

Was this really the child of him and White Tiger?

Then the question was, how did they have a baby?

Wait a minute… plants seemed to have double… s.e.x…

d.a.m.n! The little rose couldn't help letting out a crude outburst. Surely he wasn't a man and a woman? No, he had been here a few days and checked his body. There were no abnormalities!

But who set the rules… could a pure male body have a child?

Xie Xi's scalp was numb and he wanted to learn Drunken Martial Arts and go hit the tiger after drinking a bowl of wine!

It was unknown how long the little tiger had been searching for Xie Xi and he also killed a bunch of worms. He was really tired.

Xie Xi thought of these things and the little guy in his arms had already fallen asleep.

Xie Xi saw the sweetly sleeping tiger cub and his mood was very complicated.

The world was really unusual. Who would think that one day he would wonder if a tiger was his child…

Wait, the White Tiger would definitely come and then he could ask Jiang Xie what the h.e.l.l was happening!

He put down the sleeping tiger and opened the roster.

He had been busy all day and repaired flowers of various colours. He should've collected enough ill.u.s.trations.

Sure enough, he opened the roster and prompts kept emerging in the lower right corner.

[Promotion Task: The yellow/ blue/ white/ red rose have been repaired and the ill.u.s.tration is missing a name.]

If he wanted the names then he had to look for the G.o.d’s wisdom.

Judging from the present clues, there were ten fragments of the G.o.d’s wisdom under the care of the holy beasts and demon beasts. He had to go to the Holy Mountain and Demon Sea respectively.

He had just closed the roster when he heard sad birdsong outside.

The little tiger was really worn out and his movements were restrained.

Xie Xi patted him on the back and smoothed out his fur, letting the little fellow sleep sweetly and comfortably again.

He looked outside and saw the sky lighting up.

The sound of the birds became much smaller and could only be heard intermittently, all of them full of sadness.

Red Three turned pale. "Hundreds of birds singing… Sage Vermillion Bird… is falling."

Xie Xi was stunned.

Wasn't Vermilion Bird the fifth prince? How could his soul be dying?"

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Wonderful Painting of the Mountains and Seas 11

A soul could die.

Everything was absolutely true from the moment the quasi-world woke up, including death.

In every quasi-world, the soul was the 'creator' and their power and status were above everything. This didn't mean that they were immortal.

The sixth prince had died once.

At the time, Xie Xi loaded the file but that wasn't available in this world! What would happen if the soul died? Would it affect Jiang Xie?

Every soul was a part of Jiang Xie. How could there be no impact from losing a part of him?

Xie Xi was concerned and his thoughts were full of the worst case situation.

The sound of one hundred birds grieving was really painful. The relationship between the flower family and bird family had always been good. The roses couldn't hide their sadness after hearing the cries of the birds.

"How can Lord Vermilion Bird suddenly fall?" Purple Nine murmured. "Such a powerful sage, how… how…"

The old chief shook his head. "It doesn't matter how strong he is. His life is determined by Heaven."

Somehow, hearing these words caused a burst of unhappiness in Xie Xi's heart.

What was life and what was Heaven? Who was qualified to determine everything?

Xie Xi couldn't sit still. He would go to the Holy Mountain to check!

"Sister Purple Nine," Xie Xi called out to her. "The little tiger fell asleep in my room. I have to go out and do something. Can you help me look after him?"

Purple Nine was startled. "Where are you going?"

Xie Xi replied, "I'm going to the Holy Mountain."

“What are you going to do at the Holy Mountain? Lord Vermilion Bird has fallen and the Holy Mountain must be a mess. Going at this time, even Lord Azure Dragon…"

“That’s why I’m going.” Xie Xi couldn't explain. "Sister Purple Nine, rest a.s.sured, I have a reason."

Purple Nine wanted to say something but the old chief pulled her back and shook his head.

Purple Nine was worried about Xie Xi and told the old chief, "Lord Vermilion Bird had an accident and half of the Holy Mountain is burning. How can us flowers withstand that heat?"

The old chief replied, "Let him go. There must be something with Lord Azure Dragon."

Xie Xi hurried down the hill and rushed towards the Holy Mountain. He pulled Roast Pork Bun out.

Roast Pork Bun didn't know that he had an extra brother and meowed when he heard the song of the birds.

Xie Xi told him, "Look and see if any birds are coming over."

Roast Pork Bun was still reliable and immediately flew high to check.

Xie Xi always felt that a member of the bird family would come looking for him. Vermilion Bird was a soul and there must be a setting involving Xie Xi. It wasn't clear at the moment but it was serious enough to cause him to fall.

The bird people probably knew he was the white rose and would come to him.

Xie Xi going to the Holy Mountain himself was too slow. It was natural to save himself time and trouble.

Xie Xi's thoughts were right. A moment later, Roast Pork Bun shouted, "A big swallow is flying!"

Xie Xi was shocked…

Was this a swallow? He thought it was a fighter jet!

The fighter, um, flying bird was probably equipped with a radar system and actually saw Xie Xi's small body.

Xie Xi hurriedly put Roast Pork Bun away and Roast Pork Bun whispered, "Daddy, I don't want to sleep."

This caused Xie Xi to feel strangely pained but he thought of what would happen next and had to coax him. "Wait for me to stop and I'll let you out. There will be a small partner for you to play with."

He spoke these words and sent Roast Pork Bun back to the pets bar before Roast Pork Bun could react. A small partner? What small partner? He didn't want a brother or sister. He wanted to be an only child!

The flying swallow fell and dark eyes stared at Xie Xi. "You still want to run!"

Xie Xi, "…" Who knew what this was all about?

The swallow raised his wings and turned into a handsome teenager with straight black hair. "This cursed flower, you hooked our lord's heart and soul before abandoning him, making him go crazy and angry…"

Xie Xi was really afraid for the soul and hurriedly asked, "How is he? Take me to see him!"

“What are you asking? Sage…"

Xie Xi's eyes narrowed and he lowered his voice, "If you don't want the sage to have an accident, take me to see him!"

The swallow had been sent to pick this person up but couldn't speak the words in his heart…

In any case, the situation was really urgent and there couldn't be any delays. The swallow returned to his original form and ordered, "Come up."

Xie Xi sat on his broad back and they flew to the Holy Mountain.

This was the first time Xie Xi was seeing the Holy Mountain.

The word mountain was used but this wasn't like a mountain. It was an extremely area covered in clouds and mist. At first glance, it was like a fairyland in people's fantasies.

The flying swallow flew straight through the clouds and soon flew over a place that was burning.

There was a palace in the distance with a magnificent atmosphere. It was unknown what it was built of but it was currently glowing with a red light, as if it was melting.

"Hold on tightly. If you fall, you will be burned to death," the swallow warned.

Xie Xi didn't reply.

The flying swallow sped up and flew straight through the fire towards the palace in the deepest place.

Xie Xi clung to the swallow, his face red and his breaths full of heat.

This was the fire of Vermilion Bird. He went overboard and his ability led to a wildfire starting on the Holy Mountain.

Xie Xi didn't know how he was doing and felt extremely urgent.

The swallow's flying speed was fast and Xie Xi finally arrived at Vermilion Bird's palace.

The whole palace was burning. Many of the birds weren't afraid of the heat as they stayed there grieving.

A man with coloured tail feathers came over. "Did you bring him?"

The swallow replied sharply, "I brought him but will he be useful? The sage…"

"We have to try!"

Xie Xi felt a bit relieved when he heard this. As long as there was still breath then this was likely part of the setting!

He thought of the pure fifth prince and wondered how the child could learn such bad things.

Okay… it was his fault. Sein died and resurrected while also pedalling six boats. In addition, the boats were his brothers. This was enough to make the pure child doubt life!

“Lord Rose.” The man with the colourful tail feathers was more mature. He suppressed his anger and was polite to Xie Xi. "Please save the sage!"

Xie Xi wasn't sensitive about t.i.tles but now it was important to save the soul and he ignored this matter.

"What happened to the sage? What do you need from me?" Xie Xi wondered.

The man with the colourful tail feathers replied, "The sage knows your wedding date is approaching. He was unhappy all day and it happened to coincides with when the Millennium Fire descended to the world. He went alone and controlled the fire, saving the people, but he was seriously wounded!"

Xie Xi couldn't understand these things and grasped the key point. "What can I do?"

"Lord Vermilion Bird's self-healing ability is very strong but he has a knot in his heart…" The man with the colourful tail feathers was saddened. "The sage himself doesn't want to recover!"

Xie Xi understood it. Simply put, at this moment Vermilion Bird couldn't have his love and was intent on dying.

The man with the colourful tail feathers was afraid Xie Xi wouldn't understand and gave a tip. "You just need to give him some hope and he will wake up!"

Xie Xi didn't care about the setting of his wedding and he also couldn't let the soul have an accident…

As if these things weren't big enough, the chirping of birds was heard from outside, followed by the announcement, "Sage Azure Dragon has come!"

They were both sages and Vermilion Bird had such a big incident. Azure Dragon would definitely come to see what was going on.

The problem was… did Xie Xi have to be stuck here?

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