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On the island of Shima 'Special Administrative Region'. Is absolutely the top manga magazine in the Island Special Administrative Region. In terms of circulation, it is hard to compare with other magazines of the same type.

The manga industry of the island of Shima Special Zone is second to none in the Empire. After all, in order to vigorously develop the cultural economy, the Empire has given many preferential policies. In contrast, the Island Special Zone is actually the most suitable for the development of the entertainment industry.

For this reason, the entertainment industry on the island of Shima Special Zone is prevalent. In recent years, a large number of idol stars have been discovered and sought after by the audience.

Unfortunately, the ability to discover high-quality idols does not mean that you can have high-quality works. At least in Li Yalin's view, the idol stars that are played every day on TV, there seems to have nothing to do with their looks.

Even if there is a strength, it is useless to have a match.

By the way, the manga industry seems to have been inspired by this aspect recently, thinking of using mangaka themselves to create IP value, and even introduced the concept of idol mangaka, which attracts a considerable number of readers to buy it.

From the factual point of view, the mangaka who can draw popular manga and have comparable idols are basically equal to zero.

Of course, the basic equivalent of zero does not mean that there is no, the current Youth Fiery of Weekly has launched a young newcomer manga, I heard that it is ready to cultivate, and his works are indeed viral, the first magazine is absolutely The advantage of defeating a small and famous mangaka in the same period can be described as horror.

It is reasonable to say that such a potential newcomer will surely make greater achievements under the impetus of the magazine. Although it can't be said that he will win the top of the manga pyramid in a short time, he can only be given time. He is sure to rise up successfully.

In the new reader feedback, the young comer's favorable rate is very high. Among the 20 works serialized in the same period, his work is ranked fifth in popularity, except for the top mangaka. He seems to have no rivals anymore.

Maybe he will soon become a member of the top mangaka.

In this case, the newcomer mangaka's evaluation on the Internet is not too bad. It is better to say that such a newcomer should be more popular on a network that is more accepting of new things.

However, to the surprise of all the editors in Youth Fiery of Weekly Editorial Department, the newcomer they pushed didn't get much attention on the internet. On the contrary, the attention of online readers was attracted by a work called Cat's Eye.

Cat's Eye?

What is this work?

When the editors of Youth Fiery of Weekly, heard the news in the forum, that one teenager in the weekly magazine his work is ranked fifth in popularity, their first reaction was to look at each other. Although they audited many works every day, none of them was impressed by the manga called Cat's Eye.

No one has ever reviewed Cat's Eye, why did this manga appear on the magazine's website? Who has negligently missed excellent work? Or what went wrong in the middle?

Or... All the good reviews on the Internet were painted by the mangaka?

The magazine is shackled, but the work on the Internet is not without fire. In fact, this situation can occur once or twice a year. After all, the editorial department's waist works are carried out according to strict procedures. Black is black and white is white. Everything depends on the results, and if the results are not up to standard, they will be replaced by better works.

This is the company's regulations. It is understandable from the perspective of capital. From the standpoint of the mangaka, it is somewhat impersonal. After all, for the mangaka, each of their works is theirs. The heart and soul, the equivalent of their children, if you can, no one is willing to give up their children easily.

For this reason, the mangaka who are not willing to work on the waist will choose to continue to update the serial on the Internet. If the follow-up story is approved by the reader, it is possible to bring the work back to life, but this is very rare.

More commonly, the extreme means used by some mangaka who can't think of it, such as spending money on popular things, can't be considered fresh.

If you want to gain the recognition of readers, excellent works are the real hard truth. If you brush your popularity like this, you can keep your works warm for a while, but after that, they will disappear immediately.

So, is the work of Cat's Eye really excellent work, or is it brushed up with money?

When the editors of the Weekly Youth Fiery carefully read the first chapter of this work, his heart was shocked.

Yes, we are not new people in this industry. Whether work is excellent or not can be seen in the first chapter. That's why editors of Cat's Eye breathed a sigh of relief of cold air after watching it.

“It's no wonder that this work is so popular, with this exquisite style, can attract too many readers!”

"It's not just the style of painting. The story of this work is also very good. The love story of the female Grand Theft Auto and the male police officer has not been fully spread, but I can't wait to see it!"

“This is definitely a rare work that has rarely been seen in recent years. My G.o.d... Why did the author of this work not contribute to the magazine, but instead chose to update it on the Internet?”

Even the editors of the Youth Fiery of Weekly are so rude, the readers' reactions are even more so. In fact, the Cat's Eye is far more exaggerated than the imagination.

Although the manga industry in this world belongs to the initial stage of development, it is very popular among young people. Especially on the Internet, excellent work will surely become the object of discussion.

It is also in this case that the Cat's Eye was quickly discovered without any special publicity. Readers who have seen this work will spontaneously spread among his friends from one generation to another, which leads to a horrible phenomenon.

On the website ranking of the Youth Fiery of Weekly, the list is always the excellent works that are serialized in the magazine. In just two days, this ranking suddenly changed dramatically.

A work called Cat's Eye is like sitting on a rocket, killing the top ten in the rankings at a breakneck speed, followed by the top five, then rushing into the top three, and finally vying for the second, picking Take the first throne!

That's right! It is the first throne!

Without experienced and packaging promotion, it has been able to rush all the way to the top of the rankings. This work has undoubtedly had a great impact in a short period of time.

So as the author of this work, what is Li Yalin, the initiator of all this work, doing at the moment?

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