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If Li Yalin remembers correctly, the two-horsetail girl standing in front of him should be called Rize Tedeza. She is not only a staff of Rabbit-House, but also the female lord, and she has quite a lot of plays.

But in this world, Li Yalin did not see her in the coffee shop, subconsciously believing that the setting had changed.

After all, this is not the world of the second dimension that he is familiar with. All the changes are possible. The debt of one hundred million is the role model. It's not surprising that Rize is not working in Rabbit-House or anything.

It was just unexpected that Rize eventually appeared, as can be seen from the coffee shop uniform she was wearing, her settings should have remained unchanged.

"Excuse me, you are... a friend of Chino?"

Rize is very doubtful. Today is her first day to resume her job. She was prepared to greet customers with full enthusiasm. Who would have thought that the first 'guest' she greeted actually shouted Chino's name as soon as he entered the coffee shop?

Obviously, this boy who is about the same age as she knows Chino, but the problem is that everybody knows that she does not know this boy at all.

Although Li Yalin and Chino are not together every day, Rize knows the communication circle of Chino, it is more or less a few contacts with the world, she never heard of the intimate relationship between Chino and boys.

So what is the situation of this boy?

Subconsciously, Rize reveals a look of scrutiny. After all, she is a lady from a military family. Her eyes are very sharp.

"h.e.l.lo, I am Li Yalin who lives in the Kafu House temporarily. I am very glad to meet you."

Even if she was born into a military family, her style of work has some styles of military personnel. However, after all, she is only a 16-year-old girl. Even if her eyes are sharp, she is impossible to frighten Li Yalin.

Li Yalin nodded to Rize and quickly introduced his ident.i.ty.

This step is very necessary. He does not want to cause misunderstandings by some inappropriate words.

“Residing in the Kafu home?”

Li Yalin's eloquent answer, on the contrary, made the expression of Rize wrong. He not only knows Chino but now he lives in Chino's home now.

This...how had she never heard of it?

"Yalin San, are you back?"

At this moment, the voice of Chino was pa.s.sed to the ears of two people, and they saw the coming of the Queen. The eyes of the two persons were brushed and locked on Chino.

"Chino, can you please introduce us one for the other?"

Li Yalin and Rize are the first to meet each other, and they are certainly very strange to each other. For this reason, it is essential to have a middleman, at least to ease this atmosphere.

Soon, with Chino's introduction, Rize knew the origin of Li Yalin, and Li Yalin finally understood why he saw Rize today.

It was originally that Rize a long time ago to work at Rabbit-House. The reason why these times she was not in the store was that she had just partic.i.p.ated in a military camp training and spent some time.

Now that the military camp is over, she will certainly return to work in the coffee before school starts.

However, this is not difficult for Li Yalin, who knows some insiders.

Since the setting of Rize has not changed, then the relationship between her father and Chino's father should be no change.

If she did not have the approval of her father, she would certainly not be able to work outside so easily.

Then the question arises. If the setting is unchanged, the father of Rize should still be the friend of Chino's father. In this case, does the father of Rize know where Chino's father?

Also, although the father of Rize once used to be a soldier, he is also a local tyrant. In this case, why did he not help Chino?

With the emergence of Rize, Li Yalin's heart has generated many problems, but how can he help himself? Now is really not the time to seek answers.

After all, he and Rize are only met for the first time. If you ask this question at a glance, it would be too rude, not to mention that even if he requests it, he will not know her.

These children should have nothing to understand about the things of the older generation.

"By the way, Chino, do you have time tomorrow evening? Shall we go and have a barbecue?"

Although with the introduction of Chino, Li Yalin and Rize have already met each other, they want to talk about friendship when they first meet. It is too whimsical. After chatting with each other, Rize is put into work.

Even if there are no guests in the coffee shop, she has to keep the local clean and tidy.

Rize began cleaning, and Chino also stood behind the bar to wipe the cups. Li Yalin left to look at the right and found that he had nothing to do. It is reasonable to say that he should go back to his room now.

The problem is, he's not ready to go back like this.

After few steps went to the seat next to the bar to sit down, Li Yalin smiled and sent an invitation to Chino. After all, he will receive the first remuneration tomorrow, and it will not be too much to celebrate with her.

What's more, Chino has been taking care of him for a long time. Let him repay the girl this time.


Chino, who was wiping the cup, after hearing the words of Li Yalin, raised her head subconsciously. She did not expect that Li Yalin would send her an invitation, which made her somewhat unresponsive.

Although it is not expensive to eat barbecue, it can never be said to be cheap. In the case of carrying debts at home, a barbecue is definitely a luxury for Chino.

What's more, she knows that Li Yalin is also shy in his pocket. He uses the cheapest kind of paper is used to draw manga.

Why did he suddenly say that he wants to eat barbecue?

"This is the case. When I went to the convenience store to scan and upload, I took a look at the results and found that the reader's reward was enough for me to withdraw a draft fee. I will be able to get the ma.n.u.script fee tomorrow."

"So I wondered, since it is the first draft fee, what about our little celebration? Too good food we can afford, a barbecue should be no problem."

Seeing Chino's doubtful eyes, Li Yalin quickly explained that the Cat's Eye was born under her witness. At the same time, he also got a lot of help from her. In this case, the barbecue is not to drop.

In particular, Li Yalin is very clear. Recently, because of frugality, Chino has not eaten well for a long time. Although the barbecue is not good food they can afford, they can at least satisfy their appet.i.te?

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