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Chapter 2043: Who's Number One?

After Mo Cheng struck the sword, it immediately produced a clear thrum and vibrated intensely. All the force in Mo Cheng's left hand poured into the sword, immediately causing it to erupt with light. It exploded with extremely great force, where both the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Destruction were present.

Jian Chen frowned. Chaotic Force surged within the right hand, which he used to clamp down on the sword as well.

However, the power that Mo Cheng had erupted with in the sword was just too powerful. As sword Qi surged, the sword directly broke free from Jian Chen's grasp.

Jian Chen's right hand had become red with blood now. That was the chaotic blood of his Chaotic Body.

After all, he had held onto a supreme quality saint artifact. The saint artifact itself already possessed extraordinary might, and now that it was in the hands of Mo Cheng, the supreme OverG.o.d ranked first on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque, even his Chaotic Body would be injured.

Mo Cheng regained control over his sword as his presence climbed. His vitality was pushed to his utmost limit, making it flash shockingly. A powerful sword intent revolved around him.

"You are indeed enough to be my opponent. You have the right for me to use my full strength," Mo Cheng said coldly. He was emotionless and cold. He had completely lost the upper hand in the clash before. Jian Chen had locked down his sword, forcing him into a close-range battle. He struggled to accept this.

As a result, he made up his mind that he had to redeem himself in the next part of the battle, where he would defeat his opponent in an overwhelming manner.

"Mind and Soul as One, Vitality Sword Qi!" Mo Cheng called out. His presence surged as his hair fluttered. His sword shone like a sun, becoming extremely resplendent and dyeing the entire garden snow-white.

As he suddenly swung out, a huge strand of sword Qi immediately formed, turning into a silver-white stream. It carried the power of Mo Cheng's vitality as it cleaved towards Jian Chen suddenly.

The stream of energy was like a torrent, moving rapidly through the air at extreme speeds.

Many early G.o.dkings in the garden were secretly astounded. Mo Cheng's strike made many of them feel life-threatening danger. Over half of the early G.o.dkings gathered here had no confidence in being able to stop this attack.

"Daluo Sword!"

However, Jian Chen remained completely calm. He formed a seal with his hand, and a golden strand of sword Qi condensed in an instance. He gripped the sword Qi and directly stabbed out with it.

Jian Chen's mind seemed to fuse with the sword Qi as he struck out. At that moment, Jian Chen felt like his soul was part of the sword Qi.

In that instance, something flashed through Jian Chen's head. Vaguely, he seemed to grasp something. It was a hazy understanding.

However, it was still not enough in the end. It was very hazy, disappearing with a single flash, so he failed to truly comprehend it.


The Daluo Sword Qi shone with golden resplendence as its presence was shocking. It collided with Mo Cheng's Vitality Sword Qi. The sword Qi that contained a part of Mo Cheng's vitality actually failed to match up to the Daluo Sword Qi, dispersing from the attack.

"Impossible! This is impossible!" Mo Cheng's face was filled with disbelief. The Vitality Sword Qi was a very impressive battle skill, yet it was still unable to fend off the golden sword Qi. He found this difficult to accept.

Before Mo Cheng could respond, the golden sword Qi that had dulled shot off as a streak of light under Jian Chen's control towards him.

With a boom, powerful energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, and Mo Cheng was blown far away. The supreme quality saint artifact on him flickered as it protected him.

Jian Chen's attack did not stop there. It was as intense as a torrential storm as he formed another hand seal and condensed another strand of golden sword Qi. He pursued Mo Cheng as his presence surged with battle intent, making him seem invincible.

All the G.o.dkings present were stupefied as their hearts churned. They were very perturbed. Their opinions of Jian Chen had undergone an overwhelming change.

Even Xiao Zheng and Yun Xin, who had witnessed Jian Chen fight before, were shocked right now. The strength he had displayed rendered them speechless.

Only Kai Ya and master Chanlong, who understood Jian Chen's strength extremely well, remained composed.

"Heaven and Man as One, Heaven-splitting Sword Qi!"

Mo Cheng was grim. He knew that his current opponent was unprecedentedly powerful, so he immediately formed a seal with his hand to use another battle skill, sending out a second strand of sword Qi.

The Heaven-splitting Sword Qi was even more powerful than the Vitality Sword Qi. It tore through the air with extremely shocking power, causing the surroundings to surge. It truly possessed the power to split the heaven and earth.

Jian Chen did not try to dodge the attack at all. He filled his body with Chaotic Force as he used his body to receive it.


The Heaven-splitting Sword Qi punched through Jian Chen's chest. Under the ravaging of the sword Qi, all of Jian Chen's organs were ground to pieces. However, Jian Chen's expression remained the same. His gaze was extremely sharp as he charged over with the golden sword Qi condensed on his right hand. He arrived before Mo Cheng in a single instance, and he stabbed him with the Daluo Sword Qi as it shone resplendently.

With a great, deafening boom, all the force in the Daluo Sword Qi struck Mo Cheng.

Jian Chen accepted injuries to injure his opponent. He paid the price of wounding himself to unleash all the power of the Daluo Sword on Mo Cheng!

The might of the golden sword Qi was truly very shocking. Its power had rapidly grown as Jian Chen's strength constantly increased.

Even with the supreme quality saint artifact, Mo Cheng was unable to emerge unscathed after taking on the shockingly powerful Daluo Sword. A b.l.o.o.d.y mist spurted from his mouth as he was launched far away like a broken kite.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen circulated his Chaotic Force. His blood on his chest seemed to be attracted by something, actually all flowing back into his wounds. Under the extreme regeneration of the Chaotic Body, he rapidly recovered from his wounds.

Mo Cheng struck a rock behind him heavily, creating a great bang.

Everything in the surroundings was protected by formations, so the rock was undamaged. On the other hand, Mo Cheng had been reduced to a sorry shape.


Mo Cheng stood there dishevelled as he roared out furiously with blood running from the corner of his lips. The Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Destruction revolved around him, giving off a presence that made the hearts of many early G.o.dkings shiver.


His sword danced slowly before him with the truths of the universe. Laws of the Sword and Laws of Destruction rapidly condensed. Clearly, he was casting an extremely powerful battle skill.

Jian Chen's eyes were cold, and his presence was prominent. Even though his clothes had already been dyed red with blood, he stood there like an undefeatable G.o.d of war. He seemed invincible.

He formed a seal with his hand, and his presence suddenly changed. Sword Qi condensed around him as he seemed to turn into a sword. He charged at Mo Cheng like he was unstoppable.

"Taiyi Sword Technique!"

From afar, Jian Chen seemed to be surrounded by blinding light. As a result, he seemed just like a gigantic sword right now. He shot over with lightning speed.

With a flash, Jian Chen had arrived before Mo Cheng. The senses of many people had failed to capture him properly.

He was quick. He was far too quick. Let alone OverG.o.ds, even a few early G.o.dkings would not have been able to react to such speed, not to mention putting up a defence.


Mo Cheng did not have the time to use his battle skill at all. As a sword, Jian Chen stabbed him with terrifying force.

Jian Chen's sword technique was just too shocking. It was far greater than the simple attacks with the Laws of the Sword from before. Even with a supreme quality saint artifact that blocked most of the attack, Mo Cheng still ended up vomiting blood constantly. He was extremely pale as he was blown away powerlessly, striking the ground heavily.

This time, Mo Cheng could no longer struggle to his feet. He was extremely heavily injured, where he would be dead already if it were not for his supreme quality saint artifact.

The entire Divine Medicinal Garden was deathly silent. Everyone looked at Jian Chen with mixed feelings, or they looked at Mo Cheng in disbelief. All of this was like a blow to their minds.

Mo Cheng was first on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque, making him the most powerful OverG.o.d in the Saints' World. However, he had just been defeated by a n.o.body with similar cultivation who had suddenly appeared.

This was just impossible to accept.

Mo Cheng coughed up blood as he struggled up to his feet by using his sword as support. He looked at Jian Chen with extremely mixed feelings and asked, "Just who are you?"

"Jian Chen!" Jian Chen said. He also looked at Mo Cheng with some admiration.

This was admiration for Mo Cheng's strength. He was a late OverG.o.d, yet he still managed to cause Jian Chen quite a lot of injury. Just that alone had earned Jian Chen's respect. He was truly worthy of being number one on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque.

After all, even though Jian Chen had not broken through during his time in outer s.p.a.ce, his strength was still greater than it was in the past. Even regular early G.o.dkings were unable to injure him, but Mo Cheng had managed to do so.

"Jian Chen?" Mo Cheng murmured before asking, "Why have I never heard of your name? I haven't seen you on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque either."

"I've never attempted the OverG.o.ds' Plaque, so my name obviously won't appear there." Jian Chen continued, "Moreover, the Saints' World is a place where the strong prey on the weak. So what if you're first on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque? You're still done for when you come across more powerful G.o.dkings. Even the people who rank first on the G.o.dkings' Throne are only able to claim supremacy among G.o.dkings. Against powerful Primordial realm experts, they'll still be reduced to nothing."

"It's my defeat!" Mo Cheng became rather dejected. Clearly, this defeat had affected him greatly.

The old man in azure appeared behind Mo Cheng and took out a healing pill for Mo Cheng to consume. He said, "Mo Cheng, do you understand now? The Saints' World is so vast that who knows how many impossibly powerful deviants it has given birth to? You need to understand the concept that there will always be someone better than you. Being first on the OverG.o.ds' Plaque doesn't actually make you the strongest OverG.o.d, nor does being first on the G.o.dkings' Throne make you the strongest G.o.dking."

"That's because in the Saints' World, there are many OverG.o.ds and G.o.dkings who don't care about these rankings at all. They have no desire for fame and only focus on cultivation so that they can reach the very apex."

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