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Since they had both already eaten outside, Mu Rulan brought Mu Rusen along to Loulan Court for a to-go order of some rice, dishes, and a bowl of chicken soup to take to the hospital. When Mu Rusen realized that Mu Rulan was going to visit that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lan Yiyang, his face turned dark immediately. But he was scared that Mu Rulan might get taken advantage of, so he bit the bullet and followed her.

When they arrived, Lan Yiyang was leaning on the bed watching anime and eating apples. The moment he saw Mu Rulan come in the door, he immediately choked on his apple, hurriedly throwing it aside to put his hands into the blanket and making rapid movements. Mu Rusen saw his creepy reaction, and his face immediately turned even darker.

"Why did you only come now…" His voice trailed off as he saw Mu Rusen following from behind.

Both their grudges seemed like they could not be easily compromised. Mu Rulan understood that a man had his own ways to deal with resentment, so she didn't say anything but carried the chicken soup to his bedside instead. She asked: "Have you eaten yet?"

"Of course there was someone to feed me, stupid." Lan Yiyang noticed Mu Rusen's face become angrier. All of a sudden, his good mood burst out: "You came just in time, I'm starving to death! Hurry, hurry." He opened his mouth, clearly indicating that Mu Rulan should feed him.

Mu Rulan took a glance at his hands that were wrapped in bandages and plywood. She nodded her head and took out a spoon to feed him. Mu Rusen was immediately riled: "Sister!"

"What?" Mu Rulan pulled the spoon nearer to her to blow on it, then fed it to Lan Yiyang. The usually cruel young man was blushing, his face and lips slightly shaking as the spoon drew near him.

Mu Rusen felt sad looking at the sight, remembering that Mu Rulan was still feeding him when he was 7. After that he didn't remember exactly when, but she had stopped feeding him. The young man thought he was grown up so he didn't need anyone to feed him anymore, but once he saw Mu Rulan feeding another man, he felt his heart was uncomfortable.

"Let me do it!" Mu Rusen wasn't thinking clearly, instead just anxiously stepping up and taking the soup from Mu Rulan.

Mu Rulan was looking at him in surprise while Lan Yiyang's expression turned angry. Mu Rusen gnashed his teeth and said: "I'm the one who hurt him, so I'll feed him instead. Take it as an apology!"

"I'm afraid my stomach would hurt." Lan Yiyang didn't want to give Mu Rusen any face, who would want him to feed them anyway? His sight was on Mu Rulan who had taken a few steps back. He felt like his fire had been doused by cold water. Hmph, a sister who spoiled her own little brother to that extent.

"You deserve it!" Mu Rusen lowered his voice and said ruthlessly. He viciously wished he could spit into the soup to disgust Lan Yiyang.

Mu Rulan walked to the windows and took in the view. There was a garden below the hospital, and many people were taking a walk on the green gra.s.s while some were talking. The sunset dyed the clouds red. Tomorrow would probably be a nice day.

So wonderful… Translated by The Novelst

It was a blessing for a person to be able to live on.

Both her hands were resting on the window. Her chin slightly raised, she took a deep breath of the fresh air with a smile. The wind gently caressed her cheeks, swaying her smooth hair to float slightly, as it time had slowed down and turned the room warmer.


Mu Rusen dazed off for just a second and he spilled the soup onto Lan Yiyang's chest.



Just outside the hospital, there was as black car parked beside the road where it could be seen from Mu Rulan's window. Even Mo Qianren couldn't help but stare when he looked at her. He immediately adjusted to narrow his eyes and take back his attention with a cold gaze.

Lu Zimeng was sitting in the front seat, holding binoculars to look at the sight. Even he was amazed: "It would be such a waste if this girl doesn't enter the entertainment industry. She could definitely become a star just by standing quietly in front of the television!" What an angel, this girl could absolutely be called an angel.

Mo Qianren didn't move his gaze even an inch, staring at the spot where the figure had already disappeared from the window. He said lightly: "Even an angel can be cla.s.sified into a murder angel or a fallen angel."

"Gosh! Mo Qianren!" Lu Zimeng threw his binoculars and turned to the backseat. "Can you not always spoil the mood? If you're that free just go and investigate Jin Moli's missing persons case!" Even the beautiful sight didn't manage to sway his heart, was this guy going to be ascetic and become a monk?!

"I'm not part of the police, nor am I a detective." Mo Qianren withdrew his gaze, the pen in his hand writing something in a book on his lap.

Lu Zimeng rolled his eyes. "Then why do you keep staring at Mu Rulan without rest? I've already accompanied you in stalking her for an entire day! We could've gone to drink with this precious time and not waste time stalking a beauty. Why do I get the feeling you're a pervert!"

Mo Qianren glared icily at him. n.o.body asked you to follow in the first place.

Lu Zimeng raised both his hands sadly and resigned himself: "Okay, I just want to know when we can go and grab a drink. My big-chested busty beauties are going to be so lonely without me."

Mo Qianren didn't like to hang around places like clubs, preferring to use the time to read cases happening in the country and around the world, researching criminal files and profiling. But he couldn't endure Lu Zimeng following him around like a pest, so he had no choice but to have a drink with him.


Mu Rulan and Mu Rusen exited the hospital. Ke Wanqing had called ahead to tell her to wait at the shopping mall. They planned to buy some basic supplied for Bai Suqing who had already boarded the plane by now.

Both mother and daughter were going shopping. Mu Rusen was kicked back home instead.

Mu Rulan was in a good mood. Although the shopping mall wasn't very crowded, the people couldn't help but turn around when they saw an angelic young girl walk by. What a mysterious girl, her surroundings seemed to be illuminated.

Ke Wanqing was very proud of herself. The only thing she was satisfied with in her entire life was giving birth to this clever daughter that made her feel dignified.

The pair went to a shop at the fourth floor. Mu Rulan picked up a light purple bed sheet and asked: "Mom, what do you think of this? Naturally scented with lavender, do you think little sister will like it?"

"Of course she'll like it. Anything picked by my baby is surely the best." Ke Wanqing's att.i.tude seemed to say, even if Mu Rulan slapped someone's face it must be good.

Mu Rulan smiled deeply, her beautiful eyes curving into a pretty shape. "Then is it okay if we buy lavender for everything? The smell is light and helps to improve sleeping quality. Little sister is used to living overseas, I'm not sure she'll get used to living here."

"Okay." Translated by The Novelst

Somewhere far away, a camera sounded out with a "kacha" and managed to snap a photo of this angelic smile.


By the time Mu Rusen arrived home, there was only Mu Rulin left in the house. Mu Rulin was sitting on the sofa wearing black-framed spectacles. They didn't look old-fashioned on him, instead making him look quieter. He saw Mu Rusen carrying bags and asked: "You bought all of that for Zhou Yaya?"

"Are you kidding? These are sister's." He was unwilling to spend the money on his favorite racing car, how could it be possible for him to spend so much on Zhou Yaya? Lame.

Mu Rulin's gaze flashed: "You didn't buy anything for Zhou Yaya?"

"I don't know what to get her, I'll just think about it tomorrow. So annoying."

Didn't know what to buy for the girl he's chasing, but instead he bought so many bags for his own sister?

Mu Rulin pushed up his gla.s.ses and said: "Sen, do you still intend to chase Zhou Yaya? If not, then I'm going to give it a shot."

Proofread by: Hannah

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