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Weekends were typically full of people at the shopping mall. Mu Rusen was scared that he would be separated from Mu Rulan, so he held tightly to her hand and didn't dare let go. The duo's beautiful faces and extraordinary atmospheres had attracted stares in public, and the people on the street must have thought they made an attractive couple.

Since they were shopping for a birthday present, all the shops they visited were gift and boutique shops. In the process, Mu Rusen forgot why he had pulled Mu Rulan out to shops in the first place. He pulled Mu Rulan into a clothing store, pointing at the clothes on the mannequin, and excitedly said: "Sister! This would look so nice on you!"

Mu Rulan gazed on helplessly, taking a look at the price tag – it was 3800 yuan! It wasn't that expensive for their household, but after all she was still a student. There was a limit to her pocket money. And she already had a lot of clothing so she wasn't looking to buy any more.

"Sister, hurry and try it on! It'll definitely look really good." Mu Rusen was like a puppy, both his eyes shining brightly as he gazed at her, his look definitely of a person trying their best to please her. He looked so adorable that the shopkeeper covered his mouth to laugh softly, thinking what a lovely couple the pair made.

Mu Rulan couldn't turn him down, so she nodded her head. As she reached out to grab the clothing, someone faster had beaten her to the punch.

"Yaya, look, this shirt suits you a lot!" The girl who held the shirt waved excitedly to another girl not far away.

Mu Rusen saw this and immediately frowned: "Oi! How can you do that? We found it first!"

The girl, acting like she had just noticed their presence, said as if surprised: "Isn't this Mu Rusen who announced he was going to chase Zhou Yaya just a few days ago?" She gave Mu Rulan an up and down look, ridiculing: "In just a blink of an eye he's moved on to buying clothes for another woman? Tsk tsk. Yaya, look, I told you men are fake no matter how proper they look. They're just beasts in human clothing, not even being able to withstand a fox seducing them."

This girl obviously didn't know Mu Rulan and didn't attend Liu Silan University. She only knew about Mu Rusen because she was able to coincidentally see the scene when Mu Rusen announced to Zhou Yaya he was going to chase her.

Mu Rusen didn't recognize this strange girl, but he was able to recognize Zhou Yaya. But how dare she scold Mu Rulan? He didn't say anything to Zhou Yaya but squinted his eyes dangerously at the arrogant girl in front of him: "You wanna die?"

"You…!" Translated by The Novelst

"Zuozuo." Another voice rang coldly and interrupted An Zuozuo's growing rage. Zhou Yaya walked closer to them. Despite her young age of 15, she looked mature and had a strong presence, seeming pure and n.o.ble.

Mu Rulan deepened her smile and maintained her clean image. As Zhou Yaya walked in front of her, Zhou Yaya threw a glance to Mu Rusen, then changed the focus of her attention to Mu Rulan. Her gaze was sharp while she examined Mu Rulan, as if she was displeased with her appearance.

However, her upbringing wouldn't allow her to reveal her innermost thoughts: "You must be Senior Mu. I'm sorry, my friend has never seen you before so she must have misunderstood something."

There was a sense of provocation and disdain within her words. Wasn't Zhou Yaya sarcastically implying that Mu Rulan was full of herself? It was true that just typing the characters of her name into a search engine would provide a huge amount of information, but not everyone would have the interest to search her up.

Mu Rulan maintained her smile and shook her head, as if she hadn't caught the implication in her words. "It's alright, you must be Zhou Yaya then. I've heard a lot about you from Rusen."

"Is that so?" Zhou Yaya seemed not to care, noticing that Mu Rusen was standing with his arms folded across his chest. He was still holding in his anger for what had just happened, so his face had flushed slightly red. Zhou Yaya took this as a sign that he was shy in front of her instead.

An Zuozuo seemed to come to a realization, as she tried to confirm again: "Are you the legendary Mu Rulan?" In order to protect Mu Rulan's safety, although the internet had a lot of information about her, but no sites had uploaded any photos of her.

Mu Rulan raised her brows: "I'm not sure what you're talking about, but my name is Mu Rulan."

An Zuozuo immediately changed her expression, with a very excited and worshipful expression on her face: "I never thought I would be able to meet you! h.e.l.lo, my name is An Zuozuo. I'm a student at Ziyuan High School, I've been a fan of yours for a long while…"

Zhou Yaya looked at her friend who seemed to have changed her stance from standing up for her into someone else's guardian already. Her brows furrowed and her displeasure towards Mu Rulan deepened. She glanced at Mu Rusen, then tossed out, "Let's go."

"Eh? Ah… Senior Mu, goodbye! … Yaya, wait for me!"

Mu Rulan stared in their direction, Zhou Yaya's departing back reflected in her pitch-black eyes. They seemed to hold a deeper meaning. The smile at the corner of her mouth was as warm and pure as usual, just like an angel's.

Zhou Yaya, huh… In the past, she was one of the strongest supported for Bai Suqing. Her appearance was the start of Mu Rusen's disdain for Mu Rulan back then. She looked as pure as jade, but this person… was also a psychopath.

Turning her gaze back to Mu Rusen, she saw him looking at the shirts on display. She gave him a whack: "What are you even doing? Just now Zhou Yaya was here and you didn't even say a single word."

Mu Rusen pouted and covered his head: "What do you want me to say?" Suddenly, noticing another piece of clothing, he excitedly said: "Sister, you'll definitely look pretty if you wear this! This one too, and that one isn't so bad either… Wait a minute, okay?" He started to calculate his remaining pocket money he'd saved in the last few months…


After wandering around on the streets for an entire day, they still hadn't managed to pick a satisfying gift. Instead, Mu Rusen bought a lot of clothes for Mu Rulan.

The pair felt their legs getting weaker and their exhaustion led them to a fast food restaurant to rest. Mu Rusen sat opposite Mu Rulan, grinning happily as his sister helped him wipe his sweat. Both his canine teeth were so cute when he smiled, especially now that he was in a good mood.

Even Mu Rulan softened and smiled broadly, "Look at you smiling so happily! We haven't even done what we came here for."

At the reminder from his sister, Mu Rusen finally remembered his original intention for Zhou Yaya. His expression suddenly changed to become bitter. "What use is it buying gifts for such a troublesome woman?"

Mu Rulan thought about it and suggested: "Why don't we pick from the clothes you bought today and gift it to her?"

Mu Rusen immediately voiced his objections to the idea: "No way, those clothes suit you the best." In his eyes, no matter what Mu Rulan wore, she would definitely outshine everyone else.

"Hmm.. Another option is, I can help you fold paper stars, and then you can gift it to her?"

"What? Why do I have to give it to her. Something you put that much effort into, I want to just keep them!"

Mu Rulan felt helpless. Pinching softly at his nose: "Eh, isn't she the girlfriend you want to chase? Saying sister sister all the time, haven't you grown up yet?"

Mu Rusen enjoyed her teasing, and grabbed her hand and put it near his cheek. "How could a girlfriend be more important than my own sister?" My sister was the top priority, was his thought.


"Of course!" Translated by The Novelst

Mu Rulan smiled deeper and even warmer. Was that so? Was his sister the most important person to him? This little brother was too cute, the way that he could only think that his sister was so cute. Thinking back to how Mu Rusen had always glared at her with his sharp and cold gaze, each glance like a knife stabbing into her heart. When Zhou Yaya said jump, he asked how high. Every time she recalled that time, her blood would boil with the desire to make them into human dolls…

But now that she'd reincarnated, wasn't this the perfect resolution to her grudge from her past life? Looking at her cute little brother acting as her loyal dog – if she stretched out her hand to him, surely he would lick it all over.

That's why if her cute little brother who had been trained to be a loyal dog by his abnormal sister ever dared to bite her, she was determined to use the scariest method to make him into a puppet. That way, if he wouldn't ever dare to betray anyone else, and he would get to accompany her forever!

Mu Rulan was still smiling softly, gentle beams of light filtering through the French window and illuminating her face. The customers around her couldn't help but to turn around and stare at her, a child holding his mother's hand pointing at her, saying: "Mother look, an angel!"

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