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Every man had a hidden nature. When things that belong to you are being coveted by someone else, no matter how worthless the thing, it will suddenly become precious to you.

Mu Rusen was headed upstairs to take a bath, but his movement paused after he heart Mu Rulin's speech. He furrowed his brows and glared at him: "What did you say?!"

"Do you need me to say it again? Why waste time, Sen? If you don't like her then get out of the way, I also have feelings for Zhou Yaya." Mu Rulin spoke lightly, eyes flashing in the dim light under his lenses.

Mu Rusen immediately countered: "Who said I don't like her? Don't mess with me, she's mine!"

He had already announced in front of so many of his friends that he would definitely chase Zhou Yaya. If Mu Rulin managed to nab her in the end, how could he still have the face to meet them?

"You didn't even prepare a gift for her, how do you plan to woo her?"

"Sh*t!" Mu Rusen scratched at his head in annoyance. A thought came to mind: "I'll ask sister for a doll and gift it to her." All the dolls in their sister's room was cute enough to fit her temperament.

"O…" Mu Rulin remembered all the dolls displayed in Mu Rulan's cabinet. Indeed they were beautiful and a good option to gift to a girl.

Mu Rusen felt relieved after managing to solve his hardest problem and went upstairs. Mu Rulin squinted his eyes at his back.

That's right, be a good boy and continue to chase Zhou Yaya. Stop hanging around sister's side and don't think about her anymore… If not, someday the situation might become very awful. Before his twin brother realized their problem, he would help Mu Rusen cut ties! … Just as he cut his own.

This twisted and perverted love that should not exist!

That's right, Jin Moli had said that to him. He had no idea when his unrequited love was found out. From that day on, Jin Moli would stick by his side, saying she would help him cut off his twisted feelings for Mu Rulan. He flew into a rage out of humiliation and slapped her, which turned him into a suspect for her missing persons case.

But, thanks to Jin Moli, he finally realized why he had such a strong desire to be possessive over his sister. Sometimes he could barely restrain his hands from choking Mu Rusen's neck at night. He was shocked by his own actions and his body was drenched with cold sweat.

These abnormal feelings shouldn't exist… Imagine if his kind, pure sister discovered it. She would surely be afraid and disgusted by his thoughts, and she would definitely leave him! That's why he must never do anything that would make her sad. Never!

…… Translated by The Novelst

Around 10 o'clock, Mu Rulan and Ke Wanqing finally returned with Chen Hai, who helped the pair carry their bags. After resting a while, they went to decorate the room for the arriving family member.

The second night, the entire family was gathered around with neat clothing, except for Mu Rusen who went to attend Zhou Yaya's birthday party. Each had their own thoughts while waiting for their newest member.

At 7 o'clock, the person arrived.

She was wearing a white dress, flaxen hair touching her shoulders, with a small oval face and a pair of large eyes. Her temperament seemed like the girl next door, unable to be compared with a wealthy lady, but her greatest strength was her weak and soft appearance. Boys couldn't help but want to protect her, especially when girls nowadays were getting strong, unlike her with her pitiful gaze, unlocking the protective desire of men.

Her name fit her personality perfectly.

Bai Suqing. Translated by The Novelst

In the past, Mu Rulan was also fooled by that innocent face of hers.

She noticed in the corner of her eye the expression Mu Zhenyang made when he saw Bai Suqing. His gaze practically filled with hearts.

This man was suppressed by Ke Wanqing for too long, no wonder he would love this kind of pitiful white lotus who acted like she could only rely on men to live. If it wasn't because the Ke Family was so strong, she bet Mu Zhenyang would definitely have found a mistress outside.

Ke Wanqing was still the same; since she was so strong herself, she wouldn't look twice at this weak, pitiful girl. But only since Bai Suqing was the child of her deceased best friend, she extended her love to the crows on her roof.

"Are you Qing Qing? Aiya, welcome, welcome. I'm your Aunt Ke." The moment she saw Bai Suqing get out of the car, she immediately went to meet her, thinking this child didn't seem like much trouble.

Going through a few greetings, Mu Rulan and Mu Rulin stood to the side, looking at both their parents trying to show their concern to their newest member. It continued until they went inside and sat at the dining table. Finally, they had a chance to speak up.

Bai Suqing was shy. After getting a feel for the situation, she finally had the courage to look into the eyes of Mu Rulin, the same age as her, but her gaze still ducked away from Mu Rulan's smile. With a pretty face, she said softly: "h.e.l.lo."

Ke Wanqing finally remembered to introduce her children, immediately saying: "This is my third son, he's Mu Rulin, the same age as you. This is my baby daughter, Mu Rulan, one year older than you. If you need any help with your studies, you can ask this sister, she's more effective than a tuition teacher." Ke Wanqing looked proud as she introduced Mu Rulan, while Mu Rulan remained smiling.

Bai Suqing noticed the price in Ke Wanqing and her gaze turned slightly hostile. She turned toward Mu Rulan and said, with a shy smile: "Please take care of me, sister."

Mu Rulan smiled deeper to show her warmth, and softly nodded: "Please take care of me too, little sister."

The eyebrows behind Bai Suqing's bangs had an unnoticeable furrow. She didn't know why, but it didn't feel right. Maybe it was her own misconception, because the girl in front of her named Mu Rulan didn't seem like a hard person to deal with. From the information she could gather, she seemed to be a doormat that could study very well.

They started to feel hungry. Aunt Lee quickly served the dishes to the table. To Ke Wanqing, her own daughter was the most important. Any concern for Bai Suqing just now was only out of courtesy.

"You should eat more meat. It looks like you lost weight." Ke Wanqing personally placed meat inside Mu Rulan's bowl. In her place, Mu Zhenyang put meat in Bai Suqing's bowl. Bai Suqing hid her disgust. Who would want an old man to grab the dish for her, so disgusting. Also the master of this house was Ke Wanqing, not Mu Zhenyang!

Suddenly, staring at a dish of prawns, she mumbled: "This was my mother's favorite dish…"

Ke Wanqing's attention was diverted in just a sentence. She turned to Bai Suqing and comforted her. Bai Suqing seemed to come to her senses, pretending to stay strong while shaking her head. Both of her eyes were teary, and that pitiful look of hers immediately entrapped the hearts of the two elders in the family. She managed to grab their attention so easily.

However, her image in Mu Rulin's eyes dropped rapidly. Originally, he wasn't that keen to let a girl from nowhere to stay in the house. Now, she even stole all the attention that was originally supposed to belong to Mu Rulan! Unhappily, he clenched his chopsticks tightly.

Proofread by: Hannah

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