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Chapter 16: A Battle of Words

As the two sides confronted each other, another group of players heard the news from afar. One of them arrogantly said, “Somebody’s selling equipment? I told you, in this game the poor people will sell equipment for money. Yuwei, Lu Yan, this time no matter how much it cost, I will definitely buy you all equipment. I have get you two a good equipment."

This group of people had just came back from grinding in the spider cave, was Xia Yuwei and others. In addition, the one who spoke was Zheng Yuan who had a “fantastic self-confidence” like no one else.

Xia Yuwei and Lan Yu did not bother to comment on Zheng Yuan bragging. Looking at a group of people gathered in front of them, Xia Yuwei said anxiously, “The Big Bosses and the elderly are coming. I’m afraid we can’t take them on.”

“What?” Hearing these two people, Zheng Yuan was dumbfounded at once. Compared with the two big sharks in the business circle, Zheng Yuan’s family was just a shrimp, and people didn't need to look him in the eye.

“Let’s forget it. We can’t afford to offend these two people.” Zheng Yuan said.

Zhang Zibo frowned and said, “Try it. After all, we’re going to raid a level 3 dungeon. Without equipment, it would be very difficult.”

Xia Yuwei bit her silver fang and said, “Afraid of what? A game?”

“But…” Zheng Yuan still dared not say, “If we have to.”

“If you’re afraid, stay here. I’ll go myself.” Xia Yuwei firmly said.

In order to be able to quickly upgrade her level, Xia Yuwei decided to try it. Even if she confronted with the old man and the formidable man.

“We’ll accompany you.” Lu Yan's beautiful big eyes also showed a firm look.

Xia Yuwei nodded and led the team to the center of the venue. She was about to ask about the price of the equipment. But when she saw that the seller was Lu Yang, Xia Yuwei and her group were stunned.

“Ah! How can it be you? ” Lan Yu's beautiful big eyes were curious.

Lu Yang saw Lan Yu, he smiled, learned her tone and said, “Ah! why can’t it be me?”

Lan Yu blinked, and found that the current situation seems to be really reasonable. The top player in the rankings, isn't it normal for him to be able to get many good equipment?

“Yes.” Lan Yu said.

Xia Yuwei walked up to Lu Yang and said, “Thank you for providing us a place to level up. We have written this down in the Ice Studio. If there is anything you need in the future, we will do our best to help.”

Lu Yang didn’t like Xia Yuwei’s condescending tone very much. He said, “I just gave the information, you guys did the work. You’re welcome.”

“Then can you sell me the equipment?” Xia Yuwei hit the snake with a stick.

“Little girl, wait a minute.” The two men said in unison.

“Don't you know about first come, first serve? Little girl, don't you think you should show respect to the elderly as the young one.” The old man said lightly.

“Little girl, I have already bought this equipment, you go somewhere else.” Dominator arrogantly said.

T/N: Formidable man = Dominator

As the two voices had just dropped, the scene suddenly became murderous. Both the Twilight Old Man and Dominator stared at Xia Yuwei and other with bad eyes.

The surrounding players saw the situation become tense.

“Are they going to fight?”

“No, we're in a safe area, but this Ice Studio is surely unlucky.”

“I’m afraid that after they leave the safe area, they might be attacked.”

“The two major guilds add up to sixty thousand to seventy thousand players. It’s bad.”

Listening to the words of the people around, the two men were very satisfied. Just when they thought it was going well, that she would be frightened by them. Xia Yuwei showed a smile in her face.

“There are still bullies in the evening. You two bullies, bullying me, a little girl.” Xia Yuwei’s face was not red. She stretched out her fingers and pointed at the two men.

Dominator: “…”

Twilight Old Man: “…”

“Now that the world is changing so much, little girls are so eloquent.” After a while the old man blushed with shame. If he could reason out with Xia Yuwei and tell this evening wasn't the same, he could tell her that this evening was different. As a born lecturer was capable of surviving three bankruptcies. His experience was not an ordinary man could experience.

Dominator was not weak. With his poor family background, he single-handedly laid down a market value of billions of listed companies. Such pressure couldn't be simply handle by ordinary people.

However, Xia Yuwei withstood, and acted coquettish in front of them. Letting the two confused of what to do, Lu Yang had to praise her brilliance.

In the past life, a painter painted a scene in which the leaders of major guilds led their players to partic.i.p.ate in the Hundred Nation War. Among the 16 guild leaders that appeared in the painting, the three were Dominator, Twilight Old Man and Xia Yuwei.

Looking at the scene of the three people's eye clashing with sparks flying, Lu Yang's heart was inexplicably filled with a surge of pride.

He did not have the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in his last life. In this life, regardless of whether they were a hero or a peerless beauty, they must surrender in front of Lu Yang.

“Well, you do not need to quarrel. I do not care what's between you guys. The equipment is mine, only if I sell it you, only then you can buy it. If you can't afford, they don't buy it. In the end I have the final say.” Lu Yang said.

Xia Yuwei, Twilight Old Man and Dominator, the three leaders turned their eyes to Lu Yang at the same time, coincidentally asked, “How will you sell it.”

Lu Yang said, “I will not change the price, you guys bid, the highest price gets the equipment.”

Two gold coins for the horn dagger, three gold coins for the black iron helmet, 10 gold coins for the two-handed sword, 10 gold coins for the savage bee bow, 20 gold coins for the young dragon shield…

The three men looked at Lu Yang silently at the same time. If they had so many gold coins, they would have bought all of these equipment. Why stand here and look at others?

Twilight old fox said kindly said, “Brother, your price is too high. We can’t afford it. How about we be friends?”

Dominator frowned and said, “Brother, we really can’t collect so many gold coins now. How about we exchange them for other things?”

Lu Yang waited for this sentence, before putting such a high price Lu Yang also knew that no one could afford it. So Lu Yang intentionally led people to think about using other items as an exchange.

Why did Lu Yang do this, because he had the Devil's Heart in his hands, to upgrade this thing required the reputation of other races, and to start gaining reputation, he needed a lot of rare materials.

If Lu Yang collected these materials by himself, by that time other people would have already reached level 15. So Lu Yang could only resort to this method.

Lu Yang said, “Since you bosses are so sincere. OK, I'll completely agree. This is a list of the materials that can be use to exchange. To whoever can provide me these materials first, I'll sell my equipment to them."


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