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Chapter 15: Heroes Gathering

More than an hour later, before the queen’s 60th wing regenerated, Lu Yang killed the queen on the ground with a fireball.

Looking at the wild bee queen’s half-length wings, Lu Yang took a long breath. Lacking enough mana to kill boss was still too troublesome. He had to find a way to compensate for it with equipment.

Picking up the dropped items on the ground, Lu Yang looked at their properties.

Wild Bee Long Bow (Silver Rank)

Attack: 6 – 18

Strength: +3

Const.i.tution: +2

Physical damage increased by 4 points.

The Novice Village Hunter’s top gear, which could be used till level 8 dungeons. The two remaining pieces was a Pig Iron ring (Black Iron Rank) and a Black Crystal Wrist Guard (Black Iron Rank).

Unexpectedly, a mage’s wrist guard was dropped. In this way, Lu Yang’s body was completely equipped with wrist guards, rings, cloaks, magic staff. Leaving only the armors for the chest, shoulders and legs which could be obtained from dungeons.

Looking at the time, it was six o’clock in the morning. Lu Yang recalled to Saint Gale City and headed for the East square.

The Eastern Square had a lot of open s.p.a.ce, where players could naturally form a stall, creating market. After an afternoon plus a night of gaming, many players looted items from the game, ready to exchange with other players in the market.

Lu Yang found a place to set up a stall.

Not long after, when two guild players pa.s.sed by Lu Yang's stall, the female player crazily screamed and made the whole holy city boil.

“Ah ~ ~, black iron equipment… Silver equipment… So many? ”

“Where, where is the black iron and silver equipment?” There was more than one player that heard the scream.

At this stage, having a bronze equipment was something to be proud of. Most of the stall were selling basic cooking and various life skills.

“Check it out, the boss of our [Blood War] guild doesn't even have a black iron. And there is also a silver equipment. What!"

“Hey, it's really black iron and silver equipment. Take a picture of the properties of these equipment and quickly send a message to the president. Let him hurry up over here or else it's going to be too later.”

“The screenshots have been sent, and the president is on his way.”

Not everyone believed it. Some bored players came up to satisfy their curiosity. When they checked it, their speech was incoherent as they saw the equipment on Lu Yang’s stall.

Then, more and more people arrived.

Lu Yang knew it would be like this. In his previous life, it was not until the morning of the third day that the experts of the [World’s Overlord] guild killed the Wolf King with more than a hundred and eight players and obtained the first silver equipment.

“Brother, can you sell your ox horn dagger for 5 silver coins. If you agree then I will give the money right away.”

“How much is this Devoted staff? I’ll buy it for my girlfriend.”

The bombsh.e.l.l will always pa.s.s, some players had already responded and started asking about the prices. Lu Yang smiled, instead of speaking, he marked the price of equipment on the stall.

Seeing the price, everyone was shocked again.

“Horn dagger actually cost 2 gold coins. Is this robbery. I don't even have 2 silver coins in me.”

1 gold coin was equal to 100 silver coins. So, 2 gold coins were 200 silver coins.

“Are you joking, the black iron helmet needs 3 gold coins. Who will even buy it?"

Lu Yang’s price made everyone collapsed. Just as the crowd of players exclaimed, behind the crowd, someone shouted, “Get out of the way, don’t get in the way.”

Hearing this voice, the crowd looked back in alarm. A player dressed as a burglar pushed the crowd away and arrived in front of Lu Yang.

The burglar looked down at Lu Yang, who was sitting on the ground, with a grim expression in his eyes and said, “Brat, I want all your things.”

Lu Yang knew the thief, known as Black Blood. He was a notorious rogue in his previous life and in this life too. When he caught up with the state’s crackdown, he brought more than a hundred of his men to form a guild and recruited more than 5,000 people online to join the game. With his shameless way of being a rogue, he bullied people in the game. Later into the game, he had attracted a large number of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds like him to form a small guild of tens of thousands of players.

When Lu Yang had just established a guild in his previous life, he suffered a lot in the hands Black Blooded. Although he later took revenge to clear the debt, it did not mean that Lu Yang could be his friend. Lu Yang personally destroyed the Black Blood and their guild in his last life. It ended in being deadly enemies for life.

“OK, 100 gold coins.” Lu Yang said.

“Brat, do you want to die? You dare ask us for money?” Black Blood's people surrounded Lu Yang.

“Believe it or not, we kill you.”

“We, old brothers, are numbered five thousand. You dare to bargain with our boss.”

“Don’t even think of leaving the f*cking safety zone. Once we see you, you'll be dead.”

“I'll kill you!”

At this moment, more than a dozen people showed fierce expression to create a deep fear in the hearts of the ordinary players. These players had to hide outside the circle to avoid being affected.

“In the end, this player is miserable. He wanted to sell the equipment but ended up losing them.” A player whispered.

“Yes, we met this man, Black Blood, yesterday afternoon. He was totally unreasonable.”

“What can I do?”

At the center, Lu Yang had lowered his mouth and held his fists on his lower jaw as if he had received a big blow.

Black Blood was very satisfied of his men's performance, feeling that the timing was ripe. He strode right in front of Lu Yang's face, arrogantly said, “I'll give you two choices. Either you hand me your stuff or join my guild elite with membership fees. Or else you won't be able to get out of the safe zone. Brat, think about it.”

This was his usual trick of forcing debts, but he forgot that he was in the game.

Lu Yang didn't care. He just spat out a sentence, “F*ck off!”

“What?” Black blood slammed at Lu Yang and scolded, “What did you just say?”

Lu Yang looked up at the black blood and said, “I asked you to f*ck off, didn’t you hear me?”

Shocked were the subordinates of Black Blood. They did not expect that someone dared to talk back to Black Blood. If this was in reality, Black Blood would have already crippled him. So now these dozen or so people have yet to respond or shout at Lu Yang.

If the players around were shocked too, how about that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Black Blood?

Just after entering the game on the first day, a player was Pked which caused a sensation among the players. The player who was killed, wanted to take revenge but after finding out that his killer was a guild boss with more than 5,000 players, he could only suffer in silence. And this player, Lu Yang, had provoked such people. The players could not help but worry about him.

At this moment, a cold hum came from behind the crowd, and everyone looked back, and saw a group of players had arrived.

The leading person sneered, “Black Blood, you are still so shameless, you think this street is your house that you can collect protection fees at will?”

Lu Yang knew this man. He was the leader of the [Supreme Dynasty] guild. In Lu Yang's past life, this man was among the top ten heroes in representing the nation in the game. He was a formidable man, and was very honest. Many influential people who had relations with the formidable man also admired him.

Black blood saw the formidable man’s face and showed fear. Compared to the man’s 30,000 grand a.s.sembly, his 5,000 people were simply nothing.

“Chief, what do you mean?” Black Blood guilty asked.

“Of course, I came to buy things. This friend, I will buy all the equipment you have. Give me a real price.” He did not bat an eye on black blood and went straight to Lu Yang's stall.

Lu Yang wanted to speak, when suddenly an old voice came from his left hand side.

“Slow down.”

Lu Yang looked over and saw another group of players emerged from his left, with a faint smile on the leading person’s face. He was about sixty years old and his face was full of kindness.

“Brother Chief, what a coincidence, ah, this old man was also missing a two-handed sword. Could you do me a favor and let an old man like me have this weapon.”

Lu Yang also knew the old man. He was the chairman of a top 500 company in the world. In the last century, the post-80s players were very fond of gaming.  Once he saw the virtual helmet was finally released, he handed over the business to his son and entered the game with 100 million credit points. With the support of the gold dollar in his hand and a group of post-80s and post-90s elite compet.i.tors in the last century, he quickly got famous in the game. Later he became one of the top ten heroes in the country. Nicknamed, smiling fox.

The old man’s name was Twilight Old Man, but don’t be deceived by his name and appearance. In fact, although he was in his sixties, he looked like a middle-aged man in his forties. His muscles were stronger than most young man. In the game, the old man intentionally demonizes himself to reduce the enemy’s guard. This showed how cunning the old man was.

The formidable man was very jealous of the old man. During the guild recruitment online, the two was in compet.i.tion of recruiting game experts. In the end of all this, the man had suffered a tremendous loss.

The formidable man frowned and said, “Old fox, this weapon is mine.”


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