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Chapter 7: The bamboo house in a strange place

Silver rays of light emitted from the room, pa.s.sing through the gaps of the curtains and window gla.s.s, only to shoot straight into the clouds above, followed by a burst of thunder resembling a dragon's roar. Within that silver light, one can see the faint outlines of a silver dragon spiralling upwards. All this lasted for a mere four to five seconds before vanishing. None of the pa.s.ser-bys below noticed the phenomenon, for all they were able to see was a random streak of lightning falling from the sky.

As for Huo Zaiyuan, currently in the middle of the golden light, is only able to let out a cry of fear before his slender figure disappeared from the house. The white jade brush and the jade container followed him to vanish, leaving behind only the steaming bowl of instant noodles.

"Ah — Aiyo…" The cut-off cry ended as Huo Zaiyuan's bottom hit the ground. Letting out a pained noise, he shouts: "Ouch, what happened?"

Rubbing the sore spot, he leisurely opens his eyes, taking in the fact that his surroundings are not the familiar interior of the house, but a completely foreign place.

The seven colours of the rainbow flashed past in the sky above, similar to an aurora. There were mountains, rivers, and an open field that is extremely s.p.a.cious. The light breeze brushing across his face brought with it a faint sweet scent. Looking in that direction, Huo Zaiyuan saw up ahead was an elegantly-structured bamboo house, with a small, carefully cared for bamboo forest.

Although he has no idea who he suddenly appeared in this kind of place, but since there's a house here, then it shows there is someone living here. Looking left and right, determining there are no apparently dangers around, he stands up and walks towards the house.

There are no doors on the house, and he can't see if there is someone within the house. However, because of his manners, Huo Zaiyuan still raise his voice to call out a greeting. Although his natural disposition is a little rebellious, he is only that way towards certain matters. Barging into someone else's home without permission is not something he can or will do.

"Excuse me, is there anyone there?"

Although his voice is not loud, if there is anyone inside, they will be able to hear it. However, the bamboo house is still as quiet as before even after a long period pa.s.sed. Biting his lips lightly and shuffling step by step, he draws closer to the house's doorless entrance.

"Um…if there really is no one, then I will come in." He inquires once more but received no answer. Therefore, Huo Zaiyuan lightly entered the house step by step, giving the exact appearance of a thief sneaking in.

Seeing that there really is no one in the house, his heart is considerably more at ease. This bamboo house's owner apparently loves his creating item from bamboo, for besides constructing the entire house from bamboo, even the furniture inside like the tables, chairs, bedframe and even cups are made from bamboo weavings. The handiwork for each item is intricate and fine, displaying the owner's affection for this bamboo house.

Carefully taking in everything in the house, Huo Zaiyuan's gaze finally fell on the portrait hanging on one of the walls. That portrait is drawn by brush, each stroke delicate, creating a vivid and lifelike picture…

The painting depicts a graceful and elegant long-haired male with fine facial features and slender build, both his white robes and long hair drifting in the wind, one hand extended as he gazes towards the mountains.

"Huo Tianqi…" Huo Zaiyuan's eyes moved down to the painting's lower right side's flamboyant and cursive calligraphy that serves as the signature. His heartbeat sped up a little. The person within the painting and him shares the surname Huo.

"Hehe…This can't possibly be the Huo family's ancestor, right…?"

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