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Chapter 6: The broken brush's big change

Looking around this house that has been filled with various items, Huo Zaiyuan helplessly shakes his head, rolling up his sleeves and begin to arrange everything. In order not to inconvenience that pair of mother and son, he cleared his room in the family house in one go, including even the bedframe, cabinets, table and chairs. The reason he chose to take everything is because he had made careful calculations before. If he was to take it all back, even if these furniture, clothes and whatnots are not brand new, he only used or wore them once or twice. Hence, each item is still worth some money. Now though, he needs to put everything in order so when tomorrow comes, he can go directly to the marketplace and sell them for a reasonable price.

Clearing the room and cleaning the place up is originally something he refuses to do in his previous life. Now, he realises how much hard work is actually involved. Piling clothes up at one side, pants in another pile, shoes elsewhere…those that fit his taste are placed at yet another corner. Huo Zaiyuan can only admit that the previous him is really too excessive…he admits defeat.

"Ai…such good quality clothes. I think I have only worn this twice…" A pure white T-shirt in his hands, Huo Zaiyuan sighed lightly before tossing it towards one of the many piles on the ground.

Working from 6pm once he returned home 'til 8pm at night, his stomach growls in hunger, reminding him that the time for dinner has arrived. Seeing that almost everything has been arranged properly, Huo Zaiyuan only stop working to fill his tummy before continuing to arrange the remaining items.

According to his previous habits, whenever he goes hungry, he would pull out his phone without hesitation to order take-aways. But after rebirth, he vows to himself never to do that again.

Only, after moving out of the Huo family home, he has never cooked a meal for himself. It's not that he doesn't want to, but he simply doesn’t know how to cook. Therefore, besides eating takeaways or instant noodles, he can't eat anything else. Today, he doesn't feel like eating takeaways so he can only cook noodles.

Going through everything in the kitchen pantry for quite a while, he finally discovered a packet of s.h.i.take pork ribs instant noodles. Staring at this packet of junk food, he remembers that something like this, even if it was past its due date, will be able to make people shed blood and kill in order to obtain it. Looking at this now, he feels that he is rather fortunate.


Not knowing how many times he sighed, Huo Zaiyuan thinks in his heart that when he stocks up food for the apocalypse, he cannot only stock instant noodles. From tomorrow onwards, he will need to learn how to cook or else when Judgement Day comes, he will not be killed by the undead or eaten alive by devil ants or drown in a swamp, but die from malnutrition.

Carrying the noodles soaking in boiling water to the hall, as Huo Zaiyuan walks pa.s.s a pile of items, his foot kicked something. Glancing down, he realises it is his backpack, making him think about the calligraphy brush he took away from the family home. Setting the noodles to one side, he picks up the bag and opens the zipper.

The shaft of the brush is split in two, the brush's hair scattered and loose. Where will I find someone who is able to restore it to its original state…eh?! What in the world is this?

Only after opening the bag did he notice that the shabby wooden box containing the heirloom he placed in here personally has suddenly transformed into a pure sparkling and translucent jade case. Looking at the fine craftsmanship of the bird of prey, even someone who has no eye for art like him is able to tell the value of this box is considerable ah.

This…how did this happen?

Blinking his eyes, Huo Zaiyuan takes out the jade box with slightly trembling hands before opening the lid gently. Upon the dazzling golden cloth lining the inside of the box lies white jade calligraphy brush with the carvings of a dragon running along the shaft…

The heirloom unexpectedly transformed, transformed into…this one change is truly incredible ah!!

Not daring to believe his eyes, Huo Zaiyuan very slowly extends his hand, a finger lightly stroking the white jade brush. Under his touch, the jade produces a faint light which follows the movement of his finger.

This is a very strange and different feeling…

Just as Huo Zaiyuan relaxed a little in his heart, the eyes of the dragon carving on the white jade brush suddenly flared brilliantly. Not waiting for his reaction, the entire brush emitted glaring rays of light.

"Ah —– "

Translator’s notes: Is it just me, or are the chapters getting slightly shorter…?

Anyway, sorry-not-sorry for the quite predictable cliffy 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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