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Chapter 8: Letterbox

Since there's no one around besides him, naturally no one is able to answer Huo Zaiyuan's lightly mocking words. His gaze leaves the picture for a moment before returning to it again, then falling on the low bamboo table in the middle of the house.

Upon the table is an exquisite brush rack with nine brushes of various sizes hanging from it. Aside from them being different in sizes, their shapes are identical, and the shafts are all made from bamboo. Thoroughly examining them, Huo Zaiyuan can't help but feel that these brushes look exactly the same as his family's heirloom.

Approaching closer to look at them in more detail, he notices the brocade box in front of the brush rack, and above the box lies a letter. The few words written on the front of the envelop are identical to the words on that painting, making it pretty obvious that the person who left this letter behind could very well be a Huo family's ancestor's Huo Tianqi.

For the one with family karma.

In this place, excluding him, he has yet to see the slightest shadows of another person. That means the words on the envelop is aimed at him, right?

Huo Zaiyuan's heart thumped before he reaches out and open that envelop, taking out the letter from within. The handwriting for the characters in the letter is not as flamboyant as the ones on the envelop, but it is no less beautiful.

Huo Zaiyuan starts to seriously begin reading the contents of the letter: The lightning from the Ninth Heavens is approaching. Victory or defeat will be decided in that one instant. I do not know if the one reading this letter will be a descendant of Huo family or a related person fortunate enough to obtain the Holy Dragon Bone Brush. However, as you are able to perceive the Holy Dragon Bone Brush's true form and enter this Holy Dragon dreamscape, it shows that you have the same karma and can, from this day forth, inherit this entire s.p.a.ce for your own use. This scholar is of a Holy Sect…

Huo Zaiyuan fell into a trance after finishing the rest of his ancestor's letter, because he never would have thought that old broken heirloom is actually such a heaven-defying existence.

According to what this letter said, this place that was bestowed the name "Holy Dragon dreamscape" exists in a mysterious dimension and is a mystical place. The brush acts as a medium to send his spirit to come and go from this place. In other words, he unexpectedly got his hands on an inter-dimensional s.p.a.ce pocket he can access anytime.

As for this Huo Tianqi, there's no need to ask further. He (HTQ) is definitely his (HZY) ancestor. Not only does Huo Tianqi cultivates, he is also someone who especially takes care of his descendants, even leaving behind a rare cultivating book.

Treating the letter like a treasured object, he returns it into the envelop after folding it neatly. Focusing his attention on the brocade box, he knows the cultivation book mentioned by his ancestor lies inside. He opens the box to reveal a blue-covered ancient text, as well as one, two…nine fruit seeds.

Looking at the few plump and round seeds, Huo Zaiyuan couldn't make out what kind of seeds they are, therefore, he decides to take a look at the ancient text.

""Mysterious Nine Dragon's Heaven"…what an aggressive name." Murmuring in a low voice, he flipped open the cover.

The first page of the ancient text pertains to the Huo family's heirloom, the Holy Dragon Bone Brush. "Using blood to activate…"From the descriptions in the book, Huo Zaiyuan ponders a little, then suddenly recalls the moment back in his father's study when his finger was p.r.i.c.ked by the wooden splinters. "Ah, so it was at that time…"

He continues reading further. The instant he read that upon the brush's activation, the Holy Dragon Bone Brush will transform to a decorative dragon marking starting at the hollow of the owner's palm and spiralling around the hand, he immediately raised both hands to look. Sure enough, a silver dragon flashed faintly across his left hand.

After confirming he has a mark on his hand, he continued. Next, after talking about the brush, comes the page mentioning how those nine seeds can be used. "Ninth Heavens Immortality Peach seeds." Picking up one of them, he pursed his lips.

According to the text, these nine seeds have to match the cultivation level in order to work. During the beginning stage of his cultivation, he has to go outside and use the "Ninth Heavens Holy Dragon Formation" method, then plant one seed in the formation's eye. Each time his cultivation level gradually increases and approach the next level, it will reinforce the seed and cause it to germinate, grow and eventually bear fruit. When the happens, it will signal he has successfully broken through the first level. Then he has to plant the second seed…and so forth.

Goal in mind, Huo Zaiyuan begins to read the instructions to cultivate to the first level. Besides giving instructions to cultivate "Mysterious Nine Dragon's Heaven" method, there were also ways to use Taoist incantations and talisman, which can be used together with this cultivation method. After reading through all the pages detailing the first level and Taoist methods, the next page he flips to is completely blank.

If the ancient text didn't show him how to cultivate the second level, then doesn't that tell him he needs to break through the first level before it will instruct him further?

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