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"Hey, it's you." Yun Hua felt a slight sense of pity as she looked at Chen Shi Ying who looked much frailer since the last time they met.

Chen Shi Ying raised her head to find that it was Yun Hua and felt embarra.s.sed.

She pursed up her lips and said softly, "I'm really grateful to you for saving me the other time. I really shouldn't have lost my temper back then…"

Yun Hua smiled and shook her head, "It's fine, you were in a bad mood back then. Are you here to read books too?"

"Mm." Chen Shi Ying nodded slightly, "I don't want to hang around in school after dismissal."

Yun Hua paused for a moment, remembering that after the previous Chen Shi Ying became famous, she talked about being bullied in school. That was also the root cause of her depression that led to her killing herself.

Yun Hua had always admired Chen Shi Ying.

Chen Shi Ying's path had always been rough. Such a description would be a major understatement given one of her quotes, "There was a period of time where it seemed that even breathing was a sin."

Even so, she fought it, pulled through and showed the world her brilliance.

Yun Hua felt that Chen Shi Ying was strong for being able to handle the worship and slander of the keyboard warriors.

In the end, Chen Shi Ying still succ.u.mbed to her depression. Even then, no one knew about her depression before that!

Psychology believed that a person's youth has a serious impact on a person's psychological behaviour.

Chen Shi Ying was currently 16, in the middle of her youth.

If she was bullied at this age… It would be obvious that she would be affected greatly, so much so that even after she reached the top of the world, those wounds would still be there to cause pain…

Yun Hua could not help but ask, "What school do you study in?"

Chen Shi Ying paused for a moment, "Wu Zhong."

Yun Hua's eyebrows perked up, "Wu Zhong?"

Chen Shi Ying nodded, "Mm, I was originally studying in a junior high school in Yi Xi but I managed to enter Wu Zhong. It just so happened that my dad was sent here to Jiang Xi city last year…"

Mentioning her dad, Chen Shi Ying's mood fell all of a sudden.

Yun Hua hesitated for a moment but she continued with another question, "Pardon my rudeness but how did uncle Chen pa.s.s away?"

She just did not believe that she could have such a large impact, turning Chen Shi Ying's dad form a hero into a villain and cause him to die so many years in advance!

It just did not make sense!

Chen Shi Ying's face turned pale in an instant. Yun Hua guessed that she would not answer but she could understand why, after all, it was a sensitive question.

"It's alright, you don't have to tell me, I was just asking out of curiosity…"

However, with a barely audible voice, Chen Shi Ying spoke before Yun Hua could finish.

"My dad… They discovered that he had ties to drug dealers, accepted bribes, gave drug dealers tip-offs and even let a kingpin who was being chased by the police escape. Not only that… He even killed a police officer…" Chen Shi Ying forced her story through tears of pain.

Yun Hua was stunned.

Her mind became blank.

How did it turn out to be like this?

No no no, this was not right!

Yun Hua took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, trying to recall information in her last life regarding Chen Shi Ying's dad.

Chen Shi Ying's father was a hero. In an interview, Chen Shi Ying mentioned that she had not seen her dad for ten years due to his work…

Yun Hua's eyes widened all of a sudden.

Accepting bribes, leaking information, letting a kingpin go, killing a police officer and even disappearing…

But ten years later, he turned out to be a hero due to public service.

Then… There could only be one possibility!

[] Chapter 69 []

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