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Hakaira's Pov...

"Alright system i will choose the wing limbs of the first kaiju Night Wing.", then as soon as i made my choice i felt a burning and aching pain coming from my back. "RRROOOOAAARRR!!!", i roared as and shouted as the pain continued to become worse as each second pa.s.sed by. I smashed every rock and sediments within the ocean floor as the pain was not stopping anytime soon. Then a few minutes later i felt the pain subsiding, i then felt something on my back which was connected through my skin, it felt like an arm which could extend if i wanted it to. I then tried to stretch it by extending them, as i did i suddenly saw two huge wings with feathers now on my back which were longer than me on both sides.

"Amazing!!", i then tried flapping my wings by pushing them inward and outward, however it was harder than it looked since the ocean water was restricting my movements. As i was fascinated by my newly grown wings, the system sent a message to warn me, "Host must remember that you have less than an hour and i would suggest you continue." I knew that i was wasting even more time by doing this and so i replied to the system saying, "Alright show me the limbs which i received from the last kaiju i killed, as well as the skill i got."

// Skills received: Scale shield

Limbs received:

- Arm limb; Increases strength by 1 rank

- Leg limb; Increases defense by 1/2 rank

- Tail limb; Increases rank of tail whip skill by two ranks.//

"h.e.l.lo system, would my own limbs change if i choose any of these limbs.", i asked wondering if that would happen. "No the limbs themselves will be absorbed and boost your own stats." The system answered with the same monologue tone that i have gotten used to. At that point i decided to weigh my choices and decided to go with the last limb. "System i will choose the tail limb of the salamander kaiju.". As i made my decision i awaited the pain which i thought would come from choosing this limb.

However, i felt no pain instead i felt a cool sensation coming from my tail, "Wow... that feels amazing, hey system why do i not feel the same pain from when i chose the winged limb." I asked curiously and awaited the system reply, "It is because the winged limb was something that was never a part of the hosts physique. Therefore, the winged limb was attached through hosts endoskeleton resulting in the extreme pain that you felt. Do you understand, host... host.", "Umm of course but can you explain the endoskeleton to me as i do not understand."

However, the system responded in an apologetic tone saying, "Maybe after host has completed your tribulation.", "Oh of course, alright but before i do, system what does my new skill scale shield allow me to do." I asked hoping that the system could quickly give me an explanation.

"Sure, the new skill which you have received will allow you to create an even thicker shield made out of scales to raise your defense by 1 rank for about 10 minutes. However, you can raise it by using it in combat and it will evolve to the next rank." I was curious and tried to activate it, i then felt a tingling sensation spreading across my body. This continued until i felt that every part of my body was covered by it. I then looked across my body and saw that every part of my body, arm, leg and tail was covered in a thicker layer of scales. I was curious as to what my status was at the moment and asked, "System i wish to see my status." Then a blue notification skill appeared before my eyes;

Name: Hakaira (Gamera)

Age: 20,000,100 years old

Height: 96 meters

Gender: Male

Weight: 15,000 tons

Lifespan: Immortal

Abilities: Limit breaker(Active),



t.i.tle: Hakaira The destroyer...

Level: 39 (Category 3)

Defense: Rank S (10 minutes)> AAA

Speed: Rank BB

Strength: Rank BB

Energy: Rank BBB

Intelligence: Rank AA



Flamethrower: Rank AA

Tail whip: Rank BBB

Mana control: Rank BBB

Regeneration: Rank BB

Scale shield: Rank C


"So system i can upgrade this new skill scale shield by using it in battle.", "Yes, host however the other skills can also be upgraded by how many times it is used as well." The system responded as i observed my status, including my skills. I then decided to begin my tribulation as i was done with my status. "Ok system how much longer till the tribulation begins.", "30 more minutes host." I then knew that i was about to face something even than a kaiju or jaeger, i just hope that i can survive it.

I then spent the last thirty minutes by using my wings and observing the power of my tail. At first i used my tail to whip a boulder which was almost half my size. As i used my tail to swipe the boulder, the speed of my tail was amazing as it tore the boulder in half. I then continued to test it out on a few other objects and wondered what if i had used my tail on a jaeger instead, i wondered what type of damage i could do if i also activated my scale shield with it as well. However, i grew tired of it and decided to see if i could use my wings, "System, has the concealment ability been activated." I asked while moving my wings. "Yes host the concealment has already been activated."

I then tucked my wings in and and swam upwards, i then continued swimming upwards until i saw the surface of the sea. Then as i bursted through it i extended both wings and noticed that i was now gliding through the air. At first it was to do as i had to flap my wings and glide while i was at it. However, after a few dives back into the ocean and a few more attempts of flying i was now able to fly without having to worry about diving or falling.

In my past life i was capable of flying but this was different as i was now feeling the wind and smelling the salty and cold air. Whereas back then i had to emit flames from both arms, and legs as well as my head to fly through the air. Which was sometimes difficult as I couldn't properly see where i was going. However, now i did not need to worry about this and felt freedom as i tried to fly higher and higher than before. However, before i could a notification came from the system saying, "Host you have 5 more minutes before the tribulation begins, I suggest that host goes underwater."

"System I've been meaning to ask, but why is it that i must perform my tribulation underwater?" I asked as i had yet to know exactly why. "It because the concealment ability can hide your position, however it does not make you unseen. This means that if you were to perform your tribulation on the ground or in the air, there is a chance in which you might be discovered therefore it is safer to preform it underwater." The system explained with an tone full of urgency. I then realized that the system at the same was also trying to protect me, i felt happy for the first time that something actually cared about me. I then asked the system a question while diving back into the ocean. "System are you worried about me."

The system replied saying, "Yes, host since i was created by G.o.d to help you and protect you at the same time." I felt a warm feeling from my chest and smiled for the first time. "Thank you system.", "For what host?" The system asked while i had finally reached the ocean floor. "Nothing." I then tucked my wings in and made it to almost resemble my sh.e.l.l which i had previously lost. "Host the clouds of tribulation has gathered, your tribulation will now begin." I looked up and said, "Well lets begin my extreme mode tribulation shall we system." I then prepared myself for another near-death experience.


A bit of foreshadowing, can you guess what it is let me know me in the comments and if i can get more than 20 spirit stones as well as 5 reviews. There might/will be another two chapters released later as i am in a good mood at the moment.

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