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As i held the jaegers head above my own, i heard a notification ringing within my head.

"Congratulations host for defeating a mark 4 jaeger, host has now reached the amount of Exp to evolve into a category 4."

> Time remaining until evolution

- 1 hr 59 min 57 seconds

> Tribulation difficulty

- 2/6 difficulty rate (Extreme mode)

"Umm system what does it mean by extreme mode." I asked as i felt curious about this new mode. "Well as i have mentioned before host there are six tribulations with their own mode of difficulty. The first which host experienced was the normal mode host and as you know there are six;

- Complex

- Extreme

- h.e.l.l

- Asura

- Nirvana

- Beyond

The first three modes of difficulty is 2x more difficult than the last, however this only applied to the complex, Extreme, and h.e.l.l mode." I then tried to understand what the system was trying to say, "So the first three is 2x more difficult than the last, but what about the last three system.", "The last three which are Asura, Nirvana and Beyond are modes which have separate stages of their own. Meaning that the first one Asura has three stages, the second one Nirvana has five, and the last one Beyond

I then decided to move away as staying here would be more dangerous, and so i dropped the head of the jaeger onto the ground and made my way back into the ocean while activating the concealment ability. As i left i noticed that the small creature like machine was still flying overhead and emitting a light towards my face. It was really annoying but i chose to ignore it and just dive right back into the ocean. So i have one more hour and a few more minutes before i would go through my tribulations.

General Pov...

1 hour later

As hakaira left, much of the people throughout the world were greatly shocked by what he had just done. In fact commander Brian who was still in the command center was now having to deal with orders from many governments around the globe. As well as the news which was released by the press which concerned the new kaiju, with the newspaper subheading saying, "New kaiju; Enemy or Ally." This was big for many as it described the actions of the kaiju which ate its own kind.

Another newspaper with a different topic was solely focused on what happened to the jaegers. "Jaegers: Are they able to keep us safe?". "G.o.dd.a.m.n Reporters, do you understand the gravity of the situation, well do rangers." Commander Brian who was now in his office with all of the jaeger pilots who were involved in this crisis along with Frank Smith. "At this moment i am getting a call from every G.o.dd.a.m.n government throughout the world asking me as to what the h.e.l.l happened. Oh but not only that, every G.o.dd.a.m.n news station is making newspapers about that kaiju, as well as how we are not capable of protecting them."

"Sir with all due respect we couldn't beat that kaiju unl..", "I don't want to hear excuses Mr. Nolan, you and you're co-pilot we're supposed to put the kaiju down. I already have enough problems with one kaiju that appeared a few weeks ago, but now having to deal with this new one is something that could make one go ballistic. However, all of you are lucky to have survived as we don't know much about this kaiju." Everyone in the room were silent as the commander in front of them was almost having a breakdown but still kept it together. "From now on i want all of you to put down that kaiju on sight, however thankfully the new Mark upgrades will arrive soon to help you do this."

All of the jaeger pilots were surprised to hear that there would be new Mark upgrades. "Sir what mark jaegers will arrive sir." Jason asked as he was curious, the commander responded saying, "Mark 5." Everyone in the room were wondering what were the capabilities of the new Mark 5 jaeger. "You are probably wondering what the new Mark 5 jaegers can do right." Frank said as he looked at the jaeger pilots. Everyone of the jaegers had the same idea but none of them wanted to speak.

"Well there are Three Mark 5 jaegers which will replace your damaged ones. These new Mark 5 jaegers are faster stronger and more how should i say this... more flexible if might add. Also, they are equipped with the latest military technology which have yet been tested. All in all these mark 5 jaegers are real war machines." Everyone was impressed by the latest modifications of the jaegers. Commander Brian who was standing by the side wanted them to understand that this was their top priority.

"Do you understand." He asked as he wanted his jaeger pilots cooperation, "YEESS, SIR.", Jason and the others then left meanwhile throughout the whole meeting Jill was still in thought "Umm sir it seems that there is a storm coming." Frank said as he look towards the weather monitor, however Commander Brian dismissed that and said, "Mr. smith only inform of kaiju activity if you would, also what have you found concerning the chinese command center." Frank then made a serious expression and said, "Sir it would seem that the chinese government has kept this under wraps, however i managed to find out that we aren't the only ones who have encountered a strange kaiju before."

"What do you mean?" Commander Brian asked as he was tired of the suspense. "Sir it would that there is another kaiju located somewhere within the pacific ocean or at least that is what the chinese governments last coordinates in which the kaiju then disappeared." While both commander Brian and Frank were going over the location of the unknown kaiju, the storm which they had previously ignored was now the battle ground of none other than Hakaira.

Hakaira's Pov...

"System how many lightning strikes will i be hit with this time." I asked as really did not like the feeling of being pounded by lightning. The system replied saying, "There will be 6-7 lightning strikes host, the first three will be the color of a normal tribulation lighting meaning it will be white. While the rest will be Yellow signifying the extreme tribulation that you will face." Just imagining the pain i will go through once more just to become i felt fear. So i asked my system a question while trying hard not to sound pathetic.

"System is there anyway that i could make the tribulation easier to overcome." I asked as i was truly hoping for a way. "The system replied saying, "Host can use the limbs which have not been used yet or other objects to block a few of the lightning strikes.", "Really!!!" I shouted as i was happy for that helpful advice. "Yes host can now attach those limbs as your own, also as you face your tribulations these limbs will also grow with you.", "Alright then, by the way system what skill did i receive from the last kaiju." I asked with antic.i.p.ation, the system replied saying, "You have received the scale shield skill, also host must choose the limbs that you wish to add onto your own.", "Ok then i will choose the..."

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