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General Pov...

Over the pacific ocean thunderclouds were forming over it, but once in a while, white lightning would strike it. This phenomenon was uncommon and many meteorologists who were observing the earths weather pattern noticed it. However, as the storm was pretty dangerous no choppers would fly over it since it was also in the middle of the ocean. Therefore they would need to observe it from their safe location, however many were still eager to find out about this strange phenomenon.

Then as the clouds finally covered the entire region, lightning struck, there was a saying that lightning did not strike twice in one location. However, it never said anything about lightning striking more than 6 times in one place. This was now a death experience for our MC Hakaira which he had to overcome, if he wanted to become stronger. The first lightning which struck him was white, however he was able to withstand the pain without using any of his skills or limbs to block it. The next lightning which struck was white as well, but it was 2x thicker than the the last one. This time the scale around his arms fell off one by one, but he still did not activate any of his skills.

At this moment Hakaira wanted to test his defense without using any tricks, therefore to know his limits he tested and pushed himself to his limit. That was until the next lightning struck which was disaster in itself, without any words to describe it. As the third lightning which came over him was about to strike he immediately extended his left wing and blocked it. However, the currents of electricity still spread across his entire body, he then looked to the feathers of his wings and saw that it was in tatters. But that did not discourage him as the real challenge was about to come, so he knew that this wasn't the time to lose focus.

The thunderclouds which were above the ocean water was now condensing itself, and becoming even thicker than before. In fact it was so thick that many across the pacific were now as to how it became so dark when it was just sunny a few hours ago. Then as the clouds finally finished condensing itself it now looked like it was descending into the lower atmosphere as if it was descending to

Challenge something. Hakaira who was prepared laughed and roared at the clouds as though he could feel its threats. The clouds then began to emit blue lighting around it, then as it stopped silence filled the air. Unexpectedly blue lightning instantly struck the ocean and hit Hakaira who was below the ocean floor.

The scales on his back and arms had now fallen off, however instead of feeling pain Hakaira felt revitalized and full of energy to keep going. If one could look closely you could see that places where the scales had fallen a few more were growing back, and the burnt flesh in his arms were now healing at an impress pace. He then stood right back up and activated his skill scale shield, "Come on, bring it." The thunderclouds as if they were angered by his response began to descend even further and sent not one but two lightning bolts which were 20 meters thick. As they struck Hakaira quickly used his wings to block it, however the two lightnings ripped apart his wings and burnt off his back scales as well.

After a few minutes or so Hakaira stood right back up again and roared to the thunderclouds. At that point the thunderclouds which had already descended was now gathering at one point and was about to release its final strike. Hakaira who knew that this was his last strike he activated his scale shield and awaited the lightning to strike. If any meteorologist were to see this development, they would mark it in the history book as something which had never been seen before. As at this moment, a hole had appeared within the thunderclouds and was becoming even bigger than before.

Then as the hole was about to grow even bigger a blue light suddenly descended, which almost like it was almost 40 wide. However, Hakaira who was waiting swam upwards to meet the lightning as if it was an opponent sent to kill him. If Hakaira could survive this he would become even stronger than before and would be nearly unstoppable. However, if he failed he would bot only die but would be erased from this world. However, the thoughts which were going through Hakaira's head was, "This is fun.". Then just as the lightning was about to touch the sea water, Hakaira had bursted above it and literally punched it at the same exact time.

Then a white scene occurred around him and he blanked out, a few minutes later he woke up and noticed that he was now within a white room. He then looked around and noticed the same person who had sent him into the same world he was in. He then got up and noticed that he was in a human body once again, but this time did not mind and made his way towards the seated person.

Hakaira's Pov...

As i walked towards G.o.d i noticed that he was still seated on the same tools which he placed two different things on it. I did not know what they were called but ignored it and sat next to him and began by saying," Am i dead.". At first he did not say anything which annoyed and then looked at me and said, "Not quite.", "Then why am i here." I asked as i was annoyed with this G.o.ds behavior. "Oh you don't like visiting me.", he said while looking at the object within his hands. He then looked at me and waved his hands over me, i then felt information flowing through my head. I then realized the name of the objects around me as well as the device he was holding and how to operate it. "What did you do?" I asked with caution, however G.o.d replied saying, "I just gave you info on what the things around you, tell me do you know what this is."

He then threw the device he was holding at me, as i grabbed it I unconsciously said, "It is a Samsung 9, which is more convenient than any other smartphones you have used so far." He then clapped his hands with a satisfied expression, however i was shocked as to how i knew about this info. He then took another device and threw at me while asking, "Now tell me, what is that?" I then once again began speaking, "It is a gaming console used for a PS4, which you usually use to play Call of duty or Mortal Kombat 11." I then quickly threw the two devices back at him and asked, "Can you just tell me why i am here you annoying b.a.s.t.a.r.d." I then noticed that i was now saying words which i had never used before and was talking in a new and strange way.

G.o.d once again clapped his hands and said, "Well enough with that, the reason why you are here is because, you almost died during your tribulation, Gamera or should I call you Hakaira." I was shocked by what he told me and answered saying, "Hakaira is fine, but what do you mean i almost died.", "Well the lightning nearly destroyed your head and tore off your right arm and shoulder. However, thankfully i was able to save due to someone wishing to help you." I was stunned when he said that someone wanted to help me i wanted to ask who it was but then he interrupted me and said, "Oops times up, you gotta go back, see you later.", "Wait... wait who was it that wanted to help me."

However, i was already back in my previous surrounding from before i was p.i.s.sed at G.o.d for doing that and got up and said, "System are you there..."


G.o.ds Pov...

"You can come out now." I said as a woman with a transparent body coming from behind me appeared. "Thank you for helping him." She said while holding her hands together and looking at me. "Never did i imagine that i would be doing something so cliche until now. So why did you help him." I asked while looking at the transparent woman. She answered saying, "It is because i feel sorry for him he had gone through so much i just wanted to help him for once." I shook my head and said, "Well I'm going to get some questions from here, but go on he is waiting." The woman made a smile and then disappeared, i was now feeling really tired and rubbed my forehead.

However, i did not get a chance to do that as another uninvited guest had appeared within my domain. "Well h.e.l.lo G.o.d ." I turned around at the person in front of me and said, "Well are you having fun." The person answered saying, "It is about time that we finish our little bet don't you think.". I answered saying, "Like i told you before once my chosen had reached that level you can finally have that battle." The person looked unsatisfied with my response and said, "Fine, but remember if i win...", "I know the rules just get out already." The person smiled and left, i then whispered to no one within the empty void and said, "Hakaira you better hurry up, i can't help you any further as time goes by."

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