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"ah…How may I call you?" One of the 2 young men asked.

"Hmmm….name, huh? You can call me…Asura." Saksham said slowly.

"Um…that's a peculiar name. Well, that is not our concern here. Cough. Let me introduce myself. My name is Akram Seth and the one sitting beside me is Vishal Nagar. We are both from IOEA. And as you would have guessed, we are here to investigate about the disappearance of those 100 gangsters." Akram said.

"Just ask what you want to ask. Let's not waste anyone's time here." Saksham snorted.

"What we want to know is who did it and how did that person do it. Although It might sound stupid, but what happened to those 100 people?" Akram asked sharply.

"The one who did it was me. How did I do it? I did it with my awakened superpowers. And as for what happened to those 100 cancers of the society, why even bother asking. You should probably know what happened to them," said Saksham.

"Although we won't say anything the disappearance of those 100 people, but we won't keep our silence if any ordinary person is harmed. IOEA will hunt you down no matter where you are and then you will have to bear the consequences. For the country and for its people, we never hesitate to go to any lengths. I hope Mr. Asura is clear about this." Akram said solemnly.

"Anything else?" Saksham asked.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about this. Mr. Asura, have you registered in IOEA?" Akram asked.

"Register?" Saksham asked.

"Yes, Mr. Asura. Every awakened person has to register at IOEA. Their strength is registered and then they are given their identification card from IOEA. If you are interested, you can even take the partnership program of IOEA. But seeing that you don't know about this registration, it seems Mr. Asura has awakened not too long ago." Akram said.

"Hmm..yeah. I awakened not too long ago. So, about this registration. Is it necessary?" Saksham asked.

"Yes, it is absolutely necessary. Any awakened person is required to get an Identification card from IOEA no matter what. Resisting can lead to serious consequences. So, we humbly request you to get registered as soon as possible. The things you have done to those 100 people is a crime. It doesn't matter if they were evil or good. The fact that matters is that YOU killed them. So currently, you are a criminal who should be punished. But that would have been the case if you were an ordinary person. Now that you are an awakened, we can keep an eye closed on this matter. But that doesn't mean you can do anything you want in the future. IOEA has come to the decision of letting this one pa.s.s because every one of the people you killed had a bad criminal record."Akram said seriously.

Saksham fell silent for a while and asked, "Where can I get this identification number? Where is this HQ of IOEA?"

"You just have to come to the biggest building in Laxmi Nagar. You can contact either me or Vishal when you reach there and we will personally come and take you for registration."

"Alright, I will come to register this weekend. But what is this partnership program of IOEA?"

Akram didn't reply instead, he glanced at Rhytham and said, "Mr. Asura, I think you should visit the HQ and this will be explained in detail there. We are not permitted to talk about it outside."

Saksham nodded and said, "I see. Give me your contact number and I will contact you when I am about to reach there."

After that, Akram and Vishal stood up and walked outside the house with the 3 power-users behind them. As they left the house, Rhytham closed the door and saw Saksham's still sitting at the same place. He came towards him and asked, "Lord, what happened?"

"Ahh…nothing. I was just wondering about something but leave this. Tomorrow, bring Shyam and Vipul with you. I think it is about time we start our plans." Saksham stood up.

"Yes, Lord. I understand. I will bring those 2 brats tomorrow."


"Vishal, what do you think of that Asura?" Akram asked Vishal who was quiet the whole time.

"He is very unpredictable. I couldn't see his face even in the brightly lit room and from his voice, I get the impression that he is a man of around 35-40 years old. The husky and hoa.r.s.e voice of his really gives me chills. I really don't want to hear his voice for a long time." Vishal sighed.

Akram nodded slightly and looked towards the 3 'bodyguards' who were walking behind them. His face became slightly ugly as he looked towards one of them. That man was the one who had rushed up to attack Saksham. Seeing Akram looking at him, he reverted his gaze towards the ground, feeling guilty.

"You should know why I am looking towards you, right? You should know that how big of trouble you almost got us in? Do you have any idea?! If you want to die, then you can go and die alone somewhere. Don't drag us into your sh*t!" Akram scowled.

"H-he…wouldn't have done anythi-"

Akram stopped him in the middle and said, "You think that because we are from IOEA then no one would dare to touch us? Right? From what we conferred out of the conversation, that guy Asura is a decisive and ruthless man. He killed 100 people alone. If you had successfully landed a hit on him, I can a.s.sure that you that neither you nor I would have come out of that house alive. You should have felt his power first-hand, right? Do you still think he wouldn't have done anything?"

Fortunately, he just warned us and did not take this matter seriously, or else the consequences would have been heavy. And it doesn't matter if IOEA latter comes and kills him. The thing that matters is that we would have been dead by that time. That's why School Of Awakened always teaches us to be humble even if we get powers beyond average people. There is always someone better than you out there. Keep this lesson in your mind and I will definitely report this to HQ."


Saksham's Home

Saksham sat on his bed with a Smartphone in his hand. The Smartphone was strange as it had no logo of any company. Saksham looked at it and thought, "I have used 1 EP to get a Smartphone that cannot be tracked or hacked no matter what. Even the sim-card came with the phone. People can't track the call record and neither can they open my phone without my permission. Dang, this phone is really a great thing. Well, now I am left with 14 EP. I think I should start the next phase of my planning. I have to strengthen myself."

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