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After waiting for a while, the expected notification from the system didn't ring. Tilting his head slightly to the side, Zuyuan thought, 'This guy.. Wasn't he the chief?' 

Carefully observing the hobgoblin in front of him once more, he furrowed his eyebrows. Guards of warriors on his side, along with the seemingly mage behind him, and not to mention his decent clothes rather than rags that the others wore… it was a situation that screamed leader no matter who saw it. 

"Who are you?" 

Moving his gaze towards the leader-like hobgoblin, his eyebrows raised a little at the unexpected question. "Just a random pa.s.serby." 

"Careful, Huhe!" One of the hobgoblin warriors stepped forward to shield the hobgoblin in the centre and pointed the tip of his sword at Zuyuan, "It might be an enemy." 

"But.. That's.." another warrior chimed in and hesitantly said, "A human?" 

"Why would humans be here?" asked another warrior while giving out a suspicious gaze. 

"He came for us." 

This time, an aged voice sounded and the goblin with a black overcoat and staff in his hand walked towards Zuyuan calmly, "Welcome to our world, Missionary." 


"I'm the head of this tribe, Hahi." introduced the goblin as he stroked his chin, "You have to put aid as expected." 

"The head.." Furrowing, Zuyuan thought silently, 'Then shouldn't he be the chief? Why is there still no notification?' 

Puzzled at the situation Zuyuan tried to probe into it by asking the goblin named Hahi, "You are the chief right?" 

"The chief?" eyes widened, the old goblin shook his head and replied, "My status is far from chief, Missionary." 

"What do you mean?" 

Tilting his head slightly in a confused manner, Hahi the goblin then revealed an enlightened expression and smiled, "Would this chief you mean was a leader of a tribe, Missionary?"

"Yes, that's right." Replied Zuyuan immediately. 

Shaking his head once more, Hahi said, "In the goblin's community, a chief is a person that ruled at least a dozen tribes. While the one that led each tribe in his stead would be called the head of the tribe." 

Furrowing again, Zuyuan mused, "Isn't that sounds like.." 

Smiling at, Zuyuan, Hahi said, "In human terms, maybe that kind of position would be called a king." 

Still feeling something didn't add up, Zuyuan was about to ask more. But the hobgoblin called Huhe placed his hand in Hahi's right shoulder and said in stern voice, "We have no time for chitchat, grandpa. We need you and your magic on the battlefield." 

Sighed as he was reminded by the seriousness of their condition, Hahi turned his gaze towards Zuyuan and said, "We would ask you to lend us your power, Missionary. It would be your duty to help us in this troubled time as per the contract had agreed upon." 

Contemplating for a while, it was true that his mission objective hinted he would have to help the goblins sooner or later by meeting their king. But before his job was officially confirmed, Zuyuan wanted to avoid wasting his energy on something that was not his business. But then, he realized something and asked after hesitated for two seconds, "Would you guide me to where the goblin's chief would be?" 

"Of course." said Hahi without hesitation as if he was stating a fact. 

"Then, I'll be your ally." Nodding, Zuyuan continued, "I will take care of the spearhead and open a path for your warrior to attack the slingshot orcs on the back line. It's better to eliminate the range attacker first." 

Listening to Zuyuan's suggestion, Huhe nodded back in agreement and was about to express his thanks. But then, a small goblin ran to him and shouted, "Huhe! The enemy had reinforcements! Our brother was overwhelmed on the front line and being butchered!" 

His pupils contracted from hearing the news, he wasted no time and rushed as he shouted, "Y'all, follow me quickly!" 

The group of guards on his side shortly ran beside him obediently, even the old goblin Hahi tried to keep up with them with his small legs. 

Making a serious expression as he thought that the situation was more dire, Zuyuan wasted no time and rushed as well. Utilizing his Ghost Walk, he catched up with the group in no time and even overtook them. Ignoring the few gasps of shock behind him, he charged to where the orcs gathered the most. 

A few glances enhanced Qigong vision, he noticed that another thirty more orcs warriors had entered the fray. Pumping more Qigong in his legs, his speed doubled while his hand outstretched to the ground. With a flash, Estgard appeared on his hand as he leaped towards the nearby three orcs who were busy torturing two goblins on the ground. 

With a slash, he beheaded two orcs that were not fast enough to react. The last orc had a surprise on his face before pulling out his hand axe that was stuck on the goblin's belly. Without giving any chance for his opponent to retaliate, Zuyuan decisively sliced the orc's knees. Screaming in pain, the last thing he saw was the back of Estgard's blade that was glistening from the sunlight as the tip pierced deep right in his throat. 

Pulling out his blade with an emotionless face, he flicked Estgard and let the blood spatter on the ground. Giving a quick glance at two goblins on the ground, his expression became darker as he clicked his tongue. The two goblins were still alive with their chest going up and down. But they had lost both their arms and legs, along with their eyes and both had their stomach ripped open. Making the wound not too big so that they won't die instantly, but also the orcs pulled out their guts one by one while enjoying the Incomprehensible scream of pain. 

Looking around another few places of the battlefield, the orcs that free enough and wasn't busy attacking the hobgoblin, went to the weaker opponent such as goblins and torture them to death. Gruesome corpses littered everywhere with goblins was the most common. 

Gritting his teeth, Zuyuan moved his gaze towards the incoming group of orcs that noticed his presence and rushed to him. Staring intently at them with eyes full of killing intent, Zuyuan said slowly. 

"You are all dead meat." 

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