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"Hold it right there? Haha!" After leaving the house, Liu Feng quickly closed the door firmly, and then returned to his own room.

KCha! KCha!

Returning to his own room, he once again heard the smattering of gla.s.sware from the door opposite his; it seemed like Yang Shiwen had really been angered by Liu Feng, and was not just angry, but fuming—she was flinging items on the ground to vent her anger.

"The First Miss throwing a tantrum, this is an illness which needs treating too!" Liu Feng muttered, and then put that audiomonitor to his eyes to look closely at it.

After a split second, Liu Feng's eyes brightened up suddenly, and he held the audiomonitor tightly in his hand. "Might not be, that boss behind the scenes might really be able to give Park Jun Shu money three days later; if this audiomonitor was placed there by him, he would definitely know that I had treated Yang Shiwen, and then Park Jun Shu that killer might still be of use. Hence, this audiomonitor might be useless."

After thinking this matter through, Liu Feng added some force to his hand, and the audiomonitor broke into two with a snapping sound.

At the same time, somewhere in a luxurious condominium, two men who were wearing earphones suddenly stood up shrieking, flinging the earphone swiftly down onto the ground.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, the audiomonitor must have been discovered."

"Inform the boss then, looks like Yang Family has an expert."

This time, Yang Shiwen had also finished venting her anger in her room and she took her phone to open a WeChat group, and recorded a message directly: "Hey, hey, hey, the First Miss has been bullied. I ask you to come out in ten minutes to help me deal with him, hmph!"

At around seven thirty in the morning, Liu Feng and Yang Ding had just finished their breakfast and was sitting in the living room having a chat when Yang Shiwen ran down from upstairs.

"Hey, Liu Feng, drive the car for me and send me to report at the Technological University." The First Miss Yang could not wait to see Liu Feng at all costs and hence, her tone was also very unkind.

"Cough, Shiwen, you're not allowed to be so rude to Xiao Feng!" Yang Ding knew his daughter's temper and scolded him sharply immediately.

"Dad, don't bother about this matter. Liu Feng himself admitted that he could be my driver for free." Yang Shiwen's intricate face revealed a cunning smile. "Plus, Dad, you and Liu Feng had said before that he is my personal bodyguard, wherever I go, he must be there too, right?"

"This child!" Yang Ding looked at Liu Feng awkwardly. "Xiao Feng, I have troubled you. Shiwen's mother had left early and this la.s.s had been spoilt by me, sigh!"

"Nothing, it's just a small la.s.s. Old Yang, are you afraid that I won't be able to handle this?" Liu Feng still laughed, revealing a sunny and confident disposition.

"Well-said." Yang Shiwen flung her hand, and threw a Porsche 911 car key to Liu Feng. "The car is at the garage outside; drive the car over here, quickly."

"No problem!" Liu Feng laughed, saying.

"Xiao Feng, take this too." Yang Ding quickly rose up and pa.s.sed a Dong Hai Technological University acceptance note to Liu Feng.

As for the richest man of the Eastern Sea City, it was certainly easy to gain acceptance into the second-ranked top university.

Liu Feng kept both the car keys and the acceptance booklet, and then turned around to walk outside.

"Hmph! Taking advantage of me, Liu Feng, I will make you pay for this." Seeing Liu Feng walk out of the villa's main door, Yang Shiwen, with her small hands placed behind her, also walked out of the door.

Honk honk!

Three minutes later, the Porsche 911's high horsepower resounded outside the villa and later, its voice gradually became softer...


Sitting at the living room of the villa, Yang Ding heaved a heavy sigh. "With Liu Feng around, Shiwen's safety would definitely not be a problem. What has to be confronted later on, I will not run from it!"

This time, Liu Feng drove the 911 and under the gaze of the Yang Family's security guards, drove out of the main door of the Yang Family's villa.

Yang Shiwen sat on the co-pilot seat of the car, turning around to look secretly at Liu Feng many times. A strange gleam pa.s.sed over her large bright eyes, almost as if her plot was going to succeed.

However, this intelligent First Young Lady Yang did not notice something, that being the heiress of the Yang Family, her every word and action would be noticed by others!

When the car had drove away, a group of nosy security guards fired up by a fire of gossip gathered in front of the front door and started to talk.

"Brothers, did you see that? That brother called Liu Feng had actually driven the car and sent the First Young Lady Miss out!"

"That's impressive. Yesterday night, this brother suddenly appeared and the boss still held an umbrella for him, calling him 'Xiao Feng' so intimately!"

"I'm guessing that this brother might be, possibly, the future son-in-law of the Yang Family?"

If these words had reached the ears of Yang Shiwen, she might have been angered to the point of having a relapse.

At thie very point in time, Yang Shiwen was in a situation of extreme happiness. Because the Porsche 911 that Liu Feng was driving was already down the hill, outside Xian Luo Mountain villa region, where the car was blocked by two luxury cars.

Before an imported Ford Mustang stood a man who was almost 1.9m, a big-bodied youth with darkened skin; and on a Maserati was a pet.i.te girl wearing sungla.s.ses.

"Shiwen, this fella is your personal bodyguard? How dare he not come down the car when he sees us? So arrogant!"

"Handsome man, even though you look handsome, but it's not good to be so aloof! Being a personal bodyguard, you should have your bodyguard's senses; come down quickly, and report to big sister your height, weight and how many cm is your a.s.set!"

This couple started to fire at Liu Feng upon seeing him. Clearly, they had long had some plot.

Liu Feng was tickled by these two fellas. Right, even though Liu Feng was older than them, in his eyes, this young man and the girl were definitely kiddy brats.

"Silly big fella, I'm now acting as a personal bodyguard for Shiwen, not for you, so whether I am arrogant or not is none of your business?" Liu Feng retorted unkindly.


The big-bodied youth was about to retaliate but Liu Feng did not care about him anymore but only pointed to the pet.i.te and beautiful girl saying, "My height is 180 centimeters, weight is 70 kilograms, as for my a.s.set, it's 18 centimeters, you want to try?"


That girl was teased to the point of embarra.s.sment by Liu Feng. She thought that no matter how Liu Feng teased her, he was just Yang Shiwen's bodyguard. They didn't think that he would be too brazen after a few words of teasing but they did not expect that with just a few insulting words, Liu Feng immediately played punk.

"Tong Lei, Xiaoxi, do you see how rogue this guy is?" Yang Shiwen was unkind, and she had wanted to deal with Liu Feng; now that her friends have come, she was even prouder. "You two watch out; how are you going to help me teach this guy a lesson?"

"Little fella, you come down the car. I am going to beat you up!"

The fella, who Shiwen called Tong Lei, pointed at Liu Feng and hollered. "You dare to bully Shiwen! I promise to beat you up..."

"Shut up. Do you have martial arts skills? Can you win the bodyguards beside Shiwen's father?" Liu Feng was sitting at the steering wheel, saying in a tone as light as the wind, "I just need one move to deal with those two fellas."


Tong Lei was dumbfounded, and then looked at Yang Shiwen.

The first young lady Yang nodded her head. Yesterday, Liu Feng jumped over the wall to enter her house, and subdued the two bodyguards beside Yang Ding with a single move—she had already heard of it.

Tong Lei hurriedly took a step back and cleared his throat saying, "What's the point of just beating people up? Someone is just a bodyguard acting as if he is worth twenty or eighty thousands, whom I will not want like that even if he's free."

"So I'm not playing your bodyguard. You are here all so worked up?" Liu Feng said sarcastically, laughing.


Tong Lei almost fainted out of anger and felt a bit at a loss of words.

"Handsome man, do you have other skills other than fighting? If you have no other skills, it's not good!" The beautiful girl named Xiaoxi came up, and slanted her small head to the side, saying.

Liu Feng said, laughing, "I know too many skills. I have a Master, and ten over female teachers. My Great female teacher taught me commerce, my second female teacher taught me how to use poison, my Third female teacher taught me medical skills, my fourth female teacher taught me gambling skills, my fifth female teacher taught me gun skills, my sixth female teacher taught me fortune reading, my seventh female teacher taught me car driving, my eight female teacher..."

Tong Lei and Xiaoxi were stupefied. Even Yang Shiwen was rolling her eyes all the way.

"Liu Feng! So all your skills were taught by your female teachers?" Yang Shiwen's both fists were clenched and she clenched her teeth saying.

"Yes, my master is not free, so it was up to my female teachers to teach me! You have an issue with that?" Liu Feng asked with a straight face.

Yang Shiwen, "..."

"Hold on, Liu Feng, you said that your seventh female teacher taught you car driving skills. So your car driving skills must be terrific?" Xiaoxi seemed to have caught onto an important point and asked excitedly.

Liu Feng asked, "Of course, if I recognize my car-driving skills as the third in the world, then no one dare say he is second in the world. As for the first, it's a draw between my master and my seventh female teacher."

"Good! Then do you dare to race with me and Tong Lei?" Xiaoxi asked.

"Yes, fella, do you want to race with us? There must be gambling lots," Tong Lei went to the fore again, and asked vehemently.

"Race with me? You two like to find trouble?" Liu Feng said with a face of utter shock.

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