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"There's a problem!" The next day, at around five thirty in the morning, Liu Feng, who was lying on the large soft bed opened his eyes lazily. His hearing was exceedingly sharp—the shattering of the gla.s.sware was clearly coming from the room opposite, and he even heard it.

Following which, Liu Feng only used less than five seconds to change into his new clothes. He walked quickly to the front of the door, pulled open the room door and rushed out. In this process, Liu Feng almost did not utter any noise.

This time, Liu Feng stood in front of Yang Shiwen's door, his left ear faintly twitching twice, and he then conveniently taking out needles one by one and jamming them into the keyhole.


An extremely faint spring lock rang out and following which, a silhouette darted out; Liu Feng entered Yang Shiwen's room.

Yesterday, the window gla.s.s that had been shattered by the bullet had already been replaced with a new one. A thick curtain blocked the sunlight filtering from outside the room. This time, Yang Shiwen was still standing in front of the wardrobe; finding her clothes and scolding at the same time. "Stupid Liu Feng, Smelly Liu Feng! Treating my sickness, heh! Yesterday, he actually dared to punch my chest, causing me to pee my bed; after peeing my bed, he didn't let me come up from the bed and I had to lie in bed to rest—this big b*stard deserves to die!"

D*mn it!

Once Liu Feng entered, he heard Yang Shiwen scolding him. This time, Yang Shiwen had actually not worn her clothes...

Her wet hair draped her back, her naked and wet shoulders and rounded b.u.t.tocks still hung a few beads of crystal water that had not dried up. Her smooth arm reached into the wardrobe and rummaged without stopping, coincidentally covering up her two proud peaks. Her two extremely long legs were gleaming with white light in the dimly lighted room. Seeing this figure, this Miss Yang looked like she had just finished taking a shower.

Half a meter within Yang Shiwen's left leg, there was a small heap of water gla.s.ses scattered behind. However, some fine and small gla.s.s remains had pierced her legs and because of this, when Yang Shiwen was rummaging through her clothes, she still raised her leg and shook it—this movement was simply a little too alluring!

The most important thing was, because Yang Shiwen's side was facing Liu Feng, added that Liu Feng's movements were too light, Yang Shiwen completely did not discover that there was another person in the room.

"Stupid Liu Feng, you treated my illness; everyone should be congratulating you but I, Miss Yang, will distinguish my hatred from kindness. You caused me to embarra.s.s myself by wetting my bed, and this matter is not finished. Be my personal bodyguard; see how this Miss will torment you to death." Liu Shiwen finished wearing a body of pink pleated skirt, pouting her mouth and still puffing.

"Cough, cough! I say Shiwen sister, it's important to have a conscience as a person!" Liu Feng had wanted to leave quietly but seeing Miss Yang having such deep feeling for him, he felt he had to explain himself.


But following which, Yang Shiwen's sharp shriek almost pierced Liu Feng's diaphragm.

"B*stard, who are you? Who let you in? When did you come in?" Yang Shiwen's flushed face seemed like it could ooze blood, her two hands tightly clutching the side of the wardrobe. She couldn't wait to stuff herself into the wardrobe.

Yesterday night, when Liu Feng was treating Yang Shiwen's illness, Yang Shiwen was actually conscious, only because she got poisoned, she was in a coma and could not open her eyes. Hence, she knew Liu Feng, but could not recognize him.

Liu Feng was also a little awkward but because he had a thick skin, he said, laughing, "I'm that Liu Feng who you have been muttering non-stop; just now I heard a sound from your room—you should know that. I'm now your personal bodyguard. To ensure your safety, I'm here."

"I asked you when did you come in? What did you see?" Yang Shiwen's pair of lovely moving eyes had watered up with water vapor; if eyes could kill, Yang Feng could have become a corpse.

Liu Feng said, "Don't worry, I a.s.sure that I won't talk about what I had seen."

"Hooligan, b*stard! Liu Feng, you deserve to die! Get out." Yang Shiwen took up the pillow from her bed conveniently and flung it at Liu Feng.

Liu Feng raised his hand and caught the pillow... eh!

Just when Yang Shiwen was taking out another two sets of clothing from the wardrobe to throw it at Liu Feng, he suddenly waved his hand. "Stop the ruckus. If you are to get violent again, you'll have to worry if I hit your b.u.t.tocks."


Hearing Liu Feng's words, Yang Shiwen was dumbfounded.

Following which, both of Liu Feng's hands started to shake violently—the pillow got torn into two with a loud sharp tearing sound and large pieces of down feather filled the whole house. But in the snowy flying feathers, a swathe of golden light suddenly flashed and disappeared.

Liu Feng's right hand waved, and caught a golden b.u.t.ton at the size of a peanut.


Yang Shiwen had just wanted to ask what this was, but was stopped by Liu Feng's hand movement which silenced her.

Following that, Liu Feng caught the golden b.u.t.ton gently in his hand and took out his phone. He called up the SMS function and started to type out the words for Yang Shiwen to see. "This thing is a surveillance machine. You can scold me, and you can vent your anger but you can't talk about anything related to this thing."


"Liu Feng, you deserve to die; what you said while you were treating me, I heard them all—you said I would live a short life—you are the one who deserves to die!"

Yang Shiwen did have a few tricks up her sleeves. She scolded Liu Feng, at the same time taking out her own phone, typing: "Does this mean someone has been monitoring me all this while? Yesterday, there was someone who fired a gunshot into my room. My father was looking for you to protect me. Did something big happen in my family? Am I in grave danger now? Will my father be in danger?"

"There is nothing serious happening in your family, only a rival stirring up trouble in the market, which your father can handle." Liu Feng typed to reply. Last night, what Yang Ding told him, he will not tell to Miss Yang. At the same time, Liu Feng retorted unkindly. "You la.s.s, I can live up to a hundred long years—you can't be jealous about this issue. But don't worry, your dad got me to protect you, and then you will surely not die. At least, this half year when I'm protecting you, you will live healthily."

"Scram, scram, scram! Don't curse my family, you hooligan and wretch!" Yang Shiwen did not type any more words to ask him, but asked in a look of seriousness, "Even if you are my personal bodyguard, you are not permitted to enter my room anyhow in future; also, what you just saw... huh! say, what should we do about it?"

"What should we do?" Liu Feng also kept his cell phone, laughing and asking, "Miss Yang, then you tell me what should be done?"

"I, I, I, I want you to apologize to me, and a.s.sure that you will follow my orders from now on—to hit whoever I ask you to, to bully whoever I ask you to, to..."

Hearing Liu Feng's words, Yang Shiwen's lips twitched a little.

Who knew that this great beauty, Miss Yang, who had a short life, would have such a little witch's character. And this little witch grew more and more excited as she spoke, counting her fingers as she spoke, "When I am sitting, you stand; when I am drinking tea, you pour water for me; when I am about to eat, you'll buy food for me; when..."

"Stop!" Liu Feng could not bear listening anymore and waved his hands. "So according to what you're saying, do you even want me to wipe your b.u.t.t for you when you finish the toilet? When you are showering, do you even need me to help you wipe your body?"

"You... huh! Smelly hooligan! You, you, you..." Yang Shiwen was so furious that she stomped her small foot at the spot.

Liu Feng spoke, "I was hired by your dad to protect you, not a nanny whom he had spent money on; the most I can a.s.sure is that under circ.u.mstances when you are bullied by someone, under circ.u.mstances when you are ill, I will treat you; at the most, I can be your driver for free, but don't think beyond that."

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, then yesterday when you punched my chest, and just now when you saw... and barging in when I was taking a shower and changing—are we going to leave matters at that? How can there be something so cheap?" Yang Shiwen spoke, not refusing.

Liu Feng thought about it and later, took out two hundred yuan from his pocket. Later, he thought about it again and kept a hundred, throwing a red 100 yuan onto the bed. "I'll give you a hundred, take it that I had "taken your services"! You, Miss Yang, having a large family and a large business, don't take it to be little!"

Speaking which, Liu Feng turned around and walked outside.

"You, you, you, you "taken my services"? A hundred? Liu Feng, you wretch, b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop right there; you be d.a.m.ned..."

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