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Mu Yunyao lowered her eyes and looked at her. “The Old Madam, are you admitting it?”

“Yes, I admit it, but so what? If you cannot find the evidence, you will never be able to return to the Imperial Family. You can only look on helplessly as your hands are close to touching the glory and wealth, but you will never be able to enjoy it. You will only be suffer more and more, hahaha!”

Looking at the mad-looking old lady, Mu Yunyao slightly smiled. “When you were roaring at the banquet earlier, many guests already knew that you had a mental disorder. It should have spread throughout the Capital by now, and everything you say in the future will be treated as crazy. No one would believe what you want to say. In addition, you suddenly have leg problem. You will never be able to get up and get out of bed again. You’ll have to lie like this forever....”

“You … Mu Yunyao, you will have your retribution! ”

“Even if there really is retribution, you should be the one to be afraid.” Mu Yunyao retreated a few steps, and she slowly pulled her skirt out from the Old Madam’s hands. “Old Madam, you should live a peaceful life in your late years. Second Aunt will have people take good care of you.”

Mu Yunyao took two steps forward before she suddenly stopped, “Old Madam, if you really can’t find evidence to prove my ident.i.ty, why are you so anxious to kill Mother and me?” Thus, something had to have happened that caused the Old Madam to lose her cool.

The Old Madam’s eyes widened. She was so angry that she quickly tumbled down from the bed and lay on the ground. Her dark eyes stared at Mu Yunyao. “Mu Yunyao, Mu Yunyao....”

As they walked out of Ning He Garden’s courtyard, Mu Yunyao could still hear the hatred-filled roars of the Old madam behind her.

The Second Madam followed her by the side. When she saw Mu Yunyao’s expression, she spoke with some worry, “Yunyao....”

Mu Yunyao came back to her senses and shook her head slightly at the Second Madam, “Second Aunt, don’t worry. I’m fine. Secount Aunt, Mother and I will be leaving the residence soon. I’m afraid that things will get out of control. Thus, Second aunt avoids some so as not to be implicated.”

“Do you need my help?”

“No need. The Su family’s face was considered to have completely fallen apart. If Second Aunt got involved, how could she control the Su family from now on? Don’t worry, and nothing will happen.”


Mu Yunyao sat silently in the hall for a long time after they returned to Jiyue Pavilion. She looked calm on the surface, but in reality, the moment she confirmed her ident.i.ty from the Old Madam’s mouth, it was as if lightning had struck her and smashed her into a shattered mess.

No wonder she, who has always been calm, sees the Grand Princess Yi De being sick, had risked her life to save people regardless of life and death. It turns out that bloodline really had a miraculous effect...

She was sure of her words at Ning He Garden, but she was exceptionally uncertain. After so many years of searching with all their might, Grand Princess Yi De and the Emperor still couldn’t find any clues. Could she find evidence to prove her mother’s ident.i.ty?

Even if they found evidence, the status of the Grand Princess Yi De is so prestigious. When she and her mother returned, they would face endless rallying, suppression, and calculation. All of her plans would be filled with variables. Is that life what she wants?

The most important thing was that once her mother returned to the side of the Grand Princess, she would have to address Yue w.a.n.g as her uncle … Then, what was the relationship between the two of them?

The Snow Fox ran down from the upstairs, came close, and rubbed himself against Mu Yunyao’s feet. It held a fruit in its arms and squeaked as it acted coquettishly.

Mu Yunyao came back to her senses and lowered her head to lift the Snow Fox on her knees.

The Snow Fox happily jumped up and down. It placed the fruit in Mu Yunyao’s hand before raising its front hooves and sitting on her knees. It puffed out its chest as it waited for the praise.

Mu Yunyao held the fruit, the emotions in her eyes struggling. After a long time, she gradually quieted down.

Su Qing came down from the upstairs, “Yunyao, I was looking for you just now. I heard from Si Shu that you went to Ning He Garden to say goodbye. The Old Madam didn’t make things difficult for you, did she?”

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Mu Yunyao shook her head with a slight smile on her face. “Mother, don’t worry. The Old Madam is extremely ill right now. How could she have the mind to make things difficult for me again?”

“That’s good. We’ve pretty much finished packing. Let’s hurry up and leave.”

“Mother,” Mu Yunyao stood up and held onto Su Qing’s arm as she asked, seemingly out of the blue, “What kind of life does Mother want to live?”

“What’s going on? Why are you suddenly asking this?”

“I just wanted to ask. You see, when we returned to the Su family, we thought that since we were family, we should live in harmony with our relatives. However, the Su family viewed us as enemies and persecuted us wholeheartedly, to the point where we were always worried about our lives. When we leave the Su family this time, we can live the life we want. Thus, I can’t help but ask Mother for her opinion?”

Su Qing reached out and stroked Mu Yunyao’s long hair, with a warm light in her eyes. “When a person hasn’t grown up, his eyes will always be looking ahead and daydreaming about his future life and plans. However, once a person had grown up and became a parent, their eyes would fall upon a child. From now on, all of his plans and plans revolved around his children. Mother is no exception. Right now, only the two of us can depend on each other, and Mother only wants you to be happy. As long as you live well, Mother doesn’t care what sort of life i have.”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red, and her tears continued to flow from her eyes. “Mother, don’t you feel wronged like this?”

“Foolish child, if you were to be a parent in the future, you would definitely be like that as well. It’s the same for everyone. Where can I feel wronged? Seeing you have a good time, Mother is so happy to see you. Alright, don’t think about those useless things. As long as we live together, even if we’ve been drinking cold water all day, we feel very at ease.”

Mu Yunyao suddenly smiled. She raised her hand to wipe her tears and guaranteed in a clear voice, “Mother, don’t worry. I will make a lot of silver and make Mother’s life more prosperous than anyone else. I will buy whatever you wan,t and you will lead a life as you wish!”

“Alright, then you need to work hard.”

“Mother, don’t worry!” Seeing the smile in Su Qing’s eyes, Mu Yunyao’s churning thoughts gradually calmed down.

If she could not find evidence, and her mother could not return to the side of Grand Princess Yi De, then she would do everything she could to make her mother happy. It would not be any worse than living by the side of the Grand Princess.

If she found it, she wouldn’t stop it. Her mother also wants to have relatives. Regardless of what happens next, whether calculation or solicitation, she would be prepared to deal with it.

Jin Lan, Jin Qiao, Si Qin, and the others went downstairs one after another, “Miss, everything has been cleaned up.”

Mu Yunyao looked at the time and saw that it was about time. She nodded and said, “Let’s go. We’re leaving this place.”

The four walked behind the door, took out four wooden sticks in hand, opened the door, and walked outside.

Su Wenyuan stood at the entrance of Jiyue Pavillion, staring gloomily at Mu Yunyao and the others as they walked out. “Little Sister Su Qing, are you really want to indulge Yunyao’s mischie?”

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