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Actually, without the Second Madam’s deliberate arrangements, Su Wenyuan was already like an ant on a hot pan. After settling the Old Madam down at Ning He Garden, he hastily arranged for people to stop Mu Yunyao.

Mu Yunyao walked into the courtyard’s gate and saw that the servants serving the Old Madam had nervous expressions on their faces.

The Second Madam said coldly, “All of you can leave now.”

The servants were still somewhat hesitant, but Wen Mama stepped forward and kneeled to Second Madam before retreating. When they saw her actions, the others looked at each other before bowed and walked out.

The Second Madam turned her head to look at Mu Yunyao. “I’ll help you stand guard at the door. If you have anything to say, feel free to ask.”

“Thank you, Second Aunt.”

After resting for a while and being given the medicine again, the Old Madam quickly came to her senses. As she opened her eyes, she recalled what had happened in the front yard, and her expression turned ferocious. She had been schemed against. She must have been calculated!

“What’s the matter with you, Old Madam? Aren’t you the one who can keep calm in the most?” Mu Yunyao’s clear and cold voice sounded in the room. Her voice is light as a feather, but it sounded expressly heavy in the Old Madam’s ears.

“Mu Yunyao, you unfilial granddaughter. Do you actually dare to speak to me like this?” The Old Madam was about to get up when she realized that she did not have the strength to do so, “You… What did you do?”

Mu Yunyao stood next to the bed and smiled, “This Old Madam has worked hard for the Su family for so many years. Now that she is old, it’s time for her to take a good rest.”

“You … I am your grandmother. You are really unfilial!”

“Don’t you think it’s funny? The Old Madam has already done something to her own granddaughter, and she still the younger generation to be filial to you.”

“Su You… Su You…” The Old Madam gritted her teeth, and the green veins on her forehead were exposed. Without the presence of an outsider, she finally ripped open her mask of kindness, revealing her sharp claws. “Why didn’t Su You die? Everything that happened today was all part of your plan, right?”

“The Old Madam finally understands. Yes, I was the one who planned all of this. I would like to thank the Old Madam for cooperation.”

“How did you see through the flawless layout that I thought I had?”

Mu Yunyao lowered her head and chuckled, “I thought that the Old Madam would never admit that what happened today was because of you. After all, this person doesn’t dare stand in the sun after he gets used to staying in the dark. The Old Madam is already used to managing the affairs of the Su family behind the scenes, so she shouldn’t like to be exposed.”

“Answer my question. How did you know my plan?” The Old Madam Sun’s eyes were filled with anger. She had lost in a confused manner and didn’t even understand the reason for her loss. She was not willing to give up!

“The Old Madam has schemed for many years, so she should know that people can change their minds. The people around you can’t bear watching you commit so many evil deeds, and even your own granddaughter is going to be harmed. Thus they informed Second Madam and I in advance.”

“People around me? Wen Mama? Is it her?” The Old Madam’s expression became more twisted. “She has followed me for so many years, so I have great trust in her. ButI did not expect her to betray me in the end.”

“Old Madam, there’s no need to be so sad. After all, she’s not the only one who betrayed you. Even if Wen Mama didn’t say it, others would have also said it.”

“Who else?”

“The Old Madam suddenly went crazy at the banquet, and now she is bedridden. Can’t you tell the obvious answer?”

“It’s … It’s Lin Yuhan. She knows medical skills, so she secretly did something to me, right? ” She must have used medicine to make herself suddenly faint. The Old Madam spoke out her true thoughts under her madness, causing her to lose all face in front of the guests.

Mu Yunyao laughed softly, “The Old Madam is really smart. She is indeed Doctor Lin. If she hadn’t helped from the side, this plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.”

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“But why? I treat both of them well. Why would they betray me?”

“Many acts of unrighteousness will lead to death. The Old Madam should have expected such a day to come. Besides, are you really nice to them? Wen Mama has followed you for many years and is still alone. She doesn’t have a son or a daughter by her side, and now that she’s old, there’s no one to do anything behind her back. There is also Doctor Lin. You rescued her back to Su family’s residence, but you didn’t get her out of her low status. Right now, she still had the status of an official slave. As long as she left the Su family’s residence, she would definitely suffer an extremely miserable fate. I really can’t tell about how did you treat them so well?”

The Old Madam was so angry that her lips turned blue as her fingers by her side gripped tightly onto the quilt. “I never thought that I would be pecked blind by a wild goose all day long! Mu Yunyao, do you think that you’ve won just like that? The Su family has a deep foundation, so you can’t shake them just because you want to!”

“Old Madam, you are a bit overconfident. But since my return, in such a short time, hasn’t the Su family already shown signs of collapse? Moreover, it doesn’t matter if I can’t shake it. But some people can shake it, for example, Grand Princess Yi De?” Who do you think you are? Will Grand Princess help you? She only spoke to you a few times for the sake of her amus.e.m.e.nt. When she knows that you murdered your own grandmother, an unloyal and unfilial person, she will definitely hate you to the extreme. At that time, those who are jealous of you will be able to tear you apart!”

“Oh, murder of my ow grandmother? I call you Grandmother, do you dare to recognize it?” Mu Yunyao’s smile filled with ridicule as she looked down at Old Madam on the bed, her eyes filled with boundless coldness.

Old Madam’s pupils constricted as fear flashed across her eyes. “You … What nonsense are you spouting?”

“What did I say? Shouldn’t the Old Madam be aware of it? If I call you Grandmother, do you dare to recognize?”

“Why would I not dare? I’m your grandmother!”

“Heh!” Mu Yunyao’s voice was cold, and her aura was intimidating. “My mother is the biological daughter of Grand Princess Yi De, so my grandmother is the Grand Princess Yi De. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll lose your life by claiming her?”

The Old Madam’s eyelids twitched as she widened her eyes and looked at Mu Yunyao in disbelief, “You … You’re talking nonsense. Su Qing is my biological daughter, and you’re my granddaughter. There’s no way to refute that! Mu Yunyao, have you gone mad? If you want to climb higher, aren’t you afraid of falling down and dying?”

“Old Madam, your scheme is too good. You could hide our information well, but what a pity that you forgot someone? Su You remembered, and she had told me everything!”

The Old Madam shook her head violently. Her eyes were bloodshot as she glared angrily at Mu Yunyao. Her expression was ferocious like an evil spirit. “Impossible!”

Mu Yunyao smiled as she stood at the side. Her expression was calm and indifferent, “Is the Old Madam afraid now? Don’t worry, although I hate you very much, I won’t kill you now. I will make Wen Mama and doctor Lin take good care of you. I will let you see the Su family go down with your own eyes. I will make you watch over your proudest grandson and granddaughter are all ruined in front of you.”

The Old Madam looked at Mu Yunyao in fear, trembling to the point that she couldn’t speak.

“The Old Madam, you only need to stay peacefully at Ning He Garden. Mother and I are going to move out of the Su family. Consider this as a farewell from me to the Old Madam.”

The Old Madam stretched out her hand fiercely and grabbed Mu Yunyao’s skirt. Her old hand was like a dried-up twig, making her look exceptionally terrifying. “All the witnesses and the evidence back then were destroyed by me. I am the only one who knows the truth, but I would never tell you the truth even if I die. Even if you knew your own ident.i.ty, you could not prove it. Even if you stand in front of Grand Princess Yi De and say it, would she believe it? Would the royal family believe it?”

Looking at Mu Yunyao’s triumphant appearance, the anger in her heart had reached its peak. She wanted to make her suffer, to make her unable to catch a glimpse of wealth and prosperity!

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