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Su Qing raised her head and looked at Su Wenyuan. She tried her best to speak coldly, “Eldest Brother, although I am the daughter of the Su family, I have already married into another family. It doesn’t make sense for me to live in the Su Family. What’s wrong with us moving out now?”

“Mother is very ill. You don’t want to serve her and be filial. But instead, you want to leave the Su family. What sort of logic is that?”

“There’s Eldest Brother in residence, Qingwu, Yuyi, and many filial children and grandchildren are also here. What need do you have for a daughter who was picked up halfway?” Su Qing’s heart had been fully chilled by the Su family. She did not have the slightest trace of mercy when she spoke at this moment.

“You....” Su Wenyuan scrutinized Su Qing. He couldn’t believe that this gentle girl could have such a cold and stubborn side to her.

Su Qing held Mu Yunyao’s hand and pulled her out of the room. “Eldest Brother, if you still expressed a little more about sibling relationship, then let us leave happily today. Otherwise, we won’t be the ones to lose face in this mess.”

Su Wenyuan narrowed his eyes, his voice full of threat: “I will also give you two choices. First, you two just stay in the Su family, and I will provide you with delicious food and drink to your heart’s content. Two, if you all charge out, whether you die or live, you will be left to fate!”

Mu Yunyao laughed out loud and said, “Eldest Uncle, didn’t you say to use reason and affection before? But now you’re use live or die?”

“You can choose the first choice. As long as you obediently remain in the Su family and be good, you will still be a respectable Young Miss Biao of the Su family.”

“I’m truly sorry. I don’t think this Su family’s Young Miss Biao is that respectable. Mother, let’s go.”

Su Wenyuan saw no agreement, so he waved at the guards behind him, “Stop them!”

Si Qin and the others didn’t hold back at all. They swung the wooden sticks in their hands, creating afterimages as they smashed into the guards who came forward. With each swing of the wooden sticks, there was a loud wail!

Su Wenyuan’s eyes trembled. He had heard from his wife that the servant girl by Mu Yunyao’s side had extraordinary martial arts. But he never thought that their martial arts would be so good. Just who were these people, and how did they come to Mu Yunyao’s side?

The courtyard was chaotic, but the entrance to the residence was silent.

A handsome black horse, followed by the clattering of hooves, rolled down the long street like thunder and suddenly stopped in front of the Su family’s residence.

When the guards saw the figure on the black steed, they hurried over to pay their respects. “Greetings to Your Royal Highness, Yue w.a.n.g.”

Yue w.a.n.g dismounted, his black cape fluttering in the wind, the aura around his body turning cold: “Open the gates!”

“Your Royal Highness, something big has happened in residence, and it is currently being handled. Master has said that he will not see any guests today.”

Yue w.a.n.g did not bother with the guard who spoke. Held the whip in his hand, his expression was cold and solemn as he walked towards the door.

The guards looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and knelt in front of Yue w.a.n.g: “You Royal Highness Yue w.a.n.g, Master has ordered, no guests will be here today, please go back.”

Without waiting for Yue w.a.n.g to speak, Yu Heng quickly stepped forward and viciously kicked people one by one, “Impudent!”

Yue w.a.n.g raised his head and looked at the majestic residence door, his eyes cold and murderous.

The guards, who kicked, held his chest and not daring to step forward: “Your Royal Highness, the gate has been locked from the inside. The gate will not open today. Please go back.”

Yue w.a.n.g’s expression finally changed, and his aura became even colder than before. It was as if a gale of snow had descended, freezing everything in the surroundings in an instant. “Yu Heng.”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness.”

Yu Heng waved his hand, and the guards that came along with Yue w.a.n.g rushed forward. They stood side by side in front of the Su family’s main entrance as they used all their strength to ram against the main door.


The heavy door rumbled, and the door creaked as if it couldn’t bear the weight.


Yue w.a.n.g’s guards rammed into the door again, the door shook even more, and mud fell down from both sides.


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The third time they hit the door, the wooden bolt behind the door let out a cracking sound and suddenly broke. The door was ruthlessly knocked to both sides, producing a clanging sound!

Yue w.a.n.g ignored the pale-faced guards and strode into the Su family’s residence.

Yu Heng waved his hand, and the guards gathered together, following behind Yue w.a.n.g. Their footsteps landed in an orderly manner, obviously remarkably well-trained.

In front of the Jiyue Pavilion, the Su family guards all fell to the ground, along with the broken wooden sticks in Si Qin and Si Qi’s hands.

Mu Yunyao looked at the pale Su Wenyuan with a cold expression, “Eldest Uncle, do you still want to stop us?”

Su Wenyuan gritted his teeth as blue veins popped on his forehead, “Mu Yunyao, you are too much. You really don’t know what’s good for you!”

“I’ve always been like this. It’s just that Eldest Uncle doesn’t understand. If these guards don’t rest for ten and half a month, they can’t recover. Therefore, Eldest Uncle doesn’t have anyone else under his command. If that’s the case, then we’ll be leaving.”

“Mu Yunyao, you forced me to do this. I miss the feeling of blood and kinship between us, but if you refuse a toast and refuse a drink, then come at me again!” As soon as Su Wenyuan finished speaking, a row of archers suddenly appeared. They pulled the bowstrings in their hands until they were full, then pointed in the direction of Mu Yunyao and the rest, waiting for Su Wenyuan’s order to shoot them to death on the spot.

Mu Yunyao’s eyes fiercely flickered as the sneer at the corner of her mouth became even thicker, “Eldest Uncle, in order to keep Mother and me, you really have spared no effort. The official’s residence does not allow private soldiers to be gathered. Even if you keep some guards, they are not allowed to craft weapons. These crafts are specially made, and the demeanor of these people is very extraordinary at first sight. You borrowed them from Jin w.a.n.g’s Palace, right?

These people were initially borrowed to maintain order and support the facade. But they didn’t expect that they would be of use in the end.

Su Wenyuan laughed coldly: “You don’t need to care where these people came from. As long as they are here, even if you have wings on your back, you can’t think of leaving the Su family today!”

“What if they insist on leaving?” A cold voice rang out from behind him. The chill was like the onslaught of ice, causing people to tremble in fear.

Mu Yunyao’s eyes lit up, and a smile slowly rose on her face: He’s here.

Su Qing looked at Yue w.a.n.g, who was walking over. She was surprised and blinked her eyes in shock. “Young Master Ning? You …” To dare to bring people into the Su family at this time, just who was this Young Master Ning.

When he heard Su Qing’s voice, Yue w.a.n.g slightly paused in his steps before stepping forward and bowing, “Greetings, Madam Su.”

Su Qing quickly avoided, “Young Master Ning, you....”

Su Wenyuan’s facial expression changed drastically. Didn’t he already tell people to lock the door? Why did Yue w.a.n.g still manage to bring his men in?

“Your Royal Highness, you’re a prince, yet you brought people to barge into my residence. Don’t you think that’s inappropriate?” Yue w.a.n.g turned his head and looked at the green-faced Su Wenyuan: “I was pa.s.sing by the residence and heard the sounds of weapons clashing. In order to protect Lord Su’s safety, I brought some people in to check. Sure enough, I found the a.s.sa.s.sin holding bows and arrows, who were about to a.s.sa.s.sinate Lord Su, so what’s wrong with putting these people injustuce?”

Mu Yunyao couldn’t hold back her laughter. This reason was really appropriate.

Su Wenyuan was so angry that his entire body was trembling. “This is reversing the truth!”

“Lord Su misunderstood. My temperament always been straightforward. Reversing black and white is what you are best at.” Yue w.a.n.g turned his head back to look at Yu Heng and coldly spat out a word, “Kill!”

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