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arong running away incident

“Hm, I think it’s good to get a part-time job?”

I mumbled on the floor while watching TV. I used to work my b.u.t.t off for 4 straight years and suddenly I’m just resting…. This is not going to last long. It’s good to stop whatever I was doing in the morning and rest, but after a week, it got really boring. This boredom already lasted a week. Even if I go out to play, but what’s so fun being by myself? I barely go for a walk with these guys at night and go out for grocery once in few days.

“Darong! Ahrong, Yurong, Herong!”

Three animals and one person are playing around on the floor. They were undoubtedly siblings. I never knew a dog, a cat, and a bunny can go well together in my life. And a human hangs around at the same level as them. I’m even thinking about sending this story to Animal Farm. (A popular animal TV show in Korea.)

It’s really hard to get a job as a community college graduate. I heard many people graduated from famous universities are unemployed. So I decided to give some energy to my listless body by trying to find some part-time jobs. There are a lot of part-time jobs, so it’ll probably easier to find than a full-time job.

“This master will be leaving now. I might be late so take care of your own foods and don’t go out mindlessly!”

I shouted while looking at Darong’s eyes. Those guys can’t open the door, but Darong is different. He has learning ability that if he sees something once, he copies it. The three animals and one person paid attention to my words but soon after started to play around on the floor, and I sighed and left the house.

“This strangely worries me.”

I did prepare each of their foods, but I’m not sure whether those young kids can eat at the right time. Even Darong too. He is definitely not a kid, but he can die for the lack of food.

“Ha, what a good weather.”

When I left the apartment buildings, there was a cool breeze. The sky was clear and the sunlight was just enough. It was a perfect weather for a picnic. I didn’t think I can find a part-time job in a day. I’m thinking of leaving early in the morning tomorrow. I should just get some sunlight and look around outside slowly. I should’ve brought Darong along? No. If he comes out, people will stare… and women will gather around again.

“It’s been so long since I rode this bus.”

It’s been about three weeks since I rode the bus. I felt like it went back to the time when I still worked at the company. I got so excited that I wanted to go to many different places.

Right, I should buy Darong’s bed since I came out. Let’s go to the mall and order! Mmm, now that I see it I should buy Ahrong, Yurong, and Herong’s food too. I feel like the small pet shop near my house is selling it pretty expensive. Well, today’s not a suitable day to look for a job. I should just shop and hang around and go back home.

“Many new styles came in.”

I went out pretty far on the bus, and I went to the mall. I swore to never impulsive buy and started to window shopping. I walked around a bit and ordered Darong’s bed, and when my leg started to hurt, my stomach sent out a signal to give food.

“It’s already dinner time.”

My food clock is pretty accurate, so just as I expected, through a window the outside was dark. It costs a lot eating outside. I should get back home now.

“Oh yea, oh yeah! I have to go to a pet store.”

I know a big pet shop near the mall, so I quickly bought their foods.
I bought 5 kg each… All together it’s 15 kg. This is a labor. I can’t even buy Darong’s snack.

“Ugh…. tired.”

I hardly walked to the bus stop. Unluckily, it was time to leave the office that it was packed with people. There was no place to sit. I thought about using my beauty, but I felt like I would be called as a crazy b.i.t.c.h, so I gave up right away.


The bus was shaking and I who was powerlessly shaking my body everywhere and waited to get there… This seems like a perfect rush hour there’s a bad traffic. Aigo, Daronggg! Ahronggg! My pretty pets. When they were wavering in front of my eyes,


A kid sitting in front of me. Beh? I frowned and looked down. And… this young brat was sticking his tongue out at me. I don’t have to get mad since he’s childish and a kid.


I ignored him and looked outside the widow, but the kid didn’t stop. I looked at him again, and his tongue was facing straight at me.

Do I have to fight with you? At this age? If I got married early, I would have a kid in your age. Where is his mom? I lightly smiled at him and looked around.

“Oh my, oh my, so what happened?”
“That crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d, suddenly….”

She was in middle of chatting. When ajummas start their stories, they never move.

“Ajumma stupid!”

In the moment…. That…that…d.a.m.n brat said!
Ah…ah…ajumma! A murderous look sparked in my eyes. No. Don’t get excited, Haein. You are an elegant and dignified woman. You can’t get excited just because of that brat.

“Ajumma, your b.u.t.t is really biggg! It’s like my mom’s.”

Wha..what! A patience in my head snapped. I glared at him like a nine-tail fox, and that brat… just ignored me and started to eat his snack that was in his hand.

“Ajumma, look at this! It looks good, right?”

He showed his snack in his hand in front of me and provokingly said it. I’m really hungry right now, and what is this! And… that snack is an expensive one.

“The next stop is Hyundai Apartment.”

It’s my stop. Huehue… hearing a familiar voice through the speaker, I turned off my senses. First press the bell!

“What, Ajumma?”
“Will you look over there for a second?”

This obedient kid looked exactly where I pointed. I smiled with satisfaction.

“I’ll eat this wellll!”

At the same time the door opened. I didn’t forget about my things and quickly got off. The kid was blankly staring at me. He looked at his hand started to frown and…. I heard it even before the bus left.

“Ahhhhhhh! Mommm!”
“Huh? What’s wrong? Huh?”
“Waaah! Some…some ajumma… ajumma…. (Crying)!”
“What about the ajumma!”
“Took away my snack!”

When I heard that, the bus left. Hohoho, I stood there and showed him the expensive snack that I took away from him and smiled at the snack, and it was full like it was just opened and murmured.

“I earned Darong’s snack money. Huehue.”

That was the end of the day. My two hands were heavy, but my heart was very light that I went home happily.

“I’m homeee!”

Pretty Yurong welcomed me. He came with his tail waving it was so cute. I held him and closed the door…
Huh? Something heavy is approaching…. I turned my head.


I ended up screaming in surprise. After I screamed, my sense came back and breathed heavily and opened my mouth.


The reason why I got surprised. Just like a scene in a horror movie, he was crawling on the floor wearing all black. I thought it was a ghost. After I screamed in scared, that black ghost was Darong. I bent down and focused on Darong and his head that was facing the floor slowly rose.


Darong pulled my sleeve. I bent down more and got closer to him, and that guy…. whispered into my ear.


I almost snapped again. Do you only see me as a food?! I was about to get mad, but there was his voice again.

“(Dog whine)”

I think they got together. Yurong who’s in my embrace licked my hand and whined, and Ahrong, who knows when she came, rubbed her body on my leg and wanted food. Herong was chewing on something and seemed to want food too.

“Yes, I’m the servant.”

I lost all my energy to get mad and threw the snack bag to Darong and gave food to these three guys first. Darong's food is pretty difficult to make. He saw the snack and his eyes sparkled and started to munch. I’m worried about the future. I’m thinking of going out until I find a part-time job…. How will these guys end up?

“Can’t you wait?!”
“You pig son of a b.i.t.c.h, did you get possessed by a ghost that died of starvation!!”
“Aigo, I’m dying really.”

Indifferent expression never gets shook. I gave up on Darong. I made dinner with full speed. And the next morning.

“I’m going out. I’ve prepared food so take care yourselves.”

I made more than yesterday. But… that night, I couldn’t find a job and came back home. Because they welcomed me more than yesterday, I had to prepare food more with all my strength. One day, I got so mad that I starved Darong.

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