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Chapter 751 - One Thousand Xuanyuan Swords

One Thousand Xuanyuan Swords


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

There were 18,695 pieces of high-grade elemental stones, nearly twenty thousand in total.

It could only be said that Heavenly Illusion Valley deserved to be a top sect, with the surplus wealth of its disciples far exceeding that of the Saint Yan Sect.

Initially, the high-grade elemental stones in the hands of Xing Xinyang from the Saint Yan Sect were far from those of anyone in Heavenly Illusion Valley.

Not only the elemental stones, but also the spiritual treasures, and elixirs collected by Xing Xinyang were much fewer.

From this, it could be seen that even among martial artists of the same level, there was a huge difference in wealth.

In the continent of Middle Continent, it was a flourishing era of martial arts, but the final result was still that the stronger occupied more, and then the stronger became even stronger.

This was also why so many martial artists were desperately trying to improve their own realms and enhance the strength of their sects, in order to gain more resources on the continent of Middle Continent.

The spiritual materials collected by Chi Shengsheng and his four companions were all above the fourth rank, with none below this level. If these spiritual materials were sold, they would have amounted to tens of thousands of high­grade elemental stones.

There were also various spiritual pills needed for cultivation, as well as sacred medicines for healing, each worth thousands of high-grade elemental stones.

This harvest alone, not to mention things like martial arts manuals and jade slips, had a direct countable value of nearly forty thousand high-grade elemental stones.

Converted into intermediate-grade elemental stones, that would be four million, a staggering fortune.

“It seems I can find an opportunity to go to the Sacred Land City. With this wealth, at the right opportunity, I might be able to buy a spiritual material similar to the Heavenly Rain Flower,” Chen Fei pondered.

Sorting out the elemental stones and spiritual materials, Chen Fei stored them neatly within the Qianyuan Sword. When needed, they could be easily retrieved.

With these organized, Chen Fei shifted his focus to the jade slips.

Before spending the elemental stones, they were just numbers. On the contrary, martial arts jade slips, if suitable ones were found, could directly enhance Chen Fei’s combat power.

The Purple Sky Thunder Technique exchanged from Feihuang City had led to the achievement of the Purple Cloud Profound Demon Sword, boosting Chen Fei’s combat power. This prevented situations like before, where his attack power was weak due to the lack of the Suppressing Dragon Elephant’s refining of foreign forces.

Due to the blockade by the Saint Yan Sect, the Suppressing Dragon Elephant’s reputation among ordinary pract.i.tioners was relatively average. Therefore, when facing Chen Fei, these people might not have understood why Chen Fei grew stronger with each battle before being slain.

However, those top forces, even the people from the Sacred Land City, basically knew about the Suppressing Dragon Elephant technique, and some even had it recorded within their sects.

If Chen Fei’s own attack power had been insufficient and others had become aware of the Suppressing Dragon Elephant’s characteristics, he would have become somewhat pa.s.sive.

Especially against those with exceptionally strong defense, Chen Fei would have found it difficult to keep them completely at bay, let alone many top forces that had teleportation abilities to protect themselves.

Arrays like the Thousand Light Formation could have helped stall for a moment, but they couldn’t have held people off indefinitely.

So, enhancing Chen Fei’s own combat power in his normal state had been a necessary option. This had been why Chen Fei had chosen the Purple Sky Thunder Technique and the Sword Sect talent in Feihuang City.

Chen Fei hadn’t had much background; his biggest background had been himself within the Primordial Sword Sect. Therefore, when traveling outside, Chen Fei had had to try to avoid having any weaknesses.

Because sometimes, one weakness could have led to Chen Fei’s downfall.

Chen Fei had divided his attention into several strands and had delved into the jade slips before him.

After a while, only six jade slips had remained in front of Chen Fei. As for the other martial arts jade slips, Chen Fei had glanced at them briefly and had found that they could no longer enhance his strength.

As for those six jade slips before him, five of them had contained the martial arts cultivation experiences of several people from the Saint Xizhou. As for the original martial arts they had primarily cultivated, those had definitely not been included.

In addition to the cultivation experiences, there was another jade slip named the “Thousand Illusions Body Technique,” obtained from Zeng Huaizheng’s collection.

This technique, when cultivated to its peak, was reputed to be able to manifest over a thousand illusions, each indistinguishable from reality to martial artists of the same level for a short period.

Zeng Huaizheng’s primary cultivation, the True Illusion Technique, already allowed for the interchangeability of truth and illusion. Coupled with this “Thousand Illusions Body Technique,” it was truly a perfect match.

Chen Fei picked up the Thousand Illusion Body Technique and earnestly began to study it. After spending over an hour on it, Chen Fei finally set down the jade slip, his gaze filled with contemplation.

Illusions were not clones; clones typically possessed some combat capabilities.

Of course, achieving a clone’s realm higher than one’s own, as Chen Fei had done, was not unheard of, but it was extremely rare.

Illusions had no combat capabilities whatsoever; they were purely illusions. However, they were more realistic than mere phantoms, making it difficult to discern truth from falsehood.

If Chen Fei successfully cultivated the “Thousand Illusions Body Technique,” in the future, whether attacking or fleeing, he could confuse opponents and gain some advantage.

Although the Thousand Illusion Body Technique didn’t completely align with Chen Fei’s current cultivation system, it could indeed be incorporated to enrich his combat techniques.

“However, mere illusions have their limitations; if they were clones, that would be much better!”

Chen Fei raised his head high. With over a thousand clones, even if each clone’s strength was just at the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, overwhelming opponents would be a breeze.

Truly, overwhelming them wouldn’t require many tactics; with each clone delivering a blow, even those at the early stages of the Mountain Sea Realm would be trampled.

As for the fact that the Combined Aperture Tempering realm couldn’t keep up with the speed of the Mountain Sea Realm, there was always Chen Fei’s main body to hold opponents in place while the thousands of clones surged forward.

“If coupled with talent suppression, it would be even more formidable.”

Chen Fei suddenly remembered the talent suppression he had seen in the void last time, extending from the Suppressing Dragon Elephant. He had been the first to dismiss it then.

If over a thousand clones were combined with domain suppression, the scene would be breathtaking.

However, if it were possible to cultivate over a thousand Combined Aperture Tempering realm clones, what level of technique would that be? It would never fall into Zeng Huaizheng’s hands.

” I still think illusions are too weak; if the opponent also cultivates specialized mental techniques, they can see through them at a glance.”

Chen Fei lightly tapped the ground with his finger. With the Heavenly Eye, Chen Fei could see through illusions; just like when Zeng Huaizheng had tried to deceive him before, he had seen through it effortlessly.

Merge the Thousand Illusions Body Technique with the Bloodline Origin Shadow Technique?

However, the two techniques specialize in different directions. After merging, it wouldn’t allow Chen Fei to create more clones; at most, it would just create a bunch of additional illusions for each clone.

Thinking about all he had learned, Chen Fei suddenly paused, a faint gleam of light appearing in his eyes.

“What if I merge the Thousand Illusions Body Technique with the Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword?”

The Thousand Illusions Body Technique was impressive; otherwise, Chen Fei wouldn’t have kept it. The most proper fusion method would actually be with the Sky Travel, which Chen Fei also planned to execute.

But a technique wasn’t limited to just one fusion; it mostly depended on the characteristics of the technique itself.

Fusing the Thousand Illusions Body Technique with the Sky Travel would work perfectly fine, both for offense and escape.

Fusing the Thousand Illusion Body Technique with the Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword, Chen Fei wasn’t thinking about creating more illusions when using mental attacks. It would be more about adding some obstacles.

The Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword was a mental technique, and adding more illusions for deception during mental attacks wouldn’t be very meaningful because mental techniques were meant to directly attack the opponent’s mind and didn’t require additional deception.

But Chen Fei’s Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword had a slightly different aspect: it was connected to a trace of the true spirit of the Xuanyuan Sword.

If the Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword were to merge with the Thousand Illusions Body Technique, and these illusions were to multiply, could these illusions also be connected to the true spirit of the Xuanyuan Sword?

It didn’t need to be much, just a trace, but with over a thousand illusions, even a trace could acc.u.mulate into a significant amount of true spirit!

With that thought Chen Fei’s spirit instantly soared; it was too thrilling!


“Discover technique: Thousand Illusions Sky Travel!”

“Discover technique: Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword!”

In Chen Fei’s mind, two new techniques suddenly appeared.

Thousand Illusions Sky Travel, the fusion of body technique with body technique, was straightforward.

Because what Chen Fei pursued most in body techniques was speed, only a portion of the Thousand Illusions Body Technique was integrated into the Sky Travel, so the proficiency of the new technique only decreased slightly.

As for the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword, it was essentially the fusion of body technique with mental technique. Without a reference, such fusion would require a significant amount of time and effort to achieve.

Certainly, the Thousand Illusions Body Technique itself had involved the manipulation of the mind; otherwise, how could illusions have appeared?

There was an inherent connection between the Thousand Illusions Body Technique and mental techniques.

The proficiency of the Nine h.e.l.ls Profound Slaying Sword had previously been at the Perfect Level and had been advancing toward the Great Completion level. Now, with the integration of the new technique, it had directly dropped to the level of entering the Perfect Level.

“The decrease in proficiency isn’t much, but I wonder if my speculation is correct.”

Chen Fei waved his hand, setting up formations around him, then began to activate the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword.

A huge sword shadow appeared behind Chen Fei, with the contours of mountains and rivers engraved on the blade, precisely the Xuanyuan Sword.

As the Xuanyuan Sword appeared, it seemed as if countless towering mountains and vast rivers manifested, emitting an extremely oppressive atmosphere in the surroundings.


The Xuanyuan Sword shadow trembled slightly, and a phantom figure appeared beside it.

Initially extremely faint, the phantom figure quickly solidified and became clear, forming another Xuanyuan Sword. However, this Xuanyuan Sword gave off a sense of superficial strength.

Indeed, it was superficial strength because it was just an illusion, devoid of any real attacking power. And because the technique had not yet reached the Great Completion level, its flaws were even more apparent.

Chen Fei watched the illusion of the Xuanyuan Sword and continued to operate the technique, focusing all his mind on this illusion.

At first, the illusion showed no change whatsoever because it had already reached its limit. The most Chen Fei could do was to make it more lifelike.

But as Chen Fei continued to operate the technique, a force seemed to project from the void and landed on the illusion of the Xuanyuan Sword.

With the settling of this force, the illusion of the Xuanyuan Sword instantly changed.

It was no longer a question of whether it was real or not; instead, the sword suddenly exuded a divine aura and hid a terrifying power within, even if it was just a trace.

“Did it work?”

Because the technique had just been integrated, Chen Fei’s execution had been somewhat slow, but this could be solved by improving the proficiency of the technique.

More importantly, Chen Fei’s speculation seemed to have succeeded!

The true spirit of the Xuanyuan Sword within the illusion was extremely weak at the moment, probably because the illusion itself didn’t have much power to carry any true spirit.

But with the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword, Chen Fei could cultivate thousands of illusions!

Chen Fei’s eyes lit up slightly. A quant.i.tative change had triggered a qualitative change. With thousands of Xuanyuan Swords striking together, what couldn’t be achieved?

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