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Chapter 750 - Sincere Heart

Sincere Heart


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The mark trembled slightly, absorbing the residual soul imprints left here. This includes the imprints left by the three from the Saint Xizhou, all of which were absorbed together.

Jiang Yuming followed behind, his aura slightly diminished compared to before.

As these imprints condensed, they would constantly consume Jiang Yuming’s essence, but it wasn’t much. Considering Jiang Yuming’s current realm, this consumption was negligible.

In such an impossible scenario of forcibly tracking others, peak pract.i.tioners of the Mountain Sea Realm were indispensable. What was even more crucial was the special talent within Jiang Yuming’s Divine Palace.

A heart of sincerity!

In the depths of the unknown, there was a natural connection.

For the possessor of such a talent, the resonance would be very apparent. While the effect would weaken significantly if used on others, when combined with Jiang Yuming’s True Illusion Technique, it complemented each other well.

After absorbing the residual soul imprints, the mark continued to fly forward for over a hundred miles, arriving at the location where Chi Shengsheng and the others were slain, continuing to absorb the soul imprints left here.

The mark emitted a faint light, pausing in mid-air for a moment before flying towards the southeast.

Evidently, the mark had already locked onto the killer!

Upon seeing this, Xia Junlin couldn’t help but reveal a pleased expression on his face. Inviting Senior Jiang inside was indeed the most correct choice!

The mark sped swiftly, only to halt abruptly in mid-air after flying just a few dozen miles.

Jiang Yuming appeared beside the mark, his expression changing.

Xia Junlin looked at Jiang Yuming with some confusion, but seeing Jiang Yuming’s expression, he didn’t dare to askfurther.

Jiang Yuming took a deep breath, retrieving the mark into his hand. In the next moment, the mark shattered in Jiang Yuming’s palm.

“Senior Jiang?” Seeing this scene, Xia Junlin couldn’t help but call out, despite some reservations.

After all the effort spent depleting his essence to condense the mark, how could it be destroyed after only chasing for a few dozen miles? Wasn’t this a waste of his own essence!

“That person directly teleported. Relying solely on the mark, we can’t track them anymore.” Jiang Yuming looked ahead, his eyes narrowing slightly.

In reality, even with teleportation, it could still be traced following the natural connection. However, this method of pursuit had a major problem-it required an even larger essence to sustain.

Jiang Yuming was at the peak of the Mountain Sea Realm, with nine Divine Palaces arrayed within him. His strength was formidable, but facing such a forced pursuit, even his essence couldn’t sustain it.

Despite all calculations, Jiang Yuming hadn’t antic.i.p.ated that there would be a warrior with teleportation talent, causing his method to fail.

Thousands of miles away, Chen Fei transformed into a rainbow, streaking across the sky.

The clone’s advancement has concluded, possessing ample spiritual essence, and its techniques have reached a state of perfection, making the process vent smooth.

With three Divine Palaces at the peak of the early Mountain Sea Realm, its realm surpa.s.sed that of the main body.

This was also the first time Chen Fei’s clone had achieved such a result after so many years of cultivation.

However, if the clone were to engage in combat with the main body, it would ultimately be defeated, perhaps even being shattered by the main body within a few moves.

The talents within the clone’s three Divine Palaces are just projections ofchen Fei’s mam body, lacking much of their potency. Their primary function is to stabilize the clone’s realm.

With a severely weakened version of the talents, coupled with the Profound Demon Sword at its peak and the genuine three Divine Palaces, the clone’s strength falls short of the main body but is comparable to that of an average early Mountain Sea Realm pract.i.tioner.

This outcome is almost identical to Chen Fei’s original expectations; after all, a clone is just a clone.

However, due to the presence of talent projections within the three Divine Palaces, the clone’s ability to withstand pressure is quite high. When Chen Fei employs the Conjoined Body Technique, the clone can provide an additional twenty percent of the pressure resistance limit for Chen Fei.

In other words, regardless of the clone’s specific strength, merely considering the pressure it can withstand, it effectively provides Chen Fei with a weakened version of a talent domain.

Killing five early-stage Mountain Sea Realm pract.i.tioners in exchange for one at the peak of the early stage, plus an additional talent domain, was simply a windfall!

However, precisely because of having slain five pract.i.tioners at that level, the value of this clone has skyrocketed. If it were accidentally destroyed, Chen Fei would find it much more difficult to reconst.i.tute it.

Half a day later, Chen Fei landed on a mountain peak. In the next moment, he shifted himself into the depths of the mountain.

This place was tens of thousands of miles away from the Feihuang Sect, making it almost impossible for anyone to track him there. Finally, Chen Fei had some time to sort through the spiritual treasures of the Saint Xizhou and others.

He moved everything out of the five individuals’ spiritual treasures, and then he pressed the Qjanyuan Sword against the Shattered Moon Blade.


The Shattered Moon Blade emitted a harsh, distorted sound as a vast amount of spiritual essence began to pour into the Qjanyuan Sword.

The auras on the spiritual treasures of the Saint Xizhou and others were too distinct; Chen Fei couldn’t possibly sell these items, as it might attract the attention of the Heavenly Illusion Valley.

Nowadays, Chen Fei couldn’t resist the Heavenly Illusion Valley, so he had no choice but to extract the spiritual essence from these treasures to avoid being discovered.

The five spiritual treasures were extremely valuable, and extracting their spiritual essence in this manner could be seen as somewhat wasteful.

However, Chen Fei remained exceedingly calm, because he knew what he needed more.

In less than half an hour, all the spiritual essence from the Shattered Moon Blade had poured into the Qjanyuan Sword, reducing the Shattered Moon Blade to a pile of powder that dissipated into the air.

The Qianyuan Sword emitted a sharp sword cry before continuing to press against the glove of the Saint Xizhou.

In another half-hour, the glove likewise turned into powder.

Even though the Qianyuan Sword was already of considerable grade, absorbing the spiritual essence from two spiritual treasures in succession left it with a sense of being stretched to its limit.


Chen Fei sheathed the Qianyuan Sword, allowing it to quickly digest the spiritual essence.

The Concealment Bell flew out from Chen Fei’s sleeve and landed on Cheng Haixiong’s Fengxiang Sword.

The Fengxiang Sword violently twisted and trembled, with phantom phoenixes flashing across its blade, but they were promptly suppressed by the Concealment Bell, forcibly extracting the spiritual essence from the sword and channeling it into the bell.

An hour pa.s.sed, and the spiritual essence from Chi Shengsheng’s Heaven’s

Descent Sword was also absorbed by the Concealment Bell.

Compared to the Fengxiang Sword, the Heaven’s Descent Sword undoubtedly held greater superiority. After absorbing the essence from these two spiritual treasures, the Concealment Bell itself fell into a state of confusion.

At this moment, Chen Fei only had Zeng Huaizheng’s Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant left in his hands.

Regarding this pendant, to be honest, Chen Fei felt somewhat reluctant to directly extract its spiritual essence and destroy it.

Spiritual treasures that could directly enhance the soul were extremely rare. Not only did they require top-quality spiritual materials, but they also needed some luck to be successfully forged.

Chen Fei could wear this jade pendant to directly enhance his soul.

What’s more critical was that even if Chen Fei’s realm became too high in the future and he didn’t need this Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant anymore, he could place it within the Primordial Sword Sect for use by disciples at the Harmony or even Foundation Realm.

Other spiritual treasures were difficult to use below the Mountain Sea Realm but the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant could be downward compatible.

Chen Fei looked at the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant, pondered for a moment, and then the Xuanyuan Sword in his Sea of Consciousness emitted a faint light. Subsequently, a sword shadow directly cleaved into the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant.


The Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant trembled slightly as a portion of its spirituality was abruptly cut away. Simultaneously, the majority of the traces left by Zeng Huaizheng within the pendant were also eradicated.

Without pausing, Chen Fei sent several more sword lights into the pendant. The spirituality of the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant grew even weaker, but the traces of Zeng Huaizheng were also erased completely.

Purple lightning burst out from Chen Fei’s palm as he forcefully altered the appearance of the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant.

The pendant turned crimson in an instant, then began to soften all over.

After a moment, the thunderous purple light dissipated, and the Astonishing Spirit Jade Pendant had taken on a completely new appearance. Its spirituality had plummeted to the brink, just a hair’s breadth away from falling out of the realm of spiritual treasures.

However, to anyone, even if it were someone from the Heavenly Illusion Valley they would never recognize any connection between this pendant and Zeng Huaizheng.

A slight smile appeared on Chen Fei’s face as he tucked it away into his sleeve.

Afterward, with proper nurturing, he could always restore the Astonishing

Spirit Jade Pendant to its original state. What Chen Fei valued was the pendant’s unique properties.

In fact, the other four spiritual treasures could also be forcibly refined in this manner. However, if that were the case, the value of the four treasures would plummet even more compared to simply extracting their spiritual essence-it would be a greater loss.

Since that was the case, it was better to use them to empower the Qianyuan Sword and the Concealment Bell. At least this way, it was also improving Chen Fei’s own strength.

With the issue of the spiritual treasures resolved and no sense of being pursued from behind, Chen Fei confirmed there was no danger. He teleported out of the mountain and continued on toward Thousand Geese City.

The contents of the spiritual treasures of the Saint Xizhou and others were extremely diverse; it would likely take a considerable amount of time to sort through them.

Since there was no longer any danger of being tracked, it was better to just return directly to Thousand Geese City and slowly sort through the gains there.

Thousand Geese City.

It had been quite a long time since Chen Fei left here, but there wasn’t much concern among the Primordial Sword Sect.

Previously, Chen Fei’s clone had been active within the sect, serving as an elder responsible for transmitting techniques. As long as they saw the clone, they could understand Chen Fei’s current situation.

There was a brief disturbance a couple of days ago when the clone disappeared momentarily, but upon seeing the message left by the clone, it didn’t cause much of a stir.

The Middle Continent is not peaceful nowadays, with disasters erupting in various places from time to time.

But the people in Thousand Geese City were relatively calm.

With Tang Shouchang and two Mountain Sea Realm experts presiding, along with Nie Li, the Monster King, the general forces posed no threat to Thousand Geese City.

Moreover, Thousand Geese City was located in a remote corner, with little of value to attract others’ attention, even for those monsters.

Within the Primordial Sword Sect, Nie Li manifested his true form, standing on the ground, continuously pondering the various insights left by Chen Fei in his Sea of Consciousness.

Since Chen Fei left Thousand Geese City, Nie Li had been practicing like this, and his strength had been changing almost every day. This immersion in cultivation kept Nie Li completely absorbed.

The last time Nie Li had put in such effort into cultivation was a long time ago!

Suddenly, Nie Li’s head moved slightly, his eyes opened, and he looked towards the direction of the sky.


Nie Li let out a huge roar, the sound echoing throughout Thousand Geese City.

The people in the city, upon hearing the roar, subconsciously stopped what they were doing, looking up at the sky. They happened to see a flash of purple light descending and landing in the Primordial Sword Sect.

Tang Shouchang was in seclusion, but he immediately sensed Chen Fei’s aura, his eyes snapping open.

“It seems like he’s gotten stronger.”

As the rotating city lord, Tang Shouchang was in charge of the defensive formation of Thousand Geese City, and he was extremely sensitive to fluctuations in energy.

“How long has it been since he broke through?”

Tang Shouchang couldn’t help but feel incredulous. For many people who had just broken through to the Mountain Sea Realm, it would likely take them some time just to stabilize their realm.

Tang Shouchang shook his head slightly, silently calling Chen Fei a monster, then closed his eyes again.

Chen Fei’s return brought great joy and excitement to the Primordial Sword

Sect. Despite being just an clone, Chen Fei’s return seemed to invigorate the sect, as if they had found their backbone again.

An hour later, the people of the Primordial Sword Sect dispersed, and Chen Fei began to sort through the belongings of the Saint Xizhou and others.

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