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Chapter 752 - Earth Shattering

Earth Shattering


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation , Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

If it was the original Nine h.e.l.ls Refining Technique, merged with the Thousand Illusions Body Technique, and One-Armed Hades Three Kowtows, who could withstand it?

With that thought, Chen Fei suddenly felt an urge to read the entire Nine h.e.l.ls

Refining Technique.

However, to obtain a sect’s foundational technique, one had to either join the sect or breach the mountain gate. Currently, Chen Fei couldn’t meet either of these conditions.

Calming his mind, Chen Fei continued to operate the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword. Soon, the second illusory form of the Xuanyuan Sword appeared, and it successfully attracted the true spirit of the Xuanyuan Sword.

The third, fourth, fifth… In just a moment, there were already twenty illusory forms of the Xuanyuan Sword in front of Chen Fei, and all of them had attracted the true spirits.

However, at that point, Chen Fei stopped and did not continue to condense more illusory forms.

It wasn’t that Chen Fei couldn’t condense new illusions. With the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword now at the consummate stage, creating over a thousand illusions or even a hundred illusions posed no problem.

The reason Chen Fei stopped at that moment was that his mind and soul were struggling a bit to keep up.

Actually, when he condensed the tenth illusory form of the Xuanyuan Sword and the true spirit took residence, Chen Fei began to feel something unusual in his mind.

It was like a child wielding a big knife, the contradiction of having inadequate personal strength but possessing powerful force in hand.

By the time he reached twenty illusory forms of the Xuanyuan Sword, this feeling had reached its limit.

If Chen Fei continued to condense illusions, the possible outcome would be the tearing apart of his mind and soul by the overwhelming power of the Xuanyuan Sword.

When he condensed the Xuanyuan Sword before, he understood that the inscriptions on the sword’s body vanished automatically, indicating his own insufficient mind and soul, unable to bear more true spirits of the Xuanyuan


And now, taking a different approach, using illusions to bear the true spirits.

One could say Chen Fei succeeded, but in a sense, it could also be seen as a failure.

Success, of course, lay in the fact that the technique worked, with no flaws in his train of thought. But the failure stemmed from Chen Fei’s own weakness, unable to fully unleash this power.

■■The limit of the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword is the limit my mind and soul can withstand. As my future strength grows, so will this technique,” Chen Fei mused.

Chen Fei waved his hand, dispersing the twenty illusory forms of the Xuanyuan Sword in front of him, feeling a wave of relief wash over his mind and soul.

Just having them condensed there exerted tremendous pressure on Chen Fei’s mind and soul.

If he had unleashed that strike just now, it would probably have been Chen Fei’s strongest move to date. It could both slay G.o.ds and sever souls. In the early stage of the Mountain Sea Realm, probably no one could withstand it.

Even those geniuses of the early stage of the Mountain Sea Realm, even if they didn’t die, severe injury would be almost inevitable.

And if Chen Fei were willing to bear the risk of injury and forcibly condense more illusions, those geniuses would likely be wiped out in one strike.

A smile crept onto Chen Fei’s face as he tallied his gains this time. His greatest expectation was actually placed on the primary cultivation techniques of the five disciples of the Saint Xizhou.

Unexpectedly, a technique like the Thousand Illusions Body Technique had given Chen Fei an ace up his sleeve.

It was a move that, if he were desperate, could potentially infinitely increase his


Now, what Chen Fei needed to do was elevate his proficiency with the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword. When the need arose, he could effortlessly condense illusions, attract true spirits, and unleash a decisive strike!

After tidying up the jade slips of the Thousand Illusions Body Technique, Chen Fei divided his focus and delved into the other five jade slips.

Nearly half a day pa.s.sed, and Chen Fei finished reading through the five jade slips one by one.

“Discovered cultivation technique, Golden PeakMountain Scripture


“Discovered cultivation technique, True Illusion Technique (Incomplete)!” “Discovered cultivation technique, Heavenly Phoenix Song Technique (Incomplete)!”

“Discovered cultivation technique, Shattered Moon Technique (Incomplete)!” Four successive cultivation techniques appeared on the panel. Among them, the Heavenly Phoenix Song Technique had the least damage. Not only because Chi Shengsheng practiced this technique and had the highest level of comprehension, but also because two people practiced this technique. Cheng Haixiong also practiced this technique, so there were naturally more records related to the Heavenly Phoenix Song Technique.

However, no matter how few the damages were, compared to truly intact cultivation techniques, they still appeared fragmented, and they couldn’t even match up to the Purple Sky Thunder Technique obtained previously.


“Discovered cultivation technique, Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword!

As the five cultivation techniques merged, the insights related to them collided in Chen Fei’s sea of consciousness, lasting for more than a moment before gradually dissipating.

Chen Fei carefully studied the Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword, and a hint of

joy gradually emerged in his eyes.

In fact, even without Chen Fei’s study, just by looking at the proficiency of the Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword, one could judge how much this cultivation technique had improved.

The original Purple Cloud Profound Demon Sword had already reached the consummate stage, while the proficiency of the brand-new Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword had slipped from the consummate stage to the middle stage of mastery.

Although the five cultivation techniques obtained were all incomplete, many of their concepts were profound and mysterious, thus elevating the level of the cultivation technique.

If the previous Purple Cloud Profound Demon Sword was already on par with the branch techniques of ordinary top forces, then the profundity of the Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword now naturally surpa.s.sed this level.

According to the information Chen Fei had previously obtained, the cultivation techniques on the Middle Continent had various levels.

The Sacred Land’s ultimate techniques, especially those foundational techniques, could directly reach the level of the Sun Moon Realm, making them truly unparalleled existences.

At that time, only a few Sacred Lands and top forces that had lost their qualifications as Sacred Lands due to the lack of successors to the Sun Moon Realm possessed such techniques.

These ultimate techniques were not accessible to ordinary martial artists, and even within the Sacred Lands, only true prodigies could touch them.

For instance, the Heavenly Illusion Valley, although it no longer carried the t.i.tle of a Sacred Land, still retained its foundational techniques because it once had a powerful figure in the Sun Moon Realm, and the sect had not faced major catastrophes.

At present, only a few individuals in the Heavenly Illusion Valley qualified to cultivate these foundational techniques. Others lacked the apt.i.tude, and forcibly practicing them would only delay their own progress.

The Heavenly Phoenix Song Technique was part of the foundational techniques of the Heavenly Illusion Valley. When a pract.i.tioner reached the later stage of the Mountain Sea Realm, they had to cultivate another technique and integrate it with the Heavenly Phoenix Song Technique to fully unleash the power of these foundational techniques.

Compared to the Sacred Land’s foundational techniques, slightly weaker were the foundational techniques of various ordinary top forces, such as the Feihuang Technique of the Feihuang Sect.

The branch techniques within the Sacred Lands were on par with the Feihuang Technique, both capable of reaching the pinnacle of the Mountain Sea Realm. Not only were they powerful in combat, but the bottlenecks during breakthroughs were also slightly smaller.

Next were the branch techniques of the top forces or techniques like the Nine h.e.l.ls Refining Technique of the Saint Yan Sect, which were also in this category.

The Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword that Chen Fei had currently forged was slightly higher than this category, but it had not reached the level of the Feihuang Technique of the Feihuang Sect.

Above Tier Three, not yet full Tier Two, a half step into the second tier? After breaking through the Mountain Sea Realm for several years, Chen Fei had forged a technique stronger than the Nine h.e.l.ls Refining Technique. Naturally, he had no complaints.

After all Chen Fei was still only in the early stage of the Mountain Sea Realm, and he would have plenty of opportunities in the future to further supplement his primary cultivation technique.

With the tally of the jade slips complete, Chen Fei sat cross-legged and began his daily practice.

The Suppressing Dragon Elephant, the Purple Sky Heavenly Song Sword, the Thousand Illusions Profound Slaying Sword!

These were the three cultivation techniques that Chen Fei currently practiced, and any improvement in any one of them could drive his overall strength growth.

As for the Thousand Illusions Sky Travel, which he had recently fused, Chen Fei didn’t plan to set it aside immediately. After all, it was only a little short of reaching consummate mastery, and it wouldn’t take much time to achieve that. Chen Fei decided to occasionally set aside some time to exchange it with the aforementioned three cultivation techniques, allowing his sea of consciousness to receive different insights from other techniques, serving as a form of refreshment.

And then there was the innate talent Sword Mastery, which he couldn’t ignore either and also required time for cultivation.

Previously, in Feihuang City, Chen Fei had already completed the cultivation of some techniques. Now, with the emergence of new techniques, he found himself in a state where time was insufficient.

Time seemed to slip away unnoticed during cultivation, especially for someone like Chen Fei who could feel continuous improvement every moment, becoming deeply immersed in it.

In the blink of an eye, a month pa.s.sed, and the Thousand Illusions Sky Travel was re-cultivated to consummate mastery.

In the courtyard, Chen Fei stood in mid-air. As he took a step forward, hundreds of figures suddenly filled the surroundings.

These were not afterimages caused by swift movement, but genuine illusions, possessing breath, and even soul fluctuations.

With the Thousand Illusions Sky Travel at consummate mastery, it was almost impossible for someone in the early stage of the Mountain Sea Realm to discern Chen Fei’s true whereabouts in an instant, and sometimes, battles were indeed just a matter of moments.

As hundreds of illusory forms dispersed, Chen Fei glanced at the southeast direction before disappearing into the air.

In the blink of an eye, he reappeared outside the courtyard of Feng Xiupu. Sensing Chen Fei’s presence outside, Feng Xiupu quickly stepped out of the courtyard.

“Master!” Chen Fei looked at FengXiupu, bowing respectfully.

Towards this master who had selflessly helped him from the beginning, Chen Fei always maintained a deep respect.

“You can dismiss the clone now,” Feng Xiupu said, looking at Chen Fei with pride.

Who wouldn’t be proud to have such a disciple?

“If Master wishes to break through the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, then naturally, I should be here to a.s.sist,” Chen Fei said softly, smiling. A month ago, when Chen Fei tallied his gains, he found some Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.s in Chi Shengsheng’s collection.

He distributed several sprouts of the gra.s.s to Feng Xiupu, Zhou Zixun, and Chi Shuqing respectively, and helped them refine it.

Although the gra.s.s was useless for those in the Mountain Sea Realm, it was a treasure for those in the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, capable of allowing them to comprehend the subtleties of cultivation techniques and directly elevate their realm.

What’s even more remarkable about the Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.s was that warriors in the Aperture Tempering realm could also use it.

For those in the Aperture Tempering realm seeking to break through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, the Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.s was truly invaluable.

In top forces, the Combined Aperture Tempering realm was not considered a high-end power level, let alone the Aperture Tempering realm. Almost no one would use Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.s for cultivation in the Aperture Tempering realm.

But for the Primordial Sword Sect, or rather, for Chen Fei, these Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.ses were more precious than ordinary fourth-grade spiritual materials.

Because the Aperture Tempering realm was too weak compared to the potency of the Heavenly Sprout Gra.s.s, it took a month to completely absorb it.

An hour later, FengXiupu’s aura suddenly soared, causing a disturbance in the surrounding natural energies. After cultivating for over a hundred years, Feng Xiupu stepped into the Combined Aperture Tempering realm.

Another hour pa.s.sed, and Zhou Zixun, the elder of the Primordial Sword Sect who thought he would only grow old and die, broke through the shackles of the Aperture Tempering realm directly, achieving the Combined Aperture Tempering realm he had dreamed of in the past.

Yet another hour later, Chi Shuqing, who had accompanied Chen Fei for decades, also broke through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm, radiating with vitality! She was also the first person from the Sunken Water lineage to break through to the Combined Aperture Tempering realm. Qu Qingsheng and the others, especially the elders of the Primordial Sword Sect, looked at the three auras rising within the sect, their expressions filled with undisguised excitement.

in the Middle Continent, the Combined Aperture Tempering realm might not mean much, but for the Primordial Sword Sect, its significance was completely different.

in less than thirty years, the changes within the Primordial Sword Sect were nothing short of earth-shattering, to say the least!

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