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Chapter 15 [Friend of Malt City]

TL : Cnine

ED : Laizii(I’m back, sorry for the long absence)

TL : Forgiven, I’m just glad that you didn’t goes to Isekai

Part 1

「It’S, THe CiTy…..」

I muttered while looking at my surrounding.

In that place, there was the appearance of Malt city bursting with life.

It was only for a few days, but for me it’s feel like an eternity, it was such a long time.

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I might not be able to return to this city.

I thought so.

But now, here I am.

In Malt, I’m in Malt city!

Though I’m so excited to the point that I want to jump in joy, but, it’s definitely suspicious if I do that just after I enter the city.

Moreover, I also have some matter that I must do.

So I have no need to happily celebrate from the bottom of my heart. [TL : “Platoon” pose Movie for your reference]

「We finally entered the city, right. You’re glad right, Lent-san! 」

Lena on my side is grinning as she says that.

She really is a kind girl.

Because she really means it when she said those words to the undead me.

Moreover, for her to cooperate this far………..

But, it might be just this far.

More than this is too troublesome.

That’s why, I say to Lena.

「YEaH, EvEr….. ThiNg, IS, ThAnkS To Lena…….. WitH ThIS, It SEems THe ResT Is TO Me AloNE……..」

「EH?  」

「…….. Lena. 「……リナ。 YoU AlrEady UndeRStANd……… SiNce ThINGs wiLL BeCome TrOUblESomE If YOu’Re WiTH Me More THAn ThIS…….. 」

Lena makes a vexed face upon hearing my words.

「Lent-san……… I, for that kind of thing」

She’s about to say something

But, I won’t hear what she says till the end,

「Lena…….. THaNk YoU FoR WhAt YoU Did UP TilL NOw……… If I BeCoMe MoRe HUmAn lIKE……. Let’S MeeT AgAiN…」

I started to run as fast as possible.

I’m a corpse eating demon《Ghoul》.

This body has physical abilities that are far more excellent than that of a human, and Lena’s still nothing more than an Iron rank adventurer.

She know that she won’t be able to overtake me who ran at full speed.

I heard a voice coming from behind.

It was the her voice telling me to stop.

Part 2

But, I can’t stop.

I’ve only known her for a short while but, I know that she has plenty enough talent as an adventurer.

I noticed that I have no choice but to feel guilty about this, there’ll be even more dangerous situation than this in the future if she’s together with an incomprehensible existence like me.

I’m completely relying on her till entering the city, now when I’m inside the city, “okay then, goodbye” though I noticed that I’m quite a  terrible person for doing that to her, it’ can’t be helped, that’s my only choice.

If we don’t separate at this point, i’ll be putting her life in danger.

Moreover, the current me shouldn’t get any closer to her but, soon, if my appearance looks better, I’m sure that I can go to meet her again.

At that time, I think I’ll apologizing to her.

Till that time……… I’ll just leave the situation as it is and watch over her from afar.

This is for her sake.

So I felt.

But, even if I say that, it’s still not yet for me, It’s no doubt that I need a human co-worker.

Anyhow, I’m too scared to enter the Adventurer Guild(Guild) with this kind of appearance.

Even so, for me who put nothing but great effort to becoming an adventurer from a small age, I did nothing but to earn money as an adventurer.

Of course, it’s because of this appearance.

Though the request I received is nothing better than collecting raw materials or monster subjugation, I’m still earning enough income to keep living a normal life.

But, no matter what, it’s still to much to enter the Adventurer Guild(Guild) by myself.

Anyhow, the people of the Adventurer Guild(Guild) are fundamentally an expert when it comes to demons.

No matter how much I try to hide my body with a robe, glove or, mask, they’ll notice it from the fact that it’s strange, there’s a possibility that they’ll strip my entire clothes.

I couldn’t completely brace my heart to face such danger.

Well, what should I do then.

With that, it’s a human co-worker.

Moreover, that person is not a pure type like Lena, that person is even more underhanded and a better choice to hide someone.

Otherwise I’ll feel indebted again. I’m feeling guilty for relying on the goodwill of others anymore than this.

But, there is such a human.

As a matter of fact, this kind of person happened to be my acquaintance.

It’s someone who can be called my friend in Malt city. [TL : DUH(facepalm)]

Up till now, I was walking toward the direction where that person’s house was.

And then, I finally arrived.


I knocked the eerie designed knocker fixed on the door.

But, it’s followed by a silent, no one’s answering.

Part 3

Though I’m reluctant, I knock on the door again, as I thought, no answer.

Normally in this case, other people will go back.

But, I have my own circ.u.mtances where I can’t do the normal way.

If I don’t meet the owner of this house, living an everyday life would be severe.

So I must meet them no matter what.

That’s why I’m giving up on knocking on the door and just turn the door k.n.o.b.

Honestly speaking, that was my plan from the very beginning.

The dweller of this house won’t even do something like greeting you normally even if you earnestly call in front of the door.

Rather, even I basically do the so called “enter by your own convenience” since a long time ago.

Nevertheless, why did I knock on the door in nice manner today?, it’s a consideration called “As expected, that person might be bewildered when I suddenly come to visit with this kind of appearance“.

We might be able to talk calmly if I’m already inside.

It was due to that anxiety.

But, everything was come to naught due to the person at the other side of the door.

Well, seeing that there’s no need for further patience, I decided to enter at my own convenience.

Rather, should I say “as expected”, the door isn’t locked, so the k.n.o.b turned obediently.[ED:Always remember to lock your door people]

And then, I opened the door and walked freely inside of the house.

――Same as ever.

Was what I thought when I entered the house.

I can see mountains of books filling the inside of the room.

There’s not even a place to walk due to the fallen doc.u.ments, there’s variety of tools which I don’t understand it’s use scattered around.

Though there’s furniture inside, there’s junk or book placed on top of them, It’s not even used normally.

And then, on the only place without junk or books is the place where the owner sleeps.

The person with the long and unkempt hair inside the uncouth robe, is definitely the person who I’m looking for.

I’m approach her and then shake her body.

「……… OY……… OY, WAKE UP」

「N…….Uh~n……… Please let me sleep, a little longer………」

Even if she’s letting out a long breath and drowsy voice, I didn’t stop my hand.

In addition,

Part 4

「……… If YOu DOn’T WAkE UP WHen I CaLL YOu AGaIn, I, WIll SeND Hail OF BoOk On YOuR HEaD……….」

「…… PLEASe pardon me from tha~at……. Fuwa~a……. What, is that Lent? What are you doing here in such an hour? You, aren’t you always entering the labyrinth around this time……..! ? 」

This woman answers with a clear voice, after that she rises from her sleeping place while stretching her body and slowly opening her eyes and then startled as she’s confirming my face i.

And then,

「You,,,,,,, Tell me, what’s with that weird mask……… Are you trying to surprise me」

In front of the relieved her who’s properly confirming my mask, I pulled off my gloves and show my right hand.

Naturally, it was the arm with withered meat.

Normal a person will be confused when they suddenly see this.


「…… What was happened to you?」

For her to ask with a serious expression, it seems it’ll cut the story short and strangely made me relieved, I started to tell her about what happened to me during the last few days.

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