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Chapter 14 [Inspection of Malt City]

TL : Cnine

ED : The Stupid Bot

Part 1

「……… By the way, will you try to go to the city?」

Lena asked me after I more or less calmed down and wearing the item purchased by Lena.

I’m bewildered for a moment when I hear those words.

Why you say, maybe it’s because I’m still brooding over whether such a thing is possible.

Of course since I’m aiming for evolution existence in order to go  to the city from the very beginning, if it’s the current me, I’ve been thinking that I can go on if I’m doing my best.

But, as expected, I’m still being anxious when it comes to put that plan in motion.

「………… Do, YoU thINk……….. I CAn GO?」

Thus I’m asking Lena for her true opinion.

Looking from the perspective of a human, whether I, who’s wearing a robe, sword hanging on my hips and gloves on my hand, can safely enter the city.

Since I have no one to ask but Lena to make that decision.

In this question, Lena’s placing her hand on her chin as if pondering something,

「Uh~m……. You feel like a slightly suspicious person but, even those kind of people are large in number right now. Though there’s such possibility like when you’re showing your face, isn’t that mask which won’t come off no matter how hard you pull might be a blessing in disguise. Rather, I can say that it’s better to not have it to come off by the time you’re entering the city. They should be able understand that it really won’t come off when they’re trying to pull that mask」

「Bu, T………………….. If thEy, DO So, My SkiN is……….」

「That’s the opposite you know. In that case, you might be able to say that your vitality was sucked by a demon. If the person themself knows the truth, you’re definitely an undead at glance but, when thinking with common logic, no one will think that they can have a proper conversation with an undead right. It’s slightly hard to understand but, seeing that both side definitely can have mutual understanding, you can say that they’ll treat you as an adventurer who have wounds all over his body rather than an undead you know. In addition, though it’ll be slightly difficult if they can identify your face, they can’t see your face right now. So all is well! 」

Lena said that as she give her stamp of approval.

Speaking of how to put my plan in motion, I think that this girls' a.n.a.lysis is mostly correct.

You can’t have mutual understanding unless the undead is an extremely high-ranking one, this type of being have extremely big presence just by approaching but, they won’t think that the current me is one of those.

In the first place, I won’t have that much worry in entering the city if I have that much power.

Anyhow, I have this kind of feeling that it’ll be alright if I do so by pressing down my anxiety in case of being found out.

You can say that the next thing I need is just doing my best.

「UnderSToOd………. WeLL THEn, I’LL TrY My BEsT……….」

「Yeah! Let’s go! 」

Since Lena said that, I tilt my head.

「…… WHaT Do YoU MeaN?」

「EH?  Aren’t we going together? 」

Part 2

Lena answers my question with a puzzled face.

I’m surprised by this.

Since I didn’t expect that she really thinks to go along with me.

Anyhow, the current me is an undead.

There’s too many risk if the current me is trying to enter the city.

There’s possibility of being chased out if it’s leaked that she's accompanying demon.

Could it be that she didn't think anything about it?

I think so, and trying to ask her.

「……… If WE’rE GOiNg TOGeTHEr………….. ISn’T IT DANgERouS FOr LEna………?」

「Aah….. Well, you could say it that way but, the success rate is higher than going alone you know. The other people will approve if I say “This person is a human“, there’s no way any of them will think that you’re a demon right」

「ThAT is SO, BUt…………. ArE YOu OKaY WItH thaT? If, If SomE……………」

「That worry is when that happens. In the first place, I’m a dead man if I didn’t meet Lent-san anyway. That’s why I think “why I don’t put my life on the line for the sake of Lent-san” 」

Though she said that while tilting her head, you won’t go that far if it’s a normal situation right.

Though I already understand this side of her, she’s seemingly quite a softhearted person.

It was something that I welcomed.

As for me, it’s crossed in my mind that i must refuse that idea considering her wellbeing.

But, I want to enter the city no matter what.

Moreover, what she said was reasonable.

If there’s a human who says that this person is safe, it certainly will increase the success rate.

And then, once I entered the city, what comes after that is relatively smooth sailing.

Because the inspection will become loose if it’s an acquaintance.

That’s why I decided to leave it to Lena.

「……….. WeLl, I’Ll LeAVe IT, TO yoU………. BUt, DOn’T, PuT YoUr LIfE, ON thE LInE………. If SoMETHiNg HAppENs, JuST SAy THat You’RE, DEceIvEd………..」

If she say that in the worst case, even if my true nature is leaked out, Lenas' safety is secured.

Well, though she might be doubted in that case, with commonsense, the existance called undead talking in normal conversation is strange itself.

Because the talk is completely strange if they trusted the story saying that “My body became like this because I was injured”. [TL : Not sure about this line–自分は冒険者で怪我をしたからこんな体なのだと言われて信じた、というのは明らかにおかしいとは言えない話である]

Lena tilts her head slightly after hearing my words.

「I won’t do that, despite you’re feeling uneasy and saying it’s okay…… When push comes to shove, I’ll think about something」

She was smiling as she says that.

「…….. Next!」

Part 3

The voice of the gatekeeper soldier resounded in the west gate of Malt city.

Lena who hears that,

「…….Let’s go, Lent-san」

Walking with gait step as she says it.

hasn't this child somehow became reliable………..

I’m following after Lena while thinking of such things like an outsider problem.

「…………  A girl and……………. a man, one each, is it? Well then, please take out your identification ID」

Though it took a while, it seems the soldier judged that I was a man.

This soldier didn’t say it.

It seems the plan of choosing the gate where I have few acquaintances is a success.

Since it’ll be a little troublesome if I meet a soldier who knows my name and face.

Though there was also the possibility that they’ll take a completely opposite action……… It was a complicated point.

Anyway, after the soldier said that, Lena’s taking out her dark grey card which is her adventurer ID from her bosom.

I also taking out my copper adventurer ID card from my tool bag and presented it to the soldier.

「……… Lena Le Page and………………….. Lent Fayna, huh. Both are normal adventurer ID card. There’s no problem……….. Eh, you are? 」

It seems there’s no problem, so I receive my adventurer ID card with a relieved expression and stopped my foot when I’m about to entering the city.

d.a.m.n it, in the end there’s no need to be fl.u.s.tered if I think calmly about it.

「………. Yes. What about it? 」

「…………. He changed the way of his talking right? If possible, I want you to remove that mask but……….」

When the soldier says that, Lena,

「I’m sorry. It seems there’s a curse on the mask of this person, and it can’t be taken off for some reason you know.  As for the way he’s talking, the condition of his throat is, uhm how should I say it, the area surrounding his face wounded by demons so ………」

So she explained it that way.

The soldier listens Lena's explanation with a dubious face, I,

「……. PleAsE, TRy, To PuLL It……..」

As I’m nodding and presenting my face with a mask attached to it, he pulled it out with his hand at the rim of the mask.

「…… Ugugu……………. I-It won’t come off…………….. So it really is cursed huh」

「I won’t lie using that reason you know………. In the first place, I’ve said it awhile ago, since the area around his face was wounded by demons, he wore the mask which he bought but, he’s unlucky……. Though it seems that the curse won’t be invoked when it’s touched normally, it seems it will be invoked when you bring it close to your face and make you unable to take it off」

「Aah…….. It seems it’s also an item with special condition invocation. But, won’t you be able to take it off if you go to the clergy?」

Part 4

「It seems it’s quite powerful curse and too strong for normal clergy. If it comes to requesting for a high-ranking one…………」

「It’s taking more money huh. It certainly is too much for copper or iron rank adventurer. That’s also why you also keep the wound as it is.  I see…………」

Lena’s keep explaining fluently to the soldier.

In the end, the soldier lost his suspicion on us,

「Yosh, understood. You may pa.s.s! 」

Was saying so.

When Lena heard that, she was smiling and made a slight eye contact to me.


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