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Chapter 595 - Chapter 595: Wedding

Chapter 595: Wedding

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio   Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Lu Lin quickly chimed in, “Yeah, if Xi can’t have a formal ident.i.ty in Beijing, she’ll be bullied by those rich young ladies in Beijing with their eyes on top of their heads. Oh, it’s really pitiful to think about.”

“Cousin, please stop talking. I’m just unlucky. If I don’t have an ident.i.ty, then so be it. Let them bully me!” Shen Xi wore a face of sorrow and sadness.

Lu Shan could not contain her laughter and instinctively covered her face, while Shen Yan swiftly pressed his lips together and shielded Lu Shan with his chest, sensing her imminent burst of laughter.

Shen Hui and Lu De felt an ache in their hearts as they witnessed Shen Xi’s sorrow.

“Alright, alright, we’ll have the wedding right away!” Shen Hui said with a pained expression.

“Yes, yes, right away. I’ll have people prepare immediately!” Lu De echoed with a pained expression as well.

Shen Xi turned her head, peeking through her fingers, and smiled mischievously at her parents.

The pace of the Shen and Lu families was fast, and within a week, news of the marriage between the two families spread throughout Beijing. The union of two archenemies, combined with the status of the Shen and Lu families, made the wedding day a lively affair.

Being able to attend her parents’ wedding, Shen Xi felt a wonderful sense of joy.

Gu Chen approached Shen Xi with a gla.s.s of wine, his face beamed with a smile, and said, “Xi, congratulations.”

Shen Xi politely but distantly clinked her gla.s.s with Gu Chen and said, “Thank you!”

Shen Xi still did not know what to think of Gu Chen. According to Sun Ming, Gu Chen was most likely the son of Gu Xing, and Gu Xing was the mastermind behind the murder of Guan Miao, as well as the heinous act perpetrated against Meng Yu.

Shen Xi could only keep her distance from Gu Chen because she was certain now that she was on Meng Yu e s side. If Meng Yu wanted revenge in the future, she was bound to clash with Gu Xing.

As Gu Xings son, Gu Chen and Shen Xi were fated to be on opposing sides.

Gu Chen could sense that Shen Xi was being distant. He consoled himself with the thought that she was still young and things would take time. However, he could not help but feel dejected.

Just when he thought Guan Lei was out of the picture, Meng Yu entered the scene. How annoying it was to see all those men crowding around Shen Xi.

Especially this Meng Yu. There were rumors of Shen Xi hiding him in a secret hideout. People were speculating if Miss Shen was playing out a drama of hiding a lover in a golden chamber.

“Xi…” Gu Chen was about to say something but was interrupted.

Lu Lin hurriedly ran over and said, “Xi, why are you here? It was hard to find you. The ring bearer is having a tantrum, and Aunt wants you to deliver the ring instead. You’ll always be a kid in their eyes, so it doesn’t matter. Come with me quickly; we’re running late.”

Shen Xi was speechless. What did they mean by always being a kid? She was already eighteen this year and would turn nineteen after the New Year.

Although it was slightly embarra.s.sing, when Shen Xi witnessed the happiness in her mother’s misty eyes and her father’s uncontainable excitement, evident through his fumbling hands, she felt that everything was worth it.

Standing beside her parents were her grandparents, all grinning from ear to ear.

Under the warmth of this blissful atmosphere, Shen Xi’s eyes glistened with tears and were tinged with a touch of red.

In her previous life, her parents never had a wedding.

She wondered if her grandparents ever found out the truth behind her parents’ deaths in her previous life.

They probably did, right? After the twenty-year agreement pa.s.sed, her grandmothers would definitely search for her parents. It would be so devastatingly painful for them to discover that her parents had both died. The pain of a parent burying their own child was simply unbearable.

Fortunately, in this life, they were all living well and happily reunited.

Shen Xi, with tears of joy in her eyes, walked step by step toward her parents in perfect harmony with the music. She earnestly handed the ring to the trembling Shen Yan.

Shen Xi whispered, “Dad, be careful. It’s bad luck if you drop the ring.”

Shen Yan’s eyes widened instantly. He took out the ring with such meticulous care that it caused Lu Shan to burst into tears of laughter, ‘You’ve done it before, why are you so nervous?”

Shen Yan looked at Lu Shan with an unwavering gaze and exclaimed, “How can I not be nervous? You’re the girl I fell in love with at first sight. I’ve been looking forward to this for decades, and I finally had the chance to marry you. In this sacred place, we will seal our commitment to each other with this ring that belongs to us.. How can I not be nervous?”

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